Coming Clean in the Craftroom Closet

Hey everyone!  Are you ready for Part 2 of my Craftroom Redo?  If by chance you missed it, Pt. 1 is HERE.  Once again, get yourself some food and drink for sustenance.  I simply cannot do posts that are not filled with photos -- I know, it's kind of a sickness.  My reasoning excuse is that I just love looking at other bloggers photos of whatever they are sharing, so I feel it is my duty to provide lots of pics for y'all so you can see all the details.  Just sayin'......lol!  Today, we will be going into the "craftroom closet."  Yay, doesn't that sound like fun?  Okay, don't answer that!  I'm nothing if not all about sharing, so come on in, and we will get started!

There is a lot going on behind these closed doors.

Happy Easter!

 Happy Easter Everyone!

Vintage Easter Bunnies Card


Are You Kidding Me?

Hey everyone!  I'm so excited to be sharing "non-medical" related posts again, but you may think I've lost my mind when you see that I am once again sharing my craftroom.  But I kid you not, I did a major-redo.  Over the last couple of weeks when I was nervous and anxious about tests I was having done and then waiting for the results, I completely immersed myself in revamping my "Momma Cave."  When I'm stressed and anxious about something, I typically clean and organize.  I watched tons of YouTube videos about rooms and spaces dedicated to crafting, sewing & scrapbooking and came to the conclusion that I did not have my space set up for the way I do all those things.  In other areas of our home, I like things very orderly and fairly uncluttered, but that concept was not working for me in my Momma Cave.  For me to be truly creative, I need lots of visual stimulation.  I need the things that I use most often, to be very close at hand and for my tools and supplies to be part of the room's decor.  Does that make sense?  Lots of crafters have these fabulous (and very large spaces) rooms with lots of storage behind closed doors.  Some of these rooms are gorgeous and give me a little twinge;  but when I perused my own space, I realized the areas that always made me smile were the areas where everything was visible and colorful.  Coming to that conclusion freed me to make some major changes, and I would love to share.  Considering that I took just shy of 250 snaps of my new redo, I will be spreading this out over several posts.  I won't kid you, though; each post will be photo-heavy (VERY), so you will need food and drink.....lol!

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