Can We All Say "Copycat?"

Hey everyone!  I hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend & are ready for a Spring'tacular week.  I'm going to try to join a really fun event going on this week with lots of parties to link up to. 
 You should really check it out HERE to find out everything you need to know to join in the fun! 

So today I'm joining the party going on at DebbieDoo's Magazine Copycat Party.  My inspiration was in my Better Homes & Gardens magazine & this is how it was described:

Easter Butterfly TreeBetter Homes & Gardens
    Inside or out, this tree signals that spring is in the air. Use twine to hang paper butterflies on branches -- these are made from note cards, but you can also cut butterfly shapes out of cardstock. For dimension, outline edges of the cards with acrylic crafts paint. Insert branches into foam in agarden container. Silk flowers glued to some branches and moss topping the container finish the look.

Butterfly Tree Project

As you will see, I took some liberties in my version.  I could have made an exact copy of the inspiration piece, but what's the fun in that....lol?  Actually, when I saw the above photo, I knew exactly where I wanted to do something similar.  Right here in my guest bathroom.

See the little twiggy branch sitting in my cute little wooden crate (thank you, Rondell, at Something Nice & Pretty).

This bathroom was my first reveal in our new home way back in August.

I really don't mind the branch being bare.

When it got closer to Halloween, I added some bats to the little branches; & at Christmas, I added some small silver balls.

Now this is how it has evolved into my "copycat" interpretation.

No major changes in the "loo," except for changing the light fixture.  
Yea, that was a much needed update!

I've had this twiggy thing for years, & I think I picked it up at Walmart.

I did not purchase anything for this copycat.  It was all in my stash.  I remembered I had these butterflies from years ago & thought they would be perfect.  I simply glue-gunned them on.

I was going to leave it this way, with just the butterflies.  Added a small one to the photo frame.

I really did like it just that simple.

But wait, I think I may have something else to add.  

Yep, some tiny little flowers.

I likey!

Me & my glue gun are unstoppable!

Enough pictures!  Somebody stop me!

Okay, okay.  Can you tell I'm very pleased with this copycat, & even more pleased that it didn't cost me a single thing, not even a trip to the store?

Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by.  I do hope you might link up to this fun party, too!

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