Snippets of Christmas, Pt. 1

Hey everyone!  Two weeks from today....how is that possible?  Even decorating early doesn't seem to keep the Christmas holiday from zipping past at the speed of light.  I will say that I am savoring all that is "Christmas," much more this year.  My decorating, while it took me much longer to do, feels more meaningful.  Other than some ribbon for our tree, there were no new purchases this year.  I just tried to be more thoughtful in the placement of each item.  I'll let you be the judge and try not to blather on. 

Mom's stocking is at the other end of the fireplace!

Our cards are going into a pretty bowl this year, and a couple of my card books (an explanation can be found HERE) from past years are displayed next to it. 

I have no plans to remove this chalkboard message anytime soon.

Let no flat surface go untouched!

We are truly enjoying our tree here in the family room, and the lights are turned on most of each day.

I attended an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party with my Power Ranch Ladies' Club last week, and took this batch of Salted Chocolate Toffee Pretzel Bark , RECIPE HERE.  It was really fun, and we had some delicious food; but I'm puzzled....when did cute holiday wear fall into the "UGLY" category?  Please clear this up for me if you can.

Never fear, I do have more "Christmas Snippets" to come.  I hope you haven't fallen victim to the holiday chaos-rat-race, and are able to truly enjoy this wonderful time of the year!

Warm hugs,

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  1. Your decor looks so pretty and I love your "ugly" sweater.

  2. That recipe looks amazing! Love your Christmas touches around the house and I love how you decorated the mantel. Those houses and wreath are darling! I still can't believe how close Christmas is. I haven't done a lick of shopping and my oldest graduates from college next week and we have a graduation party that weekend. All this before Christmas! Yikes! I better get going. :)

  3. Haha...I was thinking the same thing. You look way too cute in that sweater to attend any kind of "ugly" party! ;) I love your card bowl. We haven't received even one yet. Each year it's less and less. We haven't sent one out in a few years either. I wonder if it'll be an Instagram Christmas this year?

  4. Carol, you do such a beautiful job every year with your Christmas decor. I love your chalkboard message and your sweater is just too cute! Have a wonderful week. Maria

  5. Everything looks so good! I love the card books...great idea! Enjoy the season! It is going by so quickly!

    Hugs, Vicky

  6. Carol, your tree is beautiful but look at you!! You look wonderfully healthy and full of zest! Jumping back to finish Pt 2 now, but I somehow missed this one so I had to catch up!

  7. How beautiful everything looks! I's sorry it has taken me so long to visit...forgive me? About those "ugly" Christmas sweaters...my thoughts, exactly. I remember the days looking high and low for a festive garment to wear in the season and now they are considered ugly...what?? (well, I guess some of them are...lol) so now you have to go to only one place to find one...THE GOODWILL STORE! And I would leave that message on your chalk board until the cows come home.....or longer :) Coming to see Part 2 now!


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