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Coming Clean in the Craftroom Closet

Hey everyone!  Are you ready for Part 2 of my Craftroom Redo?  If by chance you missed it, Pt. 1 is HERE.  Once again, get yourself some food and drink for sustenance.  I simply cannot do posts that are not filled with photos -- I know, it's kind of a sickness.  My reasoning excuse is that I just love looking at other bloggers photos of whatever they are sharing, so I feel it is my duty to provide lots of pics for y'all so you can see all the details.  Just sayin'!  Today, we will be going into the "craftroom closet."  Yay, doesn't that sound like fun?  Okay, don't answer that!  I'm nothing if not all about sharing, so come on in, and we will get started!

There is a lot going on behind these closed doors.


Are You Kidding Me?

Hey everyone!  I'm so excited to be sharing "non-medical" related posts again, but you may think I've lost my mind when you see that I am once again sharing my craftroom.  But I kid you not, I did a major-redo.  Over the last couple of weeks when I was nervous and anxious about tests I was having done and then waiting for the results, I completely immersed myself in revamping my "Momma Cave."  When I'm stressed and anxious about something, I typically clean and organize.  I watched tons of YouTube videos about rooms and spaces dedicated to crafting, sewing & scrapbooking and came to the conclusion that I did not have my space set up for the way I do all those things.  In other areas of our home, I like things very orderly and fairly uncluttered, but that concept was not working for me in my Momma Cave.  For me to be truly creative, I need lots of visual stimulation.  I need the things that I use most often, to be very close at hand and for my tools and supplies to be part of the room's decor.  Does that make sense?  Lots of crafters have these fabulous (and very large spaces) rooms with lots of storage behind closed doors.  Some of these rooms are gorgeous and give me a little twinge;  but when I perused my own space, I realized the areas that always made me smile were the areas where everything was visible and colorful.  Coming to that conclusion freed me to make some major changes, and I would love to share.  Considering that I took just shy of 250 snaps of my new redo, I will be spreading this out over several posts.  I won't kid you, though; each post will be photo-heavy (VERY), so you will need food and!


Updates -- Craft Room -- ACK!

Hey everyone!  Ack!  Say it isn't so!  Can there possibly me more updates to this itty bitty room?  Well, I'm afraid so.  If you are a crafter, sewer, or scrapbooker, then you know there are always, always improvements and tweaks to be made.  Could there possibly be more changes down the road? Absolutely, but this is what is working for me now, and I would love to share.  Come on in, and I'll give you a little tour.  Oh, "cough cough" -- when I say "little tour," I am referencing the size of the room, not number of pictures!

A little reminder of how it looked the last time I shared a tour.
To see that tour, just go HERE.


Handmade Gifts

Hey everyone!  How is 2014 treating you so far?  I'm trying very hard to stick to my one little word, Simplify, as I've been gradually re-dressing our home after Christmas.  So far, so good, but I'm not ready to share any of that just yet.  What I wanted to share today are a couple of gifts that I made for our youngest granddaughters for Christmas.  Obviously I couldn't share them before because their parents both look at my blog!

The first was an idea I got HERE @This Mama Makes Stuff.  Our Little Miss is five, in kindergarten, very quick to catch on to things, & loves to do arts and crafts.  So, when I saw these scrap fabric paper dolls, it seemed like the perfect gift for her.

This is what the scrap fabric paper dolls will look like.  I had to do a sample but keep it very simple for our little five year old.


Lots of Cone Trees -- What?

Hey everyone!  I'm here again sharing some more crafting ideas.  This time it's all about cone trees.  Again, Pinterest is to blame -- I saw THIS idea that Krista at The Happy Housie had done and knew immediately that I had to make some.  Krista shares how to make your own cones out of poster board or cardstock which I already had.  This was just perfect for me, because I was really wanting to add something with a bit of height and texture to the top of my China cabinet.  I especially wanted to do something with drop cloth since I have amassed quite a lot of!  So, here is what I made.

Clothespin Tree for the Laundry Room

Hey everyone!  I've been doing quite a lot of crafting lately and having so much fun!  I've been especially drawn to things that I either don't have to buy any supplies for or ones that I can make from Dollar Store items.  Yay, for Dollar Stores!  There is just a non-stop supply of such cute ideas on Pinterest and at all of the wonderful linky parties that have been going on -- so much talent!  Anyway, I saw this really cute idea for a clothespin tree that Brandi at Nest of Bliss made.  Hers is much, much cuter than mine, but I'm still happy with how mine turned out.  I just love having little bits of Christmas cheer in every room in our home (except the Mancave -- not allowed!) and I wanted just something small for our laundry room.  What could be more appropriate for the laundry than a clothespin tree?  Let me show you.

