This truly is the merriest time of year, and I don't know about you, but it seems to be whizzing by way too fast!  Gotta enjoy it all and stay in-the-moment, even where glitter is concerned.  Am I the only one who has a love-hate relationship with that sparkly stuff?  I do love the shimmer and sparkle that glitter adds to any and everything, but I just wish it would stay where it's suppose to be.  I mean really, on my lips after taking a shower....how could that happen?  Okay, enough glitter drama.  I have some Christmas pics to share, so let's get started.

I'm starting outside, because The Man had some fun creating a little Christmas tree farm for us.  Aren't they cute?  They were the hot topic of conversation at our Block Party this past Sunday.  The Man could have made some quick cash if he had wanted to go into tree production! 

It's rather difficult to take a pic of this entry area, but here goes.

I've had this same wreath for about five years now....maybe next year I'll change it up.

Come on in, and I'll show you around the foyer, living room and dining area.
I think this is my favorite tree, because I love the colors...green, turquoise, silver & gold.

The reflection in the mirror makes it look so much bigger and fuller.

I chose not to do our BIG 9' tree this year, and have instead, used the four 4' trees in various locations around our home.

Next up is our living room or sitting room, or maybe "the room I just love to look at every time I walk past!"

I really had fun styling this armoire this year, now that I'm keeping the doors open!

This is another very old wreath that I just keep re-fluffing every year!  I really love the light that it brings to this rather dark corner of the room.

These reindeer pillows (and two more in the family room) are from Amazon and are the only new purchases I've made this year.  I crocheted the little pillow in the middle last year.

I'm pretty much loving this vignette on my old Singer table.  This tree got mainly gold, hot pink, & turquoise.....well, you know I love my turquoise!

My 47 year old nativity pieces got painted this year, and I chose to use this cloche (thrifted) instead of the well-worn and battered stable.  I was very hesitant to paint this, but I am so glad I did.

I kept this vignette on the coffee table very simple.  The beautiful hurricane with a battery candle and snow globe music box are gifts from a very dear friend several years ago.  

And who doesn't love a bowl filled with bright ornaments!  

Here we are in the dining room and one of my favorite places to decorate...the china cabinet.  Do you say china cabinet or cupboard or hutch?  I'm just curious.  I didn't do much to the top, except to add some red berries to the cotton stems (those stay all the time) & pop a few tinsel trees ($Store a few years ago) up  there for some sparkle.  The coffee filter wreath stays there all the time.

I used lots of trees of various materials & ornaments to add festiveness to this area.

My tablescape is very simple, and I decided to use the gray & white runners that I usually reserve for Spring...I'm liking the calmness of this look.

The bar area got a little bit festive, too!

I'll wrap up this photo-heavy post with another peek at our little Christmas trees!

I'll have another post or two to share more of our holiday home, but I'm thinking you may all need a nap by now.  Hope all of you are enjoying this fun-time of year and not feeling too overwhelmed.  Oh, watch out for that glitter....you never know where it might end up!


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  1. Oh wow, so pretty. I especially love your outdoor trees. Gorgeous Christmas decor all around.

  2. This time of the year is definitely going by so very fast! It will be Christmas before we know it! You have so many beautiful holiday decorations! My only decoration so far this year is a Christmas tree. You are motivating me to get more decorations out! Have a great Holiday Season!

  3. Everything is beautiful! Love those trees you have displayed outside...so festive. Happy Holidays!

  4. Beautiful Carol! I love your outdoor trees...and your indoor ones. We bought two 4 foot trees in urns and after we put them up, we loved them so much, we laughed and said no more big trees. Let's just have a four foot tree forest from now on!! Enjoy your decor and the glittery season! xxox

  5. I love your home from the front door thru the whole house. Cheery, bright and festive are the words that come to mind. Thanks for dropping by and visiting me.

  6. Carol, I love how your home is decorated for Christmas! It reminds me of the times I flew to Phoenix to visit my parents during the holidays. Merry Christmas, my friend!

  7. Just love what you've done Carol! I'm thinking once my big tree doesn't work anymore whether its because of space or energy to put it up, this is what I want to do-more smaller ones here and there. Makes a lot of sense to me.
    Your honey did a superb job with those outdoor trees. I love them!
    The outside is as welcoming as the inside. I have the same problem with glitter....I walked around in a store the other day with glitter all over my coat and on one cheek....really cute!
    It is a time where I have to stop and enjoy this time as it does go by fast.
    Take care

  8. Such pretty decorations! I love all the trees and the wreaths too. And those pillows! So cute. I never really thought about it before, but I guess I say "china cabinet" if it has doors and "hutch" if it doesn't. I have no idea if that's correct. :) Happy Christmas!

  9. what lovely treasures you have in your gorgeous home!
    I really like the lighted wreath very much.

    The little tree in front of the mirror is probably my favorite:)

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