I Love Aprons!

Hey everyone!  It's been so much fun watching Fall pop up all over blogland!  There are some seriously talented and fun-lovin' people.  I'm just a wee-bit jealous that some of you are already into Fall weather -- cool, crisp, and changing leaves; but there is a "feeling" in the air, a slight glimmer of hope, that cooler less hot days are just around the corner.  I might even be able to add some mums to my front porch!

Well, today I wanted to talk about aprons.  Do y'all like aprons & use them?  I love aprons and almost always wear one when I'm cooking.  I have a couple of really cute ones and love having seasonal ones;   but as the retailers have caught onto the trend of cute aprons, the pricing has gotten a bit crazy.  Don't you agree?  So, I decided to try my hand at making a trendy Fall/Halloween one.  I looked through my stash of fabric and found some leftovers from a few years ago when I made some trick-or-treat bags for my grandchildren.  Now, all I needed was a pattern and simply used a current ready-made apron for the basic shape.

Okay, if I had gone to the store to choose fabric for my apron, I probably wouldn't have chosen these; but I had this and just decided to be "wild and crazy!"

I decided I wanted the sides to be rounded so the ruffle could go from one armpit to the other.

I had a nice big piece of the patchwork fabric, but not so much of the contrast.  The contrast fabric was a fun pattern printed in kind of a border stripe -- made it easy to use for the ruffles & there was not a scrap left over!

Okay, now for the full effect!  Remember, the camera adds 10 20 pounds!

Yep, there's a reason I never do these selfies -- can't smile, take pic & keep from chopping my head off all at the same time!

Oh, looky, my hair matches my apron!

Ah, better!  Much more calming to see it hanging on the hook!

This really was an easy-peasy project, and I've already used my cute apron quite a few times.  I will probably wear this on Halloween when I pass out goodies!  Thanks for stopping by, and hope you are having a great week!

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  1. I love your apron, too! You've decorated far more than I (for autumn) but I did take out all our pumpkins today! ;P

  2. Would you believe I just got my first apron a year ago??? My sweet neighbor, who is a fabulous seamstress made me one for my birthday. I wear it all the time, even when I'm just cleaning. Yours is very cute! I like the fabric too. You'll look so cute handing out Halloween treats in it!

  3. I love aprons too. Yours is adorable! I think it's a great idea to wear it while passing out candy on Halloween. I've got some pretty aprons that I wear every now and then. I have one (for looks) hanging on my refrigerator too. They are fun to collect.

  4. I love that apron, it is so darn cute, the pattern is so adorable and so perfect for bakin pumpkin pies...lol...my favorite...I also made an apron from a tablecloth from Marshals, it was the perfect pattern, come on over and let me know what you think I would love to see your comment...Phyllis

  5. Soi pretty Carol! Perfect for the season and perfect your beautiful smile! Enjoy! I have 1 favorite apron that a friend of mine gave, it has pearls and all! hahaha!

  6. I Love aprons but do not own a single one. Why, like you said: Too Pricey!!! However, I purchase one every year and send it to my Bestie in Texas, because I Know she Loves aprons too :) Yours turned out adorable!!

  7. Your apron is adorable! I don't have any seasonal aprons but I *always* wear an apron to cook. I've ruined too many clothes in the past!

  8. You look so pretty! I love your apron! I have several of them and the truth is that I never use them, but still like to collect them, specially the seasonal ones. :)

  9. So cute! I'm sure it won't surprise you that I do not own an apron. Dean does though! HA! He always had one on when he was cooking while we tailgated.

  10. VEry cute! I love the bright colours, the orange and blue together are fabulous.


  11. How darling are you! I love the apron, its perfect.

    Have a week as beautiful as you!

  12. It's very very cute....and so are you! I love aprons and put one on every time I walk into the kitchen. It saves messes! lol Love these bright Fall colors!

  13. You inspire me to get my sewing machine out. My aprons are getting worn.

  14. Carol, what a pretty blog...I just love your beautiful header! I just love aprons too and your Halloween one is just adorable! I love the pattern...it looks very simple to make. I have been making aprons from repurposed Goodwill linens and all sorts of things. Aprons surely have made a comeback for and you are so right about the price of them in the stores! I am also your newest follower! Come visit me at My Favorite Things and check out my aprons!


  15. I love aprons too, yours is great! I am always behind on decorating!

  16. I am with you! Aprons rock!!!
    Love yours; Super fun for this time of year... :)

    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  17. You are the cutest thing in your little apron. I have been wanting one, and I do believe I can make one.

  18. Since I started blogging about six months ago, I have been reintroduced to aprons...haven't worn one in years (except on holidays), but am totally in love again and now I want to start making them. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks, Kim, for stopping by. I look at aprons as pieces of art and love having one hanging on the little hook by my pantry door -- is that wrong? LOL!

    2. Oh yeah, aprons are fab! I have "wearing" aprons and "decorating" aprons that I don't dare get dirty. I've lost count of how many :) The pumpkins are adorable!

    3. Oh yeah, aprons are fab! I have "wearing" aprons and "decorating" aprons that I don't dare get dirty. I've lost count of how many :) The pumpkins are adorable!


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