I almost always have something pretty on the door because this is just off our main hallway 
and is so visible.
So....come on in!


Let It SNOW-Flakes!

Hey everyone!  The AZ desert is finally starting to actually feel like Christmas with a few days here of freezing and below and highs in the 50's!  Am I happy?  You betcha!  Sweaters, fleece-lined boots, mittens and scarves -- oh yeah, I'm HAPPY and totally enjoying the Christmas season!  

I don't typically do Christmas themes, but I have found that this year there is an underlying theme running throughout my home -- snow!  Pretty odd here in the desert and probably just wishful thinking, but I seem to have snowflakes or snowmen or snow-related items everywhere in my decor.  Case-in-point, some ornies I made.  If you have followed my blog for awhile, you know that I always make ornaments for our grandchildren each year.  

I made these last year.  See, I told you......snow on the brain even last year!


No! No! I Won't Let You Go!

Hey everyone!  I CANNOT believe Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is looming just around the corner, and then it will be the "mad Christmas dash!"  Since we are getting into that time of year for present wrapping frenzy, I thought I would share a little something that happened totally by accident; but, of course you need some background.

The picture below is our Christmas kitchen in our previous home.  We had completely gutted and remodeled the kitchen in 2004 -- new cabinets, Corian countertops, new stainless appliances, & hardwood floors.  You can see that complete transformation HERE.  I had always wanted an island, but we just weren't sure if the space would allow it, so we waited.  The Man said we could add one if I decided the space would work.  Well, we just happened to be browsing through Crate n'Barrel one time when we were in the big city (Scottsdale) & discovered the PERFECT island.


Adding a Bit of Halloween!

Hey everyone!  Happy Sunday, and I hope everyone has been having a perfect weekend!  Today I thought I would do just a little wrap-up of a few tweaks and the addition of a bit of Halloween decor around my home.  As I've said before, I'm not into the really creepy spiders, webs & skulls, so my additions are very tame; but I hope you enjoy them anyway.  I have quite a few pics (truly surprised, aren't you?), so I will try to keep the chit-chat to a minimum.  Wish me luck on!


Don't Throw It Away!

Hey everyone!  Well, I affirmed my reasoning for not throwing stuff away.  I created this cute wreath for absolutely "Zero Dollars" by using just a bunch of leftover "stuff" from my Fall decorating.  I didn't have a wreath form, but I got this idea for making a cardboard wreath form from Amanda @ Serenity Now.  I not only love "FREE," but I also love using and recycling what I already have, so let me show you how it turned out.  Then I'll show you how it went together.

Isn't it cute and just perfect for above the kitchen sink!


Where We Gather Pt. 1

Hey everyone!  I've been dying to share my Fall mantel and the rest of my family room with y'all, but have decided to just show the mantel first so as not to get more photo-laden than it is anyway.  I've spent a lot of time tweaking the mantel &  thought I had it finished a while ago; but then I came across something I had pinned on Pinterest and realized I wasn't quite finished.  Does that ever happen to y'all?  Anyway, I got this great idea from Emily at 52 Mantels, for a really cool garland and it didn't cost me anything -- I already had what I needed.  You will be surprised when you see what and how this garland is made.  Emily is one talented lady, so go check out her blog if you haven't already.  Okay, let the pictures tour begin!

Our mantel is pretty small and shallow, but The Man is working on some plans to give the fireplace and entertainment area a new look.  
I'm thinking that will probably be a January project.....hope, hope, hope!


Fall Has Arrived in the Heart of Our Home!

Hey everyone!  Of course y'all know which rooms I'm talking about, right?  You guessed it, the kitchen and breakfast rooms.  I've actually had this finished for awhile, but I just kept tweaking and tweaking.  That will probably continue, but I couldn't wait any longer.  I also want to mention that nothing new was purchased for any of these vignettes -- just shopped my stash!  You know the drill, grab a beverage and get comfy -- plenty of pictures!

 As you enter my kitchen, this area is just to the right of the doorway.


Buttons, Bunting, and Cute Labels!

