A Difficult Decision

Dear Friends,

I have thought long and hard about this decision I've finally made, and it has not come easily.  I've decided to walk away from blogging, at least for now.  I began this blogging adventure in September of 2010 and have had lots of fun along the way.  Blogging in those first couple of years was joyful....there was kind of an innocence about it.  The friends I made (and still have a few) were so kind and eager to share just the simple everyday things of life.  Very few had sponsors, and most of us were just eager to share with each other.  

Sadly, many things have changed in this "Blog World."  There is such a competitive vibe now.  For many it seems, they have to be constantly changing something or buying something to make their homes more picture-perfect.  And there are so many "fashion bloggers" now....if you don't shop at Nordstroms, well...!  Please don't think this is "sour grapes" on my part...maybe it's my age, who knows.  I just find it very annoying to attempt to read someone's post and have ads popping up between every paragraph or photo.  I realize  those of you who have sponsors have no control over this, and God bless you if you need to go this route to have additional income for your family.  I truly wish you much success.  I just miss the days when it felt like good friends chatting over coffee or hearing the latest news over the back fence.  I guess it does sound like an "age thing!"

I don't regret any part of these last 10 years, and the very close bond I've made with some of you bring tears to my eyes.  You've warmed my heart more than you can imagine, and your kindness when I was battling cancer gave me so much strength.  I will forever be grateful.

All that being said, I cannot totally cut the apron strings.  I'm not shutting down my blog, but it will be inactive.  I've decided that sharing on IG might be the best thing for me, and if you want to follow me that way, you can find me HERE.  I'll be always grateful to hear from you.

Most truly yours,


  1. Carol, I will miss your posts! I will follow you on Instagram. :)

  2. Carol, I am sorry to hear this but I totally understand. I don't post as much as I used to and too often feel that I "should" be doing this or that. Blogging has definitely changed over the years. I wish the best for you and will follow along on IG.
    Take care, Shelley

  3. Carol,
    So sorry to hear this but I totally understand as I have wrestled with the same decision myself for a few years now.... I wish you luck and send you continued prayers for your health, my friend!!

  4. I completely understand. I've thought about stepping away from blogging too, especially after the latest comment trouble debacle. But I'm sticking with it...for now. :) But yes, I know what you're talking about. Blogging has changed a lot and isn't the same. I sometimes only get a couple of comments per post and wonder if anyone is even reading them anymore or if it's still worth it. I'll stay in touch via IG because you know I have to continue seeing sweet Abby. And you, of course! :) xoxo

  5. Blogging has changed a lot Carol, even in the 5 short years I've been doing it. I will continue to follow you on Instagram and we can chat in the comments over there! 💕

  6. Carol, I completely understand. I've struggled with this myself. Blogging is definitely not what it used to be. We were pioneers back then. Wishing you all the best.

  7. Carol- I understand 100%...and I am about to take on blogging for our company and that is going to take a big bite of time, too. It really has changed and I, too, miss the 'old days' where there was not all the competition and not all the ads. I don't think it is an age thing at all--I just think of it as a changing of the guard. What used to be is no more. There are a few of us old war horses left that will keep plugging along for the time being probably-lol.

    I have cut way back on blogging, too, but don't want to lose connection with bloggers I have come to know and love.

    I will certainly follow you on IG. I am on there, too, but not very active at this point.

    God bless you and you know I wish you the best! xo Diana

  8. I agree with you sooo much! I understand perfectly. I have also been debating about it. I have not posted anything for the last three months, just my weekly party and I feel guilty about it, but I have been very disappointed also with the way blogging is now. You can spend several hours getting a post ready and you will get a comment or two and sometimes those comments are not very nice. Please,stay in touch and take care of yourself. Your friend always. xxx Maria

  9. Hi Carol,
    Sorry to hear you are gonna stop, but I totally agree with all you said, I started
    blogging over 9 yrs. ago and it has totally changed. I will probably keep at it as
    I know I get a lot of visitors, just not many comments, and I do miss the friend-
    ships we used to make, but it does take up a lot of time, and I don't comment as
    much as I used to for that reason and because not many reciprocate either, and
    I am sure time pressure, is the reason probably. I have never been on Instagram
    and don't know anything about it really, other than it is another social media
    venture, so probably want be following you. My hubby has retired now so I might
    not be posting quite as much as I have in the past, as I am not having as much
    time to myself to play as before, but I do get to spend more time with my hubby
    which is much more important anyway...lol
    I wish you all the best and maybe once in awhile you will decide to do a blog
    post so we can see what you are up to....

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