There's Been Some Quilting Going On!

Hey, everyone!  Does anyone know what day it is or even what month it is?  I keep forgetting!  Can anyone else relate?

Well, I've decided to try to do one post per week, and today's post is about quilting.  I just finished this quilt today, and I'm so happy to have it finished!

I am no master quilter at all, but I think this turned out pretty cute!  I try not to get overly stressed about seams matching up and trying to get everything perfect.  I started out doing that and quickly put quilting on the back-burner for awhile until I just decided to have fun with quilting.  Now my attitude is much more relaxed and quilting is something I really enjoy!

Since I'm sharing about quilting, I thought I'd also share how I store my fabric and quilting supplies.

With the exception of the row of photo albums, most of this Kallax unit is devoted to sewing.  I do have a good-size table for my sewing machine & can work on quilts fairly easily.  All of my furniture is either from IKEA or Michael's.  I added the drawers, a couple of sets at a time, into the Kallax...really like drawer storage.


This cubby holds my quilting books and my collection of quilt patterns.  This is one of those 3" ring binders, & it is packed.  I just recently weeded through it, but it's still very full!


All the patterns are in sheet protectors and the binder is divided into sections that make sense to me.

I like for my supplies to be close at hand and also part of the decor...love seeing the spools of thread!


These are my first bank of Kallax drawers.
 As you can see, I really like fat quarters. Actually, I make most of my quilts using fat quarters...except for the backing piece, of course.

This bin (just below the fat quarter drawers) holds scraps.  I'll share a bit later what I do with scraps when I get bored!

The next bank of drawers are holding sewing/quilting projects.  When I'm working on a quilt or some other sewing project, I like to keep everything together.  The top drawer is holding the remnants from the quilt I just finished...I have plans for these scraps. My next quilt is just below.

The next drawer holds a quilt kit that I hope to start very soon.  The next drawer holds what I do with scraps...I cut them into my most often used squares & strips & I keep them in labeled baggies.  This is a great boredom-buster (also scrap buster).  I hope to make a very scrappy quilt some day!

This bin holds mainly sewing projects that I've put together....aprons, Teddy Bears, outdoor pillows & cushions.  Once I decide to start working on one of these, it will get moved to one of the drawers above.


Onto the 3rd bank of drawers...having fun yet?  The top drawer is holding some Christmas projects in-the-making.  The second drawer holds seasonal fabrics...mostly fat quarters & a few remnants left over from other projects.

The 3rd drawer holds lots of felt, & the bottom drawer holds a few patterns.

This bin holds some larger pieces of fabric that I can use for various projects.

I won't go into the 4th bank of drawers at this time, because it holds my embroidery & cross stitch projects and needs its own post.  That will be coming soon, I hope!


This set of drawers is directly to the left of my sewing machine.  I won't go into each drawer, but I will share the top drawer.  It holds my machine feet, needles, marking pens & a lint roller...very important!

In case you are curious, my one and only machine is a 35 year old Bernina 1130.  There is nothing plastic about this bad boy...it weighs a ton!  It's served me well over the years, and I cannot imagine sewing on anything else!

Just to the left of my sewing machine is a padded board I made for pressing when I'm sewing or quilting.  The iron & water bottle sit on my Raskgog cart that is tucked into a corner beside the Kallax.
The set of drawers holding up the right side of my sewing table are turned toward my crafting area, so I used some command hooks to hold sewing scissors, rulers & mats on the backside of that drawer unit.  My SIL gifted me the pincushion-thread catcher, & I love it!

Just to the right of my machine, I have this 3-tiered spinner that I made using pie tins & candle sticks from the Dollar Store.  It holds some thread & tools that I reach for most often.  Plus it has a few things just for cuteness!

This is the backside of my sewing table. I have an 
Ott Lite, a small cutting pad, & at the far end is my
paper cutter.  It's not in the way at all & is very 
convenient to my crafting area.  I often spread 
scrapbook pages all along this area....it's space that
serves multiple uses.

I finished this Hungry Caterpillar quilt a few weeks ago.  It was a gift for a precious baby boy born on Cinco de Mayo.  I kind of like the back of the quilt better than the front, but both are cute.  I also included the little book.

Did you survive this very photo heavy post?  Bless your heart if you did & no hard feelings if you just couldn't...we all have our breaking points!  Anyway, this is a wrap for this time.  I'm having spine surgery next week, so I may not post for a week or so.  Part of the new normal is that I had to have a Covid-19 test this week....it's now required before any surgery!  Now that's a good idea! 

See you soon,


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