Another Babysitting Gig!

Hey everyone!  I haven't been posting much lately because I've been super-busy getting ready for some company.  We also had the joy of babysitting our two youngest grands last week -- so much fun!  Y'all know I have to share.


Getting My Craft On!

Hey everyone!  Whew, I finally finished my craft project for the party going on at Gina's "Great Spring'tacular Party".  I've been busy with so many other things, I wasn't sure I'd be able to contribute anything to this party.  I did have all the things I needed to make a wreath that I had been wanting to do, & I guess this party just gave me the incentive to "git 'er dun!"  Sorry, sometimes absolutely ridiculous things just pop in my mind & flow right through my fingers as I'm writing.....lol!


Here a Cloche, There a Cloche or Maybe an Apothecary Jar!

Hey, everyone!  Wow, all these fun and fantastic parties are coming fast & furious.  I'm scurrying my little self from one party to another & trying to finish up projects in between.  Oh my, I think I need a nap...lol!

My Spring'tacular Mantel

Hey everyone!  Today we are continuing this super-fun party with Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage.  Shannon is hosting "The Mantel Party!"  Go, look around, join in the fun!

I'm also linking up with Emily at 52 Mantels forYour Mantels.  This is an ongoing party & great place to get some great ideas.


Can We All Say "Copycat?"

Hey everyone!  I hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend & are ready for a Spring'tacular week.  I'm going to try to join a really fun event going on this week with lots of parties to link up to. 
 You should really check it out HERE to find out everything you need to know to join in the fun! 


Creating Some Curb Appeal!

Hey everyone!  Before I get started on this post, I would just like to ask ya'll if you have found a good alternative to "Picnik?"  Since I just discovered how awesome it is & was finally able to create a new blog header, I'm totally bummed that it's going away.  I do have PhotoShop Elements, but I find that it's a pain when it comes to doing collages.   I know it's probably my lack of knowledge, but Picnik was so effortless.  Anyway, I'm going to do as much as I can in Picnik before it shuts down in mid-April.  That being said, I thought it would be fun to do the photos for this post in a collage format.  We shall see how it goes!

We have what is known in Arizona as "desert landscaping," which means we have very little grass, lots of gravel, & low water-use plants.  We have this concreted area to the left behind the double gate that runs the depth of the house.  This is where The Man usually parks his little pickup & where we keep bicycles.  Well, we didn't like the way the tires scattered the rocks around, so we decided to have some pavers put down in that area & also an additional 2 feet on either side of the driveway.  So here are a few pics, the first two showing how it looked before, followed by the afters.

We were so happy with the results, that we were encouraged to do some planting in the front up close to our entryway.  We have more things to put in the areas on either side of the walkway, but we are happy with our start. 

Yes, I made my wreath.  Don't you just love grapevine wreaths?  They are so versatile, so inexpensive, & come in so many different sizes.  I bought the big letter "S"(our last name initial) at HL, painted it black & used one of my large stamps to add the obscure writing.  No need to worry, I have already repositioned the little bunny ornament to hang from the top of the wreath, but forgot to retake the pic.  Seriously, use your imagination.....lol!  I just love the bright colors -- it's so Spring!

Thanks for stopping by & allowing me to indulge my new found love of Picnik & their collage format. 
I do hope you will come again soon.

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