I'm Back....Sorta!

Hey everyone!  I'm back, but not quite into full-swing blogging just yet!  As some of you already know, if you follow me on IG or FB, my bloggy break included quite an awesome vacay.......as in "European-type!"  The Man and I went on a 19-day Rhine River Cruise and Tour.  It was really fantastic, and I want to share some of it with all of you (if you are interested), but I plan to do that at a slower pace.  We left AZ the day before The Man's birthday, and celebrated his day in Paris.....I bet y'all are humming "April in Paris" right now!

Of course we have to start with this beauty!

Birthday Boy getting ready to enjoy lunch at a sidewalk cafe within walking distance of our hotel.

Yep, I'm on this trip, too!

The Man is having some kind of steak, and I'm having a sandwich with cheeses & veggies.  We quickly learned that everything comes with fries, and the dipping sauce of choice is mayo.  That's actually quite good!

We stayed at the Pullman Paris Montparnasse.  Montparnasse is the name of the community around this hotel, and it is well known for its many artists.  We loved that we felt very comfortable walking all around in this area, even at night.
This was the view from our room.

This was just an interesting building located close to our hotel -- I loved the architecture and those French balconies.

Whomever took our picture, kind of lopped off the top of the Eiffel Tower.  We were trying to do a "selfie" and that just wasn't working out!  Anyone tried those selfie sticks yet?

This was taken inside Notre Dame.  

I think someone picked up dinner......a baguette and cheese!  There may also be a bottle of wine!

We chose not to go to The Louvre, because there just was not enough time.   

Arc de Triomphe -- beautiful!

Photos taken through motor coach windows are not very good, but I had to try.....these buildings were so interesting.

The entrance to the Palace of Versailles -- yes people, that is gold!

I cannot even begin to explain how extravagant this was.

Well, you know I had to show you a chandy!

This was called the Hall of Mirrors.  You almost needed sunglasses in here!

Magnificent and luxurious brocade.

The grounds were incredible.

This is a park in the Left Bank, which was close to our hotel.

The Parisians claim this park is bigger than Central Park.  Hmmm....I don't know, but that building way in the distance is.....

This one, which is also within the park.  The park was alive with people and children just enjoying a nice Spring Day!

This was the breakfast room in our hotel.

So lovely!

Does this even look comfy?  Considering we had been going for almost 24 hours, I thought it might but NO, NOT AT ALL!

Well, that's a wrap for Paris and for this post.  I will probably continue the saga of the "Touristas in Europe" later this week.   Have a great week!


  1. Carol- What a wonderful trip you had! Love all the pictures...and those selfie sticks work great...my kids have them. I will look forward to more of the "tour". xo Diana

  2. Oh what a fabulous trip, I love Paris and your pics are amazing.

  3. Your just livin' THE LIFE Carol, so happy for you. No excuses! love the pics!

  4. So glad you are home safely! I'm sure you both had a fabulous time! Looking forward to seeing the sites! Rest well, I know vacations can make you tired!! Blessings, Cindy

  5. So glad you had a fun and safe trip and are back home. It's funny but I remembered the French fries served with everything now that you mention it. Thank you so much for sharing -- I was showing the kids the pics, and the older ones, who are studying Euro in school, were so interested -- especially on seeing Versailles! Can't wait to see the rest, and I'm off to find you on IG! :)

  6. What fun! So glad you are enjoying your break, in PARIS!!!

  7. Fabulous! I've been enjoying your trip pics on IG ...how fun!!

  8. Now, THAT'S the life!!! What a wonderful trip you two had! I keep saying to my hubby that when we get both boys out of college, a European trip is going to be our reward! Looks like y'all had such a good time! I loved following along on IG. That breakfast room, the park, the buildings and that CHANDY!!! Love it all!!! Can't wait for more pics!

  9. What a fabulous vacation...love all your photos...and so glad you had such an awesome time....

  10. What an amazing trip! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. xxx Maria

  11. What a fabulous trip!! French fries are my all time favorite food! Dean says "mayo is the devil" so he would NOT be happy. LOL. I have a selfie stick & it works great! Can't wait to read the rest of your posts.

  12. Oh what a treat! Your pictures are a delight.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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