Poinsettias Every Where!

Hey everyone!  The Man and I took another little excursion this past Saturday to a Poinsettia Festival.  There was a write-up in our newspaper about this  group who had been holding a Poinsettia Festival for many years, but this was their last year due to a financial crunch, and Saturday was the last day.  Well, I don't know about ya'll, but I love Poinsettias and simply must have one every Christmas, so we decided to go see what it was all about.

The Festival part of it was a bunch of vendors selling food and their various goods, but the main attraction was all inside one big tent.  I'm displaying my photos in collage-format, because I suspect everyone is on picture overload these days with all the Christmas pretties to be seen all over blogland.  I also took the photos with my iPhone, so not the best quality, but I think you will get the idea.  Here you go -- enjoy!

Yep, I'm a traditionalist about Christmas, so this is the beauty I chose!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you are enjoying this time of year as much as I am!  
Have a great rest of your week!


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