My Opinion on Makeup

Hi everyone!  In an effort to make my blog posts a bit more interesting, I've decided to occasionally share some "shopping hauls" of various things from personal care to home decor.  I may even share my opinions....oh, GHASP...what?  Today I'm sharing a makeup haul and my opinion about using makeup, so let's get started.

I had never been inside an ULTA store until we moved to our current home;  and at first, I found it rather intimidating and overwhelming.  I thought the store was all high-end, expensive cosmetics that were out of my price range.  Wow, was I wrong!  Once I allowed myself to slowly peruse the store, I found the inventory was all across the board in brands and prices.  Now it is my only place to shop for my cosmetic needs!

This was my most recent haul.    
Let me just say, I have a love-hate relationship with mascara.  I have tried several different kinds over the years, but non of my faves have worked very well since my eyelashes finally started growing in after cancer & chemo....my lashes are pretty pathetic and thin.  Not willing to give up, I decided to give this one a try. 

This Loreal mascara is a game-changer!

I have to admit I was skeptical when I saw the brush, but this is seriously the best mascara I have ever used!  It isn't clumpy, and this strange little brush lets you get to all those tiny little lashes.  I'm actually having fun putting on mascara!  My opinion about mascara:  As you get older, use a lighter hand with mascara...one good coat on the top lashes and light on the lower is usually all you need.

I'm really liking how light this setting powder is....anything heavy likes to sink into the wrinkles and make them really stand out!  That is not something someone in my age bracket wants to do!

I've been using this product since my hair finally grew in enough that I could style it.  The fact is, chemo causes your hair to fall out extremely fast, but Mother Nature can take her own sweet time letting it grow back.  Even then, it does not grow back evenly, but this fill-in powder is great.  It also covers up some of those silver streaks you may not be ready for.  
There are several colors to choose from.

This was an impulse buy, but I've already found them to work better than Q-tips in certain areas.

I do like the softness of these over some that I've gotten elsewhere.  I use a mixture of Dawn and white vinegar (or Peroxide) in water to clean my sponges.  After thoroughly rinsing and squeezing, I pop them in the microwave for about a minute to sanitize them...careful, they are hot!

One neutral lip pencil, gray and black eye pencils, and a white eye pencil.  I'm not sure about the white pencil, but I am liking the NYX brand.  My opinion about eyeliner:  As you get older, the "less is more" rule is good.  And, unless you want to look older, do not line your lower lid!

This was a "Gift w/Purchase," and I really like how creamy and easy it goes on.

My eyebrows are a pain that I deal with every day, but I'm liking the soft pencil end of this one.  The spoolie end is filled with a colored setting gel that's suppose to make your brows look more natural....I used it once and looked like Groucho Marx....just look him up on the Internet if you don't know who I'm talking about!  

I've heard this type of brush referred to as a "flat-top," and it's great for blending your foundation all around your hairline and neck area.  It's also good if you prefer to use a brush to apply your foundation.  I really like this tool!  I keep some cleansing wipes in my makeup area, and clean this type of brush after each use.  For routine cleansing of all my brushes, I use the Dawn & vinegar (sometimes Peroxide) mixture and lay them out on a towel to air-dry.  My opinion about makeup brushes:  Learn to use them, they are great tools!  I've had some expensive ones, but "eco tools & e.l.f." make some that are equally as good and inexpensive.

This e.l.f. Mineral Infused Face Primer was not part of today's haul, but I wanted to share my thoughts on this product.  I Love It!  There are several different e.l.f. face primers, but this is the one  that works for me and my dry skin.  It's kind of a clear gel that I blend in all over my face, and the result is the silkiest facial skin you can imagine.  I allow it to dry and soak in just a minute before I apply my foundation.  I've been using this product for a year or so.

This was my big splurge of the day and is a product I've really been wanting to try.  CC+ is a moisturizer, foundation and SPF 50 sunscreen all wrapped up in one package.  I really like it and think it will be my go-to foundation for our warmer weather because it's light.  It glides on and blends beautifully after I use my face primer (above), and I'm thrilled about the SPF50.

This is a new brand to me and is not carried at ULTA yet (soon, they say), so I bought it on Amazon.

I like eyeshadow palettes, because they have taken all the "guess-work" out of blending colors.  I was very interested in this palette because it does not have any shimmery colors.  My opinion about eyeshadow:  As you get older, avoid shimmery ones.  They make the crepey skin in our eye area pop, and we really do not want to call attention to those kinds of things!  For some, this might be a cool palette, but it is a very neutral one for my skin color.  

My opinion about wearing makeup:
I've been wearing makeup since I was a young teen, 55+ years, and there are very few days when I do not wear some makeup.  For me, it's always been part of my "getting dressed" morning routine.  I like the way I feel "pulled together," and when I see myself in a mirror (as I'm cleaning the bathroom sink), I feel good about what I see.  A hard and fast rule for me has always been to cleanse my face thoroughly at night...never go to bed with makeup on!  I plan to do a separate post about my cleansing routine and the products and tools I use, and a post about some changes I've made to My Barbie Dream Closet!  Fun stuff coming your way!

