I've Been "Pump-kined!"

Hey everyone!  This is a very impromptu post because some very nice ladies invited me to a party, and I'm nothing if not a "party girl"......holy cow, I'm making Pinnochio look good!  Let's put it this way, I love to blog, so when someone invites me to a blog party, I'm there!  Linda and Carol at Two Succulent Sisters are hosting a "Thirty Days of Pumpkins Party" HERE.  Looks like a lot of fun to me, so be there or be "round like a pumpkin".......ouch, that hits me too close to home!  Anyway, I put together some snippets from here and there and hope you enjoy.

First I wanted to share a little craft project that I did last year. 

I'm sure ya'll have seen these fabric pumpkins using a roll of TP for the base.  I've made a few in past years using batting or fiber fill for the padding, but the ones I made this time are padded with plastic bags!  Can we all say "RECYCLE?"

I didn't buy anything new for this project, just depleted our TP supply a little bit!  I searched through my fabric scraps & found a couple of different pieces that I liked.  It's easiest if you cut your fabric into a square or close to it.  Size is up to you.  This one was about 24" square.

Just pile your plastic bags around your TP & adjust the number as you go.

I scrunched an empty TP tube (I hope I'm not the only one who has some of these in her stash....lol!) & pushed it into the center just enough to hold my fabric as I worked my way around the pumpkin.  Then I pushed it in nice & tight & wrapped the tube with jute twine, hot gluing as I wrapped.

I added a couple of velvet leaves & several loops of different ribbons, and.......

for now it is sitting pretty in this old wooden bowl surrounded by pinecones.

Of course, I couldn't stop at one.....seriously, the glue gun was already hot so I had to do another!

This one actually has a real pumpkin stem.  I saved a few from last year's fresh pumpkins.  You do that, don't you?  

I simply grabbed a few loose "faux" leaves, some jute twine & a short piece of brown ribbon
to decorate the stem.

This one has now found a new home on this old wreath that I transformed.

And finally, I thought I'd share a collage of some of the other pumpkins that are currently decorating
our home.

Talent in blogland is boundless this time of year, so please go check out THIS PARTY
and have some "Pumpkin Fun!"

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

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