My New Happy Space

Hey, everyone! I am so excited to be participating in 
Karen Valentine's Annual "Where Bloggers Create 2016."  I had so much fun visiting the party participants last year and made some sweet, lasting friendships.  Even if you don't craft or sew, you might still enjoy seeing some of these spaces.  I can't wait to start visiting!

Where Bloggers Create

This is my second year to join in the fun, and I'm especially excited because The Man and I just recently completed some major changes to this room.  If you know me at all, then you know how much I love my "Happy Space" and how often I have moved things around.  I cannot even express how much I am loving this latest redo and how over-the-moon I am to share it with all of you.

Just a warning to those who may be "faint of heart" regarding color or visual stimulation,  "Back away now, and you won't be harmed in any way!"  This room is 9.5'x11.5', so not big, but it is packed with tons of created fun and loads of color.  Grab a beverage, this is VERY picture-heavy!

This metal piece on my door is covered with photos of my sweet family and makes me smile every time I see it.  Sooo...are you ready?  Well, come on in!


This is kind of an over-view of the room.  As I will explain in more detail, I have divided my room into zones....sewing, computer-desk, scrap booking/card-making, & crafts in general....I love trying lots of things!


We literally stripped this room down to the concrete after we got everything moved out.  I helped as much as I could, but I am still recovering from cancer, chemo and radiation, and my stamina is pretty low.  So I give full credit to The Man who laid the wood flooring and added the tall baseboards and crown molding....yep, he's definitely a "keeper!"  My work came in putting it all back together!
The wall color is Olympic "By the Sea," and the flooring is Pearisburg Barn Board.

My Sewing Zone

Everything I need is practically within arm's reach.  That's a Bernina 1130 from about 1985... it's built like a tank, super-heavy and has served me well over the past 30+ years!


I have discovered that I love to crochet, and I'm self-taught via YouTube.....I've made quite a few of these baskets in various sizes to use for all kinds of "stuff."  Before the room redo, I stored most of my paints on this little shelf unit.  The Man made it for me many years ago to hold my meager collection of wooden stamps.  Now it's a fun place to display some mementos and a few other things.

The view at night.

The Computer-Desk Zone

I opened a few drawers for you; and yes, bottom right is my mani-pedi drawer....I've browsed many a blog while taking care of my fingers and toes!  I also have a cute little "photo bomber," and her name is Abby.  I'm kind of new to the "Happy Planner" and would like to do a post all about my latest craze....soon, hopefully.

I've used a lot of IKEA furniture and accessories, plus cube storage by Recollections from Michael's.
Another new-found activity for me is adult coloring.  I have my supplies in the tool tote above and can simply take it with me wherever.

This is my "Visual To-Do List," and I was a total copycat when Erin at "The Sunny Side Up" Blog shared this idea.  If you haven't met Erin, you need to do that right away....well, after you rest and recover from this post!  Erin has a beautiful home and sweet family in sunny San Diego, and she has wonderful organizing ideas.  Go visit, you won't regret it!

Tools and Storage Zone

The IKEA Expedit that is holding the Sizzex, Cuddlebug, etc., use to hang on this wall.  At 5'1.5", it was getting difficult for me to reach things.  Spoiler Alert....apparently shrinking coincides with aging!  Well, isn't that special?  Sorry, I just needed to get that off my chest....moving on now!  I am thrilled to have the Expedit on the floor, providing lots of flat surface for my tools, and exposing this wonderful wall-space for additional visual storage.

I've been using the IKEA storage boxes for years, but decided I wanted to dress them up a bit with just some ruffled fabric.  I also have a few of IKEA's plastic storage boxes....love these because they completely fill the opening.

Scrapbooking-Cardmaking Zone

If you haven't caught on by now, I am a very "visual" person and need that to get my creative juices flowing.  The 4x4 Expedit is the first piece of IKEA furniture I bought when I first laid claim to this bedroom when we moved here 5 years ago.  Over the years, I have added 4 sets of drawers...love these!

