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Hello, friends!  Today I'm sharing some treasures that I found a few months back at my favorite antique mall, Merchant Square, and some treasures I already had.  Even The Man enjoys roaming around this antique mall, and it was the perfect way to spend some time on a VERY HOT Arizona afternoon...nicely air-conditioned space! 

The Man actually found this sweet teapot, which just so happens to be the only missing piece of the china set that had belonged to my dear mother-in-law that now belongs to us!  If you would like to see the story behind this china and a look at the entire collection, you can find it HERE.  I also found a booth with lots of vintage ribbons and this little stack of vintage bingo cards...love using these in my scrapbooking, junk journals, etc.

Cool down AZ so I can enjoy some tea!

I have been scouring Craig's List for an old typewriter that was in good working condition.   I was not expecting to find one in an antique mall that was affordable, but here she is!  It was in pristine condition....absolutely spotless inside!  It reminds me of the one my grandmother had that I used all through school.  I quickly ordered a new ribbon and have been happily using it for my Project Life stories in scrapbooking.

This is a scan of a very old photo of my grandmother sitting at her writing desk...love that you can see her old typewriter in the background.

Another old treasure that I've pulled out of hiding, is this very old Bible that belonged to my 
Great-Grandmother.  I've searched it from cover-to-cover looking for a date, but there is only a small
hand-written note from my grandmother & great-aunt that the Bible was a gift to their mother.  I'm guessing it is probably about ninety years old and very well loved.

Here's the best treasure in my life.  We celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary in June!

We had agreed not to exchange anniversary gifts....it just gets kind of silly, you know?  But I had one of those "light-bulb"moments as I was sorting through some things that I want to put in a heritage album.  

The Man's mom kept so many sweet little treasures from her 4 children's childhood (my mom kept nothing), but it was her Cub Scout Den Mother's cute little hat that was the catalyst for my idea of creating a shadow box for The Man for our anniversary.

I included our favorite photo of the grandparents with all 9 grandchildren,

and photos of he and I as babies...I'm the one who looks like a cupie doll, and he's
the precious one!

Don't you just love his Davy Crocket coonskin cap!

I also found a sweet little card that he had given his mom on Mother's Day!

He was very happy with the gift and helped me juggle the gallery wall so the shadow box could be hung just below a great photo of his mom and dad.  I've been trying to be very intentional in using some of our family treasures.  I don't have anything that is of any great monetary value, but they all touch my heart and make me smile when I see them.  If something gets broken in the course of using it, then so be it.  I want to see them, use them, and touch them knowing people I love have held these things in their hands.  How about you?  Do you display and use your family treasures?

I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead.  I do have more "Fall" to share later on.  We may be finished with triple digits, so I can decorate our front porch....I hope!

Warm hugs,

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! ♥

    I'm jealous about your typewriter. That's on my wishlist too.

  2. Happy (belated) Anniversary! I love the teapot story. That is amazing that he spotted that...what are the chances?

  3. Oh, Carol, I am SO happy that you found that wonderful teapot to complete your set. It's gorgeous.
    I remember getting a typewriter as a Christmas gift and was thrilled with it. I have no idea where it went over the years.
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. I love, love all your treasures! The teapot is gorgeous. It was meant to be yours. And the typewriter is amazing! What a great find.

  5. Carol, I put together a wall gallery going down to our lower level of our families, including great grandparents, baby photos, etc. I even included all the dogs over the years and our granddogs! I hope you two had a wonderful anniversary. We didn't exchange gifts either, just went out for dinner with his sister and her husband.

  6. What fabulous finds, the teapot in particular. Awk! I donated a typewriter like that. It was my late husband's and I am just overwhelmed with his lifetime of "stuff" that was left behind for my dispersal.

  7. I love all your treasures and that you are displaying and enjoying them. I display old family treasures as well and enjoy looking at them. They are great conversation starters as well. Your husband is a handsome fella...you are a beautiful couple! Love the shadow box you made him...so precious and worth more than anything you could have bought him. have a delightful weekend.

    Hugs, Vicky


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