Hey everyone!  Hope you've had a great weekend.  As is typical for me during our "hot season," I've been busy working on inside projects, mainly in my craft-sewing room.  If you've followed me for awhile, y'all know how much I love my "Momma Cave" and that I spend lots of time in this space.  Because of that, I am always tweaking, rearranging, and looking at ways to simply make it cuter.  The rest of my home is rather eclectically-traditional with a hint of Tuscan (my style just doesn't fit into a "particular" category....sigh), but there are no limitations in my "cave."  I'm still very happy with the latest furniture arrangement, which you can see HERE, so I've been simply adding to the "cuteness" factor and just a bit of tweaking in how I store my supplies/tools.  Would you like to see?  Really?  Well, okay, come on in!

With 10' ceilings, there is plenty of opportunity to add cuteness!

"Authentic" is my "One Word" for the year, & you can read about that HERE.  Combining my "word" with these little Mason or Ball jar shapes (they are all over blogland) felt like a great combo.  There are lots of FREE downloads in different styles and sizes, but......

I wanted a larger version than what I was seeing, so I sketched out my own, tweaked it a bit and then printed it on cardstock.  I also gave them a light rubbing of turquoise chalk, but that's really hard to see through the camera.

I know you've also seen lots of the cute cupcake liners being used far more for crafting than for actually acting as the cute holder for some delicious cupcakes!  I cut the liners in half, glued just the upper part to the collar of the jar and added several twists of baker's twine.  I also cut the jar lid separately out of some gray cardstock & glued it on.  Then I free-handed my letters.

 As I mentioned above, there are lots of these cute jar printables & these came from The Graphics Fairy.  I printed them in two different sizes to use for labels on various bins & boxes.


                            I just think they are so cute!

I also used them on Expedit boxes in the closet.  The closet needs to look cute when you open the door, right?

Do you ever feel you have over-organized?  For an "uber" organized person like me, that is such a foreign notion to grasp, but I think I had actually done that in a few areas of my "cave."

Buttons, for instance.  Above is how I've been storing my collection for years -- all sorted into these cute little jars.  But, guess what?  I almost never used them.  Maybe it's a "hoarding" instinct, but when I looked at my buttons in these individual jars, all I saw was that there were not very many and maybe I should save those for something really special.  Has this ever happened to you?  I also think I was limiting my creativity with this "sorting," because I felt the need to use only pinks or greens or blues.  So...... 


I took a deep breath and dumped all of my jars of buttons into this rather flat basket that I lined with some fabric (so the buttons would not fall through).  I'm keeping it right on top of my work table and find that I'm using buttons a lot more and in a wider variety of color combos.  I also find this display to be so fun and colorful and much easier to use.

With the button jars removed from the top of my Expedit, I was then able to make some of my other jars of supplies more  accessible & not so crowded.

 I created this display awhile ago for my ribbons.  I've had this shelf divider-thing for years (used in so many different places) & found that it was the perfect fit to hold my jars of ribbons.

I'm using this cute little wooden tote (thank you Rondell @ Something Nice and Pretty) for my Project Life journaling cards.  It has found its way around my house & has now ended up here -- at least for now!

The Man moved one of my IKEA towel bars over here so I can hang some thickers, stickers & other assorted "stuff" that I use frequently in my scrapbooking or card making.

I brought in this cute little tiered-wire thingy to hold some of my most often used things on my island.  And, yes, it's a good place to keep my sunglasses so I don't forget them as I'm heading out the door.  Don't you just love my cute little kitty cat teapot?


And speaking of kitty cats......Abby gets that sleepy-eyed kind of grumpy look when she really wants to get in my lap.  She tries to stare me down, & it usually works.  However, when I'm working in this spot on albums and such, I'm too squirmy for her choosing and she won't stay anyway.  But she will eventually settle for having her own stool pulled up close to me.  Yep, my little "fuzzy" buddy!  

That's a wrap for now.  Thank you so much for stopping by.  Your sweet comments always make my day, so please leave me some love and know that you are always welcome here!
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Dry Heat or Not -- It's HOT!

Hey everyone!  Just about everything is withering around here, including me!  Not quite as hot today as yesterday, but still......!    Sometimes I would be just fine remaining in "ignorant oblivion" regarding how hot it is, like yesterday for instance.  I simply prefer to stay inside when our weather is so hot, working on crafts or sewing projects and only going out when I absolutely have to do so.  Now The Man, as I've said many times, is multi-talented and very interested in so many different things.  He loves learning new things and reading stats.  The Man rarely complains about the heat, but after running some errands yesterday, he came in all sweaty and red-faced and talking about how HOT it was.  He does not like humidity, so he had to promptly look up what the humidity was and then proceeded to figure out the heat index.  He could have kept it to himself, but after 44 years of marriage, we pretty much share!  This was no exception.  With higher than normal humidity, our heat index was........126 degrees!  Yikes!  I was so much more comfy in my little craft room with the fan on before he shared this wonderful bit of info.  I swear, I just melted on the spot and became a pathetic drama queen!  I found myself "sighing" with every little task -- I told you, so dramatic!  After all the sighing, watching me dab at my brow, and wondering if there would be any dinner prepared last night, I kind of doubt The Man will be sharing those tidbits of info with his little wifey from now on!  But, then again, he is such a risk-taker!

