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Hey everyone!  Whew, I finally finished my craft project for the party going on at Gina's "Great Spring'tacular Party".  I've been busy with so many other things, I wasn't sure I'd be able to contribute anything to this party.  I did have all the things I needed to make a wreath that I had been wanting to do, & I guess this party just gave me the incentive to "git 'er dun!"  Sorry, sometimes absolutely ridiculous things just pop in my mind & flow right through my fingers as I'm writing.....lol!
 The Great Spring'tacular Party is still in full swing, so you should pop over & take a look at everything.  I'm also joining those 2 fabulous sisters HERE @ The Picket Fence for Inspiration Friday, & ya'll know how awesome these two are!
Just a peek of what I'm doing.

I apologize in advance, because I either take too many pictures or not enough; & when I get into my "zone," I sometimes forget to photograph some steps.  But anyway, I think you'll get the idea.  My inspiration came from Suzanne @ Pieced Pastimes.  She has a lovely blog, & you should all check it out.

Suzanne's version is just gorgeous.

Now, onto mine.

Ya'll know I've been on a "use what I have" kick lately, & this project is no exception.
Suzanne used a foam wreath form, but I didn't have one of those.  I did have one of the green wire forms, so.........

I spray-painted it white.

I also didn't have painter's drop cloth, but I had a couple of yards of this linen-look fabric (it's super cheap, but is much thinner & ravels much more than the drop cloth would have.  I cut strips 2 1/2" wide using the full 2 yard length.  I cut 4 of these because my form is bigger than what Suzanne used.

I used part of one of the strips to wrap & completely cover the wire form, securing at the beginning & the end with hot glue.

My blank slate is ready!

I then sewed the strips together to make one long one which I would not do next time, because it got cumbersome.  Then I set my sewing machine for the longest basting stitch & ran that down one side of the strip about 1/8" from the edge.  I did break up the basting stitches several times to make the gathering easier & less likely to break threads.

Gather, gather, gather & then gather some more!

I knew the wrapping would take some time, so I moved over to my scrapbook station, sat in my comfy chair with my glue-gun close at hand & started wrapping.  I secured the ruffle with hot glue at the top of each ruffle as I wrapped it around.  This is where I forgot about taking pictures.  I was just trying not to burn my little fingers with hot glue.....lol!

Ta-Da!  I knew all along I wanted it on my pantry door.

I added a few embellishments.

There are some very good tutorials online for making these rolled fabric flowers.  I just did a search for "rolled fabric flowers," & had lots of options from written tutorials to videos, depending on which way you like best.  They are very easy.

I made one with some scraps of burlap, & another from the leftover linen-look fabric.

Then I looked through my fabric scraps & found this to make the larger flower.

Also found these little florals in my stash & liked the little soft pop of color they add.

One more peak.  What do you think?  I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, & very happy
that I was able to create it with things I already had!

Thanks so much for stopping by, & please come again soon!

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