And The Winner IS..........

Hey everyone!  I hope you've been having a lovely weekend!  Well, it's time to announce the winner of my "True Food" Cookbook Give-Away!  My thanks to all of you who entered, old friends and new ones alike.  Ya'll are truly wonderful and appreciate each and everyone of you.  Enough stalling, already, right?  And the winner is.........

Cindy at  Apple Stone Cottage!
If you have not been to Cindy's blog, I encourage you to do that.  She is a kind and sweet person and her blog truly reflects just that!

Congratulations, Cindy!  I'm so excited for you to get this cookbook!  I'll be in touch via Email to get your shipping info.  For those who didn't win (so sorry), the book is available on Amazon and very reasonably priced.

I have much more "Christmas Around Our Home" to share with all of you, but I'll just give you a little "sneak peek" of what's to come!  I'm just such a tease that way!

Family Room -- Mantel and all!

Got busy yesterday and finished addressing, stamping and sealing my Christmas cards and family letter. Now they are all ready to jet off to the post office tomorrow.  Do you still send Christmas cards and or family letters?  I've been writing a family letter for many years now and get such joy out of sharing the activities of our children, grandchildren and ourselves.  I know a lot of people frown on "those" letters, but I keep mine very low-key and simple -- just a way to share family news with a select few people.  I have really cut back on the number of cards I send, but I still treasure receiving them, so I will continue to send them.

I'll be back soon to share my Christmas Family Room.  As always, thanks so much for stopping by and please do come again.



Dawn said...

Carol, I like what I am seeing. The bright colors are stunning. I quit doing Christmas cards about 10 years ago. The cost is getting out of control, we now all communicate through text, FB, and in person. I don't think I even receive cards anymore. LOL Haven't thought about that in years.
Congrats to Cindy on her win!

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Congrats to Cindy! Can you tell her that she has to cook something from the cookbook and distribute it to all who entered??? lol

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Yes, I still send them but not as much as years ago.
Congrats to Cindy and yes, tell her to make something from the cookbook so we can see:)

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh thank-you Carol! I am so sorry I haven't checked my e-mail, I am going there now! Love what you did too!

Lisa West said...

What gorgeous decor. I came over to see if I was too late for the givaway. Congrats to Cindy. I will take a trip over to her creative world. Your son should be very proud! Lisa

Maria Elena said...

Congratulations to the winner! Great, great giveaway!

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