My Reality Right Now is Bitter-Sweet

Hey everyone!  I truly hope every woman out there, whether you are a "Mother" or not, has had a wonderful Mother's Day.    My day was both happy and sad.  We had initially been invited to our son's home, and he would have cooked something fabulous and our sweet dil would have made a delicious dessert.  But then, almost in the blink of an eye, things changed.  They all came here, and I cooked a favorite family meal for them.  This is where the "bitter-sweet" comes into play.  This will probably be the last time for quite awhile, that I get to do this for them.  They are in the throes of packing and getting ready for a new adventure in their lives.  They will be leaving the AZ desert and moving to the East coast where "Chefy Son" has a new job.

The Man and I are proud of both of our children and have always wanted only the best for them.  As parents of adult children, you have no control (nor should you) and can only hope that you've given them good advice and guidance over the years.  We have been blessed over the last couple of years to have lived only forty minutes away from our children and have known the great joy of being able to spend many happy times with either or both of their families.  It's pretty easy to get in-a-rut and think everything will remain the same, but that is so unrealistic.

My reality right now is that I am going to miss this sweet family

 so much and ...........

these precious little ones more than I can express.

My reality right now is that I better get good at Face-Time because this 3-year old 
is changing almost daily, and .........

This 5 1/2 year old will need to show me more missing teeth in the near future!

My reality right now is "trying" to be unselfish in knowing the Littles' other grandmother is going to have them close now for awhile.

My reality right now is that even in the midst of his chaotic life, Michael was thinking about
his Momma and brought me these beauties.

My reality right now is being married to the sweetest and most generous man, who has already promised me lots of visits to the East coast.

I actually held up pretty well on a day that could have been rife with emotions and sadness.  Instead, we just enjoyed each other's company, discussed immediate and future plans, and were thoroughly entertained by Little Miss and Littlest Miss.  It was really a very nice Mother's Day.

However, my reality right now is telling me I need to take a "bloggy" break.  I'm very much in need of some down-time and an opportunity to recharge, but I will be back!  Take good care of
yourselves while I am away!
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