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Hey everyone!  I sure hope ya'll are having a great week.  Busy & hot around here, but that's nothing new.  I'm so excited to be participating in this great party that our sweet "always thinking outside the box" friend, Debbie at DebbieDoos & her co-hosts have cooked up -- "Summer Pool Noodle Party!"  Come along with me while I share my creation, & then get yourself over to Debbie's & check out all the rest.

I seriously didn't think you needed to see the pool noodle before I used the very sticky duct tape
to form my wreath shape.  After that I wrapped the entire wreath with strips of burlap, hot gluing as I
moved around the form.  I had to be careful to keep most of the hot glue on the burlap & not get much on the actual noodle -- it melts!

My inspiration was this wreath...... 
which you can find HERE.  I like the idea of the Family Tree, but I have quite a lot of family wall galleries, etc., so I opted to do something different.  I did use a leaf pattern that she was nice
enough to share.

I cut out several leaf shapes from burlap & my favorite linen-look fabric & then glued two together with a wire in the middle.  I just took a dark brown marker & drew in the stem & added stitching lines around the edges.  I also used a stamping pad to add a bit of color on the linen-fabric 
to shabby it up a bit.

Once again, The Graphics Fairy was where I went for some ephemera & florals that I copied onto
some buff colored cardstock just to give me that mellow color.

After printing these pics, I glued them to some craft paper cardstock & used a small hole punch
to make it easier to attach to my wreath form.  I used T-pins to attach both the pics & the leaves.

Just an FYI:  when I'm gluing or doing any messy type stuff, I use one of the many flimsy catalogs
that are constantly arriving in the mail to cover my work surface.  When one page gets too sticky or painty (I like to make up words), I just flip to another couple of pages.  Works great & I'm not constantly wiping up while I'm busy crafting!

Before I secured anything, I just laid it on the floor to see if I liked the layout.

Next I started adding some extra elements.  I had the little tiny white floral, wired garland & thought it would add a bit of fill around the wreath.  I also dug around in my button stash & glued buttons to the T-pins that are holding the little photos & leaves.  Because I had added the wire to the leaves before gluing them together, I was able to do some bending & curling.  For the top of the wreath, I just gathered some bits & pieces of ribbons, burlap & tore some strips from the linen fabric, & then tied them together, added a button & attached it to the wreath with another T-pin.

And this is where I hung it.  I know it looks kind of low, but that's a 9' door & I'm short, so there!

I typically don't like the bare space in the center of a wreath (I'm just quirky that way), 
so I added this pic.  It's a photo from our trip to Spain, & I played around with it in Picasa to get an effect that I felt would go well with the rest of the wreath.  This little house makes me smile! 

So there you have it!  I'm very pleased with how this turned out, & I didn't have to buy a single
thing to pull this together.  That makes me very happy!

Thanks again to Debbie & Gang for coming up with such a fun and creative idea.  And thanks to all of you who stop by here, I truly appreciate each and everyone.  See you again soon!
Be Happy!

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  1. I love it! Very different take on a wreath. Great job!

  2. It is really pretty....I love the idea and I have to go over and see the inspiration wreath!
    Stay hot and busy!!

  3. That is so pretty, CAS! Such a different take on the old pool noodle!

  4. Oh Cas, you are so creative! I would never have thought of this one. LOVE it. Thanks for sharing and joining in on the noodle party.

  5. Very nice. What a great idea for a pool noodle!

  6. my nails are wet. no caps. lol. thanks for joining in. this is such a lovely wreath. i love the whole family tree aspect. how special. very original and meaningful.

  7. So pretty. And, one can stay inside for this project! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Very cute! I know you had fun making it.

  9. Looks great, Carol! So glad I got to meet you before we moved!

  10. Way to cute and creative. Who would have thought you could be so creative with a noodle??

  11. Fun idea for a wreath! Very creative! Love the picture of the little house. :-)

  12. Fantastically Unique! LOVE LOVE the leaves. Very nice project - I may have to be a copy cat on this one :)

  13. How cute, I love how this turned out! New follower from a blog hop. Would love if you came over and followed me back! I Heart Pears

  14. What a pretty wreath. I can't believe you made that from a pool noodle! Blessings, Dani

  15. What a great idea! I love your inspiration and your wreath is a great adaptation of it! I love that you added a trip to Spain photo too! So cute!

  16. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by on Thursday and following, I've just returned the ♥ and am following back thru GFC and LF.

    That wreath turned out awesome! I never would have thought to use a noodle for that!!

    Have a great weekend :)

  17. What a fun wreath! I love what you did with it! I'm crossing my fingers that the noodle holds its shape. The one I made has turned into more of an oval than a circle. Hope yours holds up better than mine.

  18. Hi Cas! Your wreath is adorable. Thanks for joining the Open House party.

  19. This is Melissa @ daisymaebelle.com. I can't believe you made this with a pool noodle! Looks great!

  20. Melissa @ daisymaebelle.com again. Forgot to tell you that I am now following!

  21. you did such a fabulous job! applause and appaws...you used your NOODLE : ) hugs...

  22. I'm loving this wreath...think I'll copy it come C'mas with my C'mas cards, you are so talented!! Thanks for your lovely and kind visit to me, you always put a smile on my face! Have a great week my friend.

  23. What a cool idea!!! Who knew a NOODLE was under all that coolness?

  24. Your wreath is lovely and I loved how you added a vintage touch to something that is so modern! Have a lovely week! Angie xo

  25. I love it! I'm really into family tree stuff and this is very appealing! Thanks for sharing!

  26. What a beautiful and creative wreath, CAS! I know you'll enjoy it ... thanks for sharing!

  27. My first time on your blog. You've got a great eye for crafts. I'll be back
    Leo at Cottage at the Crossroads

  28. I fell instantly in love with your blogging style, Cas. I've awarded you a Sunshine Award (just what you need--more sunshine, eh?). Hop on over to my blog at onceuponafirefly.blogspot.com to learn more about it.

    Glad you survived the haboob--dirty thing.


  29. Hi Carol, I had not seen your pool noodle wreath yet. I really love those leaves and how you made them. So cute!

  30. Hi Cass,

    Your noodle wreath turned out so adorable!


  31. Leave it to Debbie to come up with such a fun and crazy party! It's so cute Carol. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  32. Noodle wreaths are so neat! I love how yours turned out. So creative the way you did it.

  33. You really are creative! I love your unique wreath!

  34. Love this post. I was wondering where you purchased the little white wired garland from. I just love it and would like to have some for my stash.


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