Fall Fantasy

When you live in the Arizona desert, you have to create the illusion of seasons.  It may seem strange, when the temps are still 100+, but making our home feel like "fall" brings a giddiness to my being.  The following are just a few of my fall touches.

This is the mantel in our sunroom.  What's unusual about this mantel is that we don't actually have a fireplace, just a mantel.  When The Man (aka my sweet hubby) built our sunroom a couple of years ago, he decided to build the mantel for me because I've always wanted one.  Yep, he's a real sweetie and super talented as well.  I love the mantel for all the decorating possibilities.

This is our garden shed with lovely fall wreaths.  This building is another creation by The Man.

This is my dining room tablescape.  Had all of these things on hand & just got busy having creative fun!

Hope you enjoyed!

New and just getting started

This is my first ever post, so I want to keep it super simple.  Have been spending lots of time lately enjoying many, many blogs.  I started out searching various sights that appealed to my scrap-booking & card-making passion, but quickly got hooked on some wonderful "home decor" blogs, which is an even bigger passion of mine.  I thought my simple little townhouse looked pretty good before, but after being inspired by some of these awesomely (is that a word?) talented ladies, my little oasis looks pretty awesome itself.  At least it does to me.

I love that there is such a willingness to share, and that is what has peaked my interest.  I'm 60+ years young, with lots of home-keeping & life experiences to share if anyone is interested.  So here we go!

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