I thought you might like to see what I have in these drawers.  The little plastic containers in some of the drawers are the Iris photo holders.  I do use them for photos, but I also find them perfect for seasonal or event-specific embellishments and many other things here in my room.

This was an old frame that I  decided to paint black, added some linen-type fabric, some baker's twine and now have a cute place to display special cards

These little drawer units are from Walmart and have served so many uses around our home and in my craft spaces over the years.  Now they are the perfect home to my Alphas.

The Island & Raskgog Cart

The island is a desk-top from IKEA that is 5' long & 30" wide.  It rests on 2 sets of Alex drawer units....where else, IKEA!  It makes for such a wonderful place to work.


I think just about every scrapbooker-crafter either has or wants or would have if they had room, one of these IKEA Raskgog carts.  I cannot lie, I was first drawn to the color of this little cutie and later fell for how truly useful it can be.  In the photo above left, you can see I have the perfect little parking spot for my cart.  That was not by accident.  I had planned, measured and re-measured the floor space of this room and made a detailed "to-scale" drawing of how everything was going to fit. The rolling mechanism on this cart is very good, so it just glides from around the corner and sits right next to my island.  I use mine for Project Life and scrapbooking.

I thought you might like to see what I keep in these two Alex drawer units.

I love, love, love having all this space to spread out when I'm working on a project.

These little things on the corners that look like hands are also from IKEA in the children's area.  They were designed to protect little noggins from corner head bumps.  I use them to prevent hip bumps and bruises on this aging & shrinking body! 

The Closet

I have my closet very well organized, which makes it much more useful than it would be otherwise.  While we had everything out, I asked The Man if he would put an outlet in the closet, so we could hide away the printer.....love this!  And again, the photo-bomber is back!

I truly hope you have enjoyed this tour and maybe even feel a bit inspired.  I hope to make lots of new friends this year at this blog party, as well as visit with some some old dear ones.  If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask.

Take care and enjoy your Summer!


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  1. I've been anticipating Karen's party for weeks, I am looking forward to visiting bloggers and friends. I was hoping you would be joining her again this year because I have been wanting to see your craft room re-do! Love it all because it is So You!! Colorful, organized and FUN!! I really like the way you added the collages! Great room! Can't wait to come visit and sit in there again in the fall when it is cooler! Blessings, Cindy xo

  2. I so agree with Cindy, above...this remarkable creative space seems to represent your determination and zeal for life! I am blown away by your flair for organization and color and it is just such a happy, happy place! You are such an inspiration, Carol ♥

  3. I love your "happy space!" Looks so fun, well stocked/organized, and very pretty! I could spend hours creating or just unwinding in your space! :) ~Rhonda

  4. Oh my, oh my, oh my! I am in love with the happy colors in your room. I couldn't help but smile when looking at your photos :) And your organization is amazing!

    It was an absolute delight to visit you this morning. Hugs and joy!

  5. Hi Carol, WOW I love your wonderful creative space. Each area is so well organized and pretty in cheerful colors. I love this kind or organization. You are an inspiration. You truly have a happy place to create and design. Have fun!!
    Love your pretty new pic too. Your darker hair is gorgeous. xo

  6. I love the soft blue of your walls with all of your happy colors. It looks great and everything is so well organized.

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  7. What a fabulous space! Love the wood floors and your organizational skills are the best!

  8. So organized, colorful and inviting. Makes me want to tinker...

  9. I am so happy to visit your happy space. so organized and condusive to creativity.

  10. Love your creative space! Enjoyed the tour.

  11. Very nicely done! I love the balance of storage and decorations! The plug in in the closet is an idea I'll have to borrow one day! Hugs!

  12. I enjoyed your colorful happy Art Studio! I finally got to see an IKEA Store this year! Happy Creating! I can see you are!

