Hippity-Hoppity Spring is Here

 Surprise, I'm still here!  To say I took a "social media break" might be a stretch, but I haven't done a blog post since early January!  I have been on FB & IG a few times but very few, and I've tried to leave a comment here and there.  While my health is definitely improving, I still find that I have to reserve my energy for the most important things.  And just let me say, blogging takes a lot of time and energy!

Kudos to all of you who put these parties together each week and still manage to personally thank all of us who join the group....you are all amazing!  I've thought long and hard about not blogging anymore...I mean, you've all seen every room in my house for every season and holiday.  I was beginning to wonder if it was just getting boring.  What I finally decided, is that I really do blog for myself...I'm a scrapbooker and memory keeper, and use my blog posts as a fun way to record what goes on around here.  That being said, I love that other bloggers visit my blog and leave such sweet comments....so, I guess if my posts get boring (or maybe they already are) to any of you, you just won't visit.  😭!!!  My conclusion as of March 8, 2017, is that I will find "contentment" (my word for the year) in blogging when I feel like it and when it brings me joy.  So now, who wants to see some Spring and Bunny-business?  🐇🐇🐇

The Man has busy with some outside projects and lots of maintenance with our "citrus grove," so I'll have to share some of that another time.  I've been busy in my craft room with projects, and I hope to share some of that as well.  Spring is definitely here in the AZ desert, and I hope it's starting to feel like Spring wherever you live.

Warm hugs to all,

I'm joining these lovely ladies this week:
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