A Few Simple Patriotic Touches

Hey everyone!  Well, July has arrived and the 4th is coming up quickly.  I don't do much of any decorating for this holiday, but I am patriotic.....love this country and all the freedoms that we have.....so I fly the flag and pop a few small flags here and there.  I was really tempted by all the cool decorations I've been seeing in blogland, but I decided whatever I did, was not going to cost me anything.  So.....I shopped my house for anything red & blue to use with some white things I was already using.  Like I said, I didn't do much, but I'm pretty happy with what I came up with.

I've had this table runner (Pier 1) for years, as well as the placemats -- they do not totally match the runner, but they look good with it!

Hmmm.....I guess I should have done place settings with my red, white and blue Fiesta.  Oh well, just use your imagination!

I made the red & white ticking napkins a couple of years ago and just have them sitting on some very brightly colored salad plates.  I like the small lantern, & it fits nicely on the lazy susan.

I have always liked the stitching and appliqué on this runner.

Okay, this is just more about summer!

I've switched up some things here in the entry, as well as the sitting room and dining room; but I'm saving that for another post.  

Here on my entry table, I just used a tiny vase to hold some very small flags.  I like how this looks with the greenery.

Here is another Pier 1 table runner from years ago.  I wasn't sure how I was going to like it in here, because it's not the typical colors I use in this room; but it's growing on me.  I like the large glass lanterns on either side of my dough bowl filled with faux peonies.

I finally put my cotton boll stems away until Fall and tucked a few flags into one of my white pitchers.  I'm pretty much in love with this big old tray holding the white rooster and white pitchers....I may never move it!

Last but not least, I grabbed a few faux flowers from my "newly re-organized" decor closet, & added them to this blue & white pottery piece that The Man bought in Spain many, many years ago.  The little flag finished it off perfectly.

Well, that's the patriotic decor for this year.  If I don't have another opportunity to say it, I hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!


A Pantry Update

Hey everyone!  I hope y'all are having a great start to your Summer, and having some good weather, too.  We officially had our first-of-the-season monsoon storm yesterday.  We didn't get any rain here in our area, but we got a huge & very windy dust storm -- FYI, not all AZ monsoons have rain.  This time of year, here in the desert, does get more humid.  Even though it is still less than 50%, when you add temps of 110*+, that is dang hot!  Oh well, we adapt and some of us (ME) hunker down inside!  As some of you know, I've been busy working on our "Rhine River Cruise & Motor Coach Tour" album and it's almost finished.  YAY!  I have also been puttering around, making a few changes here and there, and will share some pics soon.  

Today, I wanted to share another organization project -- the pantry this time.  Not too long after we moved into this home, I shared an over-haul on my very "builder-basic" pantry.  You can check that out HERE.  I'm happy to report that most of the systems I set up back then are still working, but a bit of a mess was brewing that needed tending.  I made these changes in March but didn't have time  to share.  Better late than never, right?  Well, come on in to my dinka-dinka-dinkie pantry and see for yourself.

The outside has already changed from this to a summer look, but that's for another post!


Some Much-Needed Organization

Hey everyone!  During breaks when I was editing and posting our European trip, I was doing some re-organizing around our home.  One place that really needed my attention, is my decor cabinet.  Fortunately I did this before our temps soared into the 110+ range.  And just an FYI, when we AZ desert dwellers say, "It's a dry heat," it is true....two days ago our relative humidity was 3%!  Yes, you read that right!  Okay, back on track.  I am so pleased with how my storage turned out, and I just have to share.

First you have to see some befores!

Believe me, I am so grateful that we have all of this storage in our garage, but.......
it's not the best for storing my chotskies.  That being said, it's what I've got, and I am making 
the best of it.

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