  13. I absolutely Love every single thing about your charming, colorful Art Studio!!! It is truly a "Happy Place".... thank you so much for sharing it with us and so glad to see you doing so well!!!


    1. Debbi Saunders

  14. Hi Carol!

    I love your colorful organized space! We share a love for crochet. I noticed your hot place for your coffee cup. I have those mug hot plates all over my house. They are hard to find in the stores now. You have inspired me to take a trip to IKEA. I love the rolling metal bins! Thank you for opening your door and letting us in.

    With gratitude,

  15. Hi there Carol! You have truly made this room into a wonderful example of organization, but mostly a happy and joyful place to create! Love all of your photo mosaics of the different zones! Great job on showing us how you divided your spots! Each one is full of beauty and color...so inspirational! Thank you for taking the timecto make this post a feadt for our eyes! Hugs! Doni

  16. Carol your Creative Sanctuary is so Cheerful and Bright! And I smiled that you call your Beloved 'The Man' too! *Smiles* Your Organization is impressive, I can't say Organization is my strength so I am taking Notes on all of the Orderly Studios being Shared during this Blog Party Hop! *winks* Blessings from the Arizona Desert..., Dawn... The Bohemian

  17. Thank you so much for joining the party again Carol! I just love seeing how different everyone's creative spaces are. While I myself am a lover of soft neutral tones, I can certainly appreciate the fun and whimsy that all that color creates! It's a wonderful room and it's no surprise that you love it. Thank you again for sharing it with us.

  18. OOh Aah, a lady who loves colour, lists, pens..your space is so lovely.Neat, welcoming, and I'd feel happy just waling in the door of your craft room.I'm a new follower.
    I am going through house(bathroom) renovations so no energy to show my space, but I can enjoy yours and the others who are participating.

  19. Carol, this is lovely, fun, and inspiring! My craft room is also home to a Murphy bed, and a fold-up treadmill, unfortunately, and both take up too much space in an already small room. But I have things packed to the rafters, the best I can. I have done many small revisions, but need a really bug one,...

  20. Oh Carol, love what you done to your "Happy Space".
    It definitely looks airy and very organized, you outdone yourself!
    I think I have to get some of the IKEA furniture to get a hold of my mess.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great weekend!

  21. Hello Carol, I found this blog hop from over at Sandra Kaye's place and have thoroughly enjoyed journeying from one post to another. Along the way I've found some items I liked and wanted to own so it is educational in a way...I smiled when you told about those corner hands as the furniture and doorways are always jumping into my way...Happy crafting, Mama Bear

  22. Carol,
    You have an amazing space filled to the brim to help you create to your heart's desire, dear friend! I love your little roll around cart! I've seen similar pieces on several of the blogs, so I may have to look into one of those!
    LOVE that you use your wooden tool box in your creative space!
    I have several made by "Mr. Ed" and one of them holds my stamped stationery!
    Loved seeing your photo bomber, Abby!
    Our beloved, Maurice (cat) has bee gone for over two years now.
    She always went to Studio One with me.
    I gave her the title of "Product Control Official". . .as she inspected every piece of my work!
    Thank you for your sweet comment and kind visit today!
    P.S. Just a "artist" tip. . .if you turn your inks upside down, they will last longer and apply easier to your stamps. Something I learned in a class years ago!

  23. Carol, what a fabulous room for creating! You have a place for everything! You were right--our walls are similar in color! Blessings, Cecilia

  24. Carol,
    I sure do like your creative space and the colors that you have chosen too!
    You are so savvy creating zones, I love that idea.
    Keeps everything so organized and in order to create you have to be organized!
    Your hubby is a dear and so are you!
    So happy that you shared this joyful and inspiring with us at TOHOT!

  25. What a wonderful Happy space you have!!! I would be hsppy there too. I don't do all the crafts anymore. You must love to be in there creating beautiful things!!

  26. Wow, so impressive Carol. Love your space and I am jealous how organized you are. Such a happy space for your projects. Thanks for your sweet visit.

