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Oh my goodness, can you believe we are into May already?  While many of you have had less than a stellar Spring, we "Zonies" have been truly blessed...that is until we broke our own record on Cinco de Mayo with 108 degrees!  I have to tell you that our humidity was 7%, making it a "dry heat," but WOW, it was HOT!  We are definitely in to those seesaw days with high temps one day and lower the next, but our Summer is here; and now I can be jealous of those of you who have lovely summers.  Okay, enough weather talk, but I do send my prayers to those who've been experiencing the flooding, tornadoes and all that Mother Nature seems to be dishing out.  I pray that you all remain safe.

So, what have I been up to, since I haven't posted in awhile?  I've been trying to do more "stuff" instead of just thinking about doing more "stuff."  One thing that I've been thinking about for awhile is my decor storage.  A couple of years ago, The Man cleared one of our garage storage closets so I could use it for my decorative items.  This is fantastic garage storage and worked fine for my things for awhile.


The issues I had with this space (there was more than one) were that the cabinets are very deep, making it too easy to forget about things in the back, I have back problems so that bottom shelf was almost impossible for me to use, and I had to move the car out of the garage in order to access the storage.  Hmph, now what?  Well, I kept looking at the closet in our guest room.  We had already made one side into a gift wrapping station, using the portable island from our previous house.  Here is how that looks.

The silly thing that was holding me back, was that I wouldn't have a nice place for company to hang their clothes when they used the guest room.  Utterly ridiculous, since in the 6+ years we've lived here, not a single guest has used the closet.  I have one of those fold up racks for a suitcase and there are hooks behind the door.  Besides, there is still a hanging rod above the wrapping station....problem solved.  Whew....that was a biggie!  Now, you might be wondering how I could possibly get everything (please note that I did not say crap) I had stashed in the garage storage moved into just half of the guest closet?  Well, that would have been impossible without some serious purging, and all those purged items (not crap) are packed away for our next community garage sale.

Actually, before I could start moving anything into the closet, I had to sweetly ask and bat my eyelashes  at The Man to add more shelves to the space.  Of course he didn't hesitate, especially when I showed him how much I had purged!

I had already created some storage using an IKEA Expedit (already had) and a few odds and ends of other things.  With the 3 shelves that he added, I was all set and feeling confident that I could and would make it all fit!


The large white boxes hold a variety of things, like faux florals, floral foam & wire, etc. and one box is completely empty....Hmmm, I think I might need to visit Home Goods!  Just kidding...no, not kidding!



So, there you have it....all nice and tidy behind closed doors, but right at my fingertips when I "need" to make a change.  Of course, overtime I open these doors, my little "photo bomber" (as seem above) has to run in just to check things out.  Personally, I think she is eyeballing that empty box as a possible napping spot....nope, not gonna happen!

Thank you so much for stopping by; and if I have been a bit absent in visiting you, I apologize and will try to do better.  I hope you will have a wonderful week ahead and make good memories.


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