Will something come of this?
We can only hope!

Today isn't so hot.....well, you know that's a relative thing!  It's only 95 degrees at 1:00pm with 26% humidity and that makes it feel like only 101-- yep, that's a walk-in-the-park!  Anyway, with such "milder" conditions, we ran a few errands earlier today.  I do try to limit the number of stops during the summer heat because that really zaps your energy, but we had several places to go -- probably two too many!  But heck, most of the stops were my "happy places," so I powered through.  Would you like to see what I bought?  Of course you would, right? 

I'm always up for a visit to World Market, especially when they have coffee and/or Torani Syrups on sale, and I have an additional coupon!

Do y'all remember Moon Pies?  Well, maybe they are still around for some of my Southern bloggy friends, I don't know; but I certainly remember them from my childhood growing up in Louisiana!  But I couldn't believe it when I got my email ad from WM, advertising Moon Pie Coffee!

And look what else.....S'Mores flavored Torani Syrup -- I've died and gone to heaven!

Michael's is only a couple of stores away from WM, so we zipped in there, too, but wasn't feelin' the love!

Next stop.....JoAnns!  I doubt I've ever walked out of this store!
Now this is just a little sneaky peak at some of the components I'm putting together for a b-day present for one of my granddaughters.  I can't share too much right now, just in case their Mom or Dad might be reading my blog!  I'm so psyched about this gift, so I promise to share at a later date!

Now this wasn't from shopping today.  On our way back from our vacay last week, we drove through a small mountain town in AZ (Payson), and thanks to Ceekay @Thinking of Home, I knew there was a great little scrapbook store that I needed to visit.  I was truly not prepared for just how awesome 
Paper and Metal Scrappers was going to be or how much fun the owner, Barbara would be.  I was immediately caught up in her selection of paper and the wonderful quality.  I decided to do a collage of my purchases.  Can you guess which is my favorite?  Yep, that beauty on the lower left -- I'm seriously thinking about framing that one!  All of the papers at the top of the collage will be perfect for my Project Life albums -- so, so cute!  Anyway, Payson is only about 90 minutes away, and The Man has already agreed to a little day trip (or two), and I have Barbara's class schedule!  Did I mention that Payson is a good thirty degrees cooler than here?  Well, that just makes it all the more appealing!

Last stop was Costco.  Is it possible to get out of that store without dropping a hundred bucks?  I don't think so!  Good thing we only go once a month and only buy specific things.  Oh, in case you haven't been to your Costco or Sam's Club recently, Fall stuff is starting to appear!

Well, I'm enjoying an iced coffee flavored with "S'Mores" Torani syrup right now.  Such a tasty little jolt of caffeine to get me through the rest of my day.  Hope the weather where you are is nicer than here, and you are having a marvelous day.  Thanks so much for visiting!  


Blue Ball Jars and Baby Ducks?

Hey everyone!  Happy weekend to y'all!  You may be wondering what the heck Blue Ball jars and baby ducks have in common.  Well, even though we live in a well-maintained, well-manicured planned community, we are just a stone's throw from massive feedlots (upwind, thankfully), horse ranches and mini-farms well-stocked with chickens, goats and ducks.  We live in a town (please don't refer to us as a city, we are not and do not want to be) only a few thousand shy of Scottsdale's population of 220,000, and with more than 1/3 of our citizens being under the age of 18.  Yep, lots of large, young families who like the idea of teaching their children a little about "living off the land" and tending a few farm animals.  Sorry, I'm not quite as "side-tracked" as you may be thinking, so just hang in there.

Anyway, when the announcement that Ball had reissued a special Blue Canning jar, I knew I wanted some and started searching around.  Where I ended up was Ace Hardware, which we seem to have in abundance around these parts.  I thought it was kind of strange that this smaller, rather old-fashioned store could still be existing considering all of the Lowes and Home Depots that are springing up all over the place.  Well, apparently this "youth-filled" area we live in, still prefers this more intimate hardware store over the big box ones.  I was a bit dubious about whether my little Ace would have these beautiful jars that I was seeking, but I went anyway, and lookie what I found.....