  27. Carol,

    As someone who also likes to participate in many types of crafts, I love your room. I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to create zones for each of my interests in my own space. I just moved a few weeks ago and have a much smaller space than I used to. Right now I am trying to figure out how to get all my stuff into the room and able to be seen, because like you I need it out in view. I love all that color, and especially love your beautiful little photo bomber. I hope you are starting to feel better from all the chemo and treatments and am glad you have such a good husband who is helping you to get your room as you want and need. Thank you so much for the tour. I hope someday to post pictures or a video of my own space because I take such pleasure in looking around others. I am sending you lots of prayers and get well wishes.


    1. Thank you so very much, Maureen, for all of your sweet comments. I didn't see any other way to contact you, so I truly hope you might check back here and know that your visit and comments were truly appreciated. Thank you so much for your prayers, too.


  28. Such a bright and creative space. Thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoy every minute working in your special room.

  29. I do believe this party is where we "met" last year! Unfortunately I did not get to participate this year but I so enjoyed looking at your happy place update! It is just beautiful and so functional and organized. I hope to replace some of my current pieces with some Ikea pieces in the future. I love their systems and pieces! Such a happy place....enjoy!

    Hugs, Vicky

  30. Carol, you know how much I have always loved this room and the changes are just fabulous. Love the floors and the wall color is so pretty. You have everything so organized! And what I love the most is all the pictures of your grandkids around the room. It sure is a happy place!!! BTW you look wonderful and it makes me smile to see how well you are doing. Lots of hugs, Maria

  31. Wow! What I could create in there!!! Fabulous! And you taught yourself to crochet?? It's on my list! I am impressed but not at all surprised!

  32. You are right! 'The Man' is a keeper! Your place is so well organized I am impressed. When I establish my studio, I never know if I am going to be in the place long - either an apartment or on the road in Duchess. So my studio is more temporary. I also love IKEA and am happy they have one here in Brooklyn. All their small organizational stuff is great and lends itself to be used many ways. Thanks for sharing such a great studio. I will be back to visit often.

  33. Great crafting space! You gotta love those Ikea carts! I have 2 in the same color as yours.

  34. Great crafting space! You gotta love those Ikea carts! I have 2 in the same color as yours.

  35. O MY!! What a fantastic space you have!! I love all the different storage units you have used and how organized you are!!Amazing!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  36. what a wonderful space! so organized and such a happy looking room!

  37. Oh, I can see why this is your Happy Space! I love how everything is set up and organized. Looks like a welcoming place!

  38. What a happy and charming space Carol! I adore the wall color.

  39. Carol, you amaze me! What a space for a creative woman like you. I'd like to come visit you and hang out in this room!

    Thank you so much for joining the Grace at Home party. I'm featuring you this week!

  40. oh my love your space and love all the color. I love bright and cheery colors and feel at home in that environment. I love looking at the soft earth tone rooms but have to have color. You have maximized all of your space very nicely. I hope your health is improving. Big Hugs

  41. What a happy and beautiful room, much different than a concrete mess I'm sure! The floors and molding are beautiful, tell that man thank you for me too! Love a good hard working man. ;0 Hope you continue to improve. Hugs, Autumn Clark

  42. This has got to be one of the most cheerful and creative craft/art spaces I've ever seen! So adorable, and I love the color of the walls. BTW your crocheted baskets are the *cutest* :)

  43. Carol! Oh my word! Your craft room is AMAZING! I absolutely love everything about it! Of course the color :) AND the way you have it set up in different stations for all of your creative outlets. It's such a happy, creative spot! Your visual to-do list is perfect. I'm so glad you made one too! I love everything about this room! And you. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog too Carol! So sweet of you. xo

  44. Carol- you are so lucky to have such a beautiful and COLORFUL room for your crafting. I love all your shelves and wonderful displays. Love especially your family photo collage!! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing photosđź’•


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