As some of you know already, I celebrated my "69th" birthday last week.  I'm feeling pretty good about how this "old girl" looks!

I hope you enjoyed this post or maybe just found it amusing!  If you have any questions about any of the products I use or my opinions, feel free to ask.  I certainly am not an expert, but I have had lots
of experience!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Lots of good things to check out... There is a new Ulta just down the road from me but I haven't been in there yet. Looks like a shopping trip is needed after seeing what you bought and liked. Ah yes, finding eyebrow makeup can be iffy. I find that most of them are too red for my fair skin and white hair. Saw "eyebrow wigs" on a blog the other day. hmmm...

  2. Such good info here! I love the e.l.f. products too. So affordable and more importantly, they actually work! I've been using a matte eye shadow for a while now too and love it so much more than the sparkly ones. I clean my sponges and brushes with baby wash, but maybe I need to try your "recipe." :)

  3. Happy Birthday! You look beautiful. I love Ulta. I have girls so we go often and they use many of the items you mentioned. I used to wear a lot of make up as a teen/ 20s girl, then I wore nothing but mascara for a long time on a daily basis. Now I am getting into it a bit more again, so I love this post. I am going to try that mascara. Thanks!

  4. You look mah-velous Ms. Carol! I love shopping hauls and some of the things you've featured are favorite of mine too.

  5. We are the same age, Carol. How the heck did we get this old?!?! lol I use very little make up--and no matter how crappy I might feel in the morning I do this---A bit of mineral powder, a little mascara, a swipe of blush and lipstick and I'm done. lol I do use use the Neutrogena pads to take off my makeup at night and I use the Boots 007 serum and day cream and call it good. I quit wearing eye-shadow because I thought it make me look older and because I am so fair it really showed up. I haven't worn eyeliner in years and years either. I still have a couple of girlfriends that line the inside of their lower lids and I want to tell them that it is never going to be the 1960s again...but I keep my mouth shut. lol

    Have a great week. xo Diana

    ps- You look GREAT!!!!!

  6. What a great share today! I like UlTA too and need to make a jaunt over there. Are you a member of their rewards program? It really is a nice little perk. Now I have a skin care product to share with you and it is Mad Hippie Vitamin C Oil. I love the name too, don't you!

  7. Well, there's no Ulta here in the DC area. :( Or at least close to where I live. I love this post. I need to get back in the routine of using make up! That mascara is gonna be my first try, because mascara and blush will make any one look much better. :D And hey, you look fabulous! Happy belated birthday! <3

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Cristina! I'm sure you can find the mascara at Target or Walmart...hope you like it as much as I do!

  8. Love this post Carol! Great information! Like you, putting on a little make up is also part of my getting dress in the morning routine, even if I don't even have plans to leave the house that day. :) All the items you mentioned I have never used before so it was very interesting to me to read your opinions. I am definitely going to try the ELF face primer. BTW, you look wonderful! xxx Maria

    1. Thanks, Maria Elena! I just feel so much better when I'm completely dressed (I wear jewelry, too), even if I'm just going to be cleaning bathrooms or doing laundry! Let me know what you think about the face primer.


  9. i love a good haul share, and you are one of many for recommending that cc cream. maybe one of these days i'll try it. enjoy your new finds!

  10. I LOVED this post! I agree about the shimmer. I avoid it and will look for that eyeshadow. You made me laugh about Groucho Marx. That is a look to avoid for sure. :)

  11. Carol, I love to read what others think about makeup and hair products. I use Loreal mascara and love it! Its not exactly like yours, but it looks fantastic. My hairdresser just started getting artificial eyelashes that lasts for months and look so unbelievably real. I have no idea what she pays for this or where she goes, but I'll have to remember to ask her next time. I love IT products, but I haven't found a great foundation yet. I used to use mineral powder, but now I use nothing and I need something...ha,ha! You're looking great!

  12. I love make up and I often buy a lipstick, mascara, etc. I personally love Lancôme products, except for lipsticks which I buy for the color.
    I wear artificial eye lashes for weddings and yes, they look awesome! I used to every day in NYC in the 70's, though.
    You look wonderful dear friend.

  13. Firstly, happy belated Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day. I love this post Carol. Always like to see what other people are using make up wise. That mascara sounds like something I will try. That is one thing I hate about getting older....miss my long lashes. I wear a little makeup everyday. Like you, I feel its part of my getting dressed and ready for a new day. It makes me feel good.
    Have a great day

  14. Carol,
    Happy Belated Birthday!!! I am not far behind you at 60 and may I say that you look lovely and KUDOS to you for beating Breast Cancer!!! I have an Ulta store literally in my back yard and have not stepped foot in it for the 5 years it has been here!! It is located in the shopping center that is right on the side of my townhouse development! I can walk to it!!I wear Loreal mineral makeup, mascara and eye shadow. I do not use eye liner, never could gt it to look right..... I usually buy my make up at Wegman's.... or Target on sale. I am so glad that you stopped by because I am now rediscovering your blog and enjoying myself!!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

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