They were even prettier in person, so I bought 2 boxes!  I'll be sharing some of my plans for these little "pretties" in the not-so-distant future!

Have y'all been in an Ace Hardware in awhile?  Well, I certainly hadn't and the first things I noticed were "farm smells and farm noises."  What?  As in......

Lots of containers like this one, teeming and peeping with little "quackers," baby chicks and
even some baby turkeys (guess we know where they will end!)  I grew up on mini-farms where my dad raised a few head of cattle, a horse or two,  chickens, and a large garden.  Well, that is not a life I want to repeat, except for the garden, but I was truly fascinated.  A baby "anything" (except those of the reptilian variety) will stop me "dead in my tracks," and I had to stop long enough to snap a pic, touch a sweet little soft head, and listen to "peeping."  This store also boasted small quantities of just about anything "hardware-related" you could possibly want, and the worker bees knew exactly where to direct their patrons to find whatever they were looking for -- now I could get used to that!

So.....mission accomplished!

While out and about that day, I also popped in Michael's and found these

Little beauties on their 70% off aisle -- SCORE!  I even made a quick stop at Joann's for that pretty piece of fabric that will be part of a little guest bath redo.  More on that later!

It was really a fun day!  Thanks, everyone, for stopping by.  Please know you are always welcome!

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Would You Believe?

Hey everyone!  I hope y'all are having a wonderful Father's Day.  My home smells so delicious right now with a pot roast cooking in the slow cooker and The Pioneer Woman's Blackberry Cobbler has just finished baking!  There will be mashed potatoes, baby sweet peas and a big bowl of "fresh from the garden" cherry tomatoes , too!  Our son, dil and the two little ones will be coming over for one of Mom's "tried and true" family dinners, and I can't wait!  It will be another hour or so before they get here, so I thought I'd put together a quick post.  The reason for the title of this post is because I have once again "tweaked" my Momma-Cave.  I know, you must really be tired of seeing this room by now, but I'm lovin' what I've done and y'all know you want to see!  Really?  You do, don't you?


Just Some Randomness!

Hey everyone!  I hope y'all are having a great week and a wonderful start to your summer.  We've jumped right into hot weather around here, but "it's a dry heat, ya know!"  I took off for a little "retail therapy" this morning.  I haven't done that in quite awhile, and I NEEDED it!  I decided Hob Lob would probably give me a pretty good "fix," and they seldom let me down.  

Y'all know I love to scrapbook and one of my favorite scrapbooking "geniuses" is Becky Higgins of Project Life fame.  She has wonderful products which have been available via Amazon, but now are in some retail markets -- yes, you guessed it.....Hobby Lobby!  So that was my main reason for going to HL, and they did not disappoint.

I bought the Honey Edition Core Kit.

The colors are really fun!  I can't wait to get started!

If you like to scrapbook but aren't familiar with Becky and Project Life, you should go to her blog HERE.  If scrapbooking isn't your thing, just ignore my gushing!  

What was really so funny, and I don't know why I was so shocked, but I was.  On my way back to the scrapbooking area of Hob Lob, I decided to take a spin through the first couple of aisles where they generally have the current seasonal displays.  Well, there was one aisle of Patriotic items for the 4th, but then I turned down the next aisle and "What to my wandering eyes should appear?"...............

Fall and Thanksgiving have arrived!

Who knew it was just around the corner?

Hmmm.....don't we have Summer to enjoy?  Well, some of you get to enjoy it;  here in AZ, we just tolerate it and try to survive.  So maybe these Fall displays aren't so far off the mark.  What do you think -- YES?  NO?  MAYBE?  You certainly have plenty of time to budget and buy just an item here and there.  At least they didn't have any Halloween spookiness or bags of candy yet!

To conclude my Wednesday afternoon randomness, I just had to share some cuteness!

Abby likes to sit on the back of my TV chair -- that's why there is a cover!  The Man took this one with his cell phone, so not such a great pic.

I took this one and the next with my iPad over my shoulder.  She has kind of a "ho-hum" attitude about having her picture taken!

She's not "Grumpy Cat" just "Sleepy Cat!"

With that I will bid you a great afternoon.  I'm thinking a tall iced coffee latte is in order and some scrapbooking with my new stuff!  Hope you are enjoying your afternoon.  Thanks for stopping by and remember you are always welcome!

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