My "2013" Plan and Word!

Hey everyone!  I hope the first week of 2013 has gotten off to a good start for all of you.  I really do like to start a new year with goals and plans for all areas of my life, including "Blogging," so I thought I would share a few of my ideas and clear up something that has had a few people confused.

Let's start with that, shall we --the CAS vs. Carol name-thing.  When I first started blogging, I was a bit reserved about putting myself out there in this foreign-to-me territory, so I thought I wanted to maintain a bit of anonymity.  Hey, I didn't know what a wonderful and nice bunch of people I had stumbled upon.   CAS is simply my initials, and I kind of liked it.  As time went on, and I got to know some of you a whole lot better, I would use my given name of Carol.  Then, because I'm older and forgetful, I would forget which name I was using with whom.....lol!  I know, pitiful.  So anyway, a few months ago I just started signing off everything with Carol, and it feels better, less confusing -- much more "authentic."

That brings us to a big part of my New Year plan -- the word.  I have been choosing a word for several years now that has significance and meaning to me.  Some of my passed years' words have been Cherish, Adore, Family, Unconditionally -- well, you get the picture.  Whatever my word is for the year, I try to incorporate it into the way I live my life and be aware of it every day.  Sometimes my word has come easily, other times it has taken a while to choose.  This year's word came very easily and holds a great deal of meaning for me.  My "2013" word is Authentic, meaning good, just, real, true, legit, actual, trusty, certain, factual, genuine, accurate, credible, faithful, realistic, believable, dependable. The words I've highlighted hold the most meaning for me. As you probably noticed, I added my "word" to my blog header and will also be adding it to other places of significance around my home as an added daily reminder.  

Now that you know about my word, I'd like to share my plan for my blog this year.  As many of us lament on a daily basis, we tend to spend a lot of time on our blogs, and I am definitely "guilty."  My blog is purely for pleasure, I do not advertise or have sponsors.  I just enjoy visiting and seeing what ya'll have to share and then sharing with all of you.  After setting my project goals for the year, I realize I will have to curtail my blogging a bit or I will not get much accomplished.  I absolutely adore all of you and would visit each one of you every day if time permitted, but that cannot happen.  I have to be "authentic" to myself and set some guidelines and hope that no one is offended.  So here goes:

  1.   If you have "word verification," I won't be visiting -- sorry, but it has gotten ever more difficult &
      takes too long to read those silly letters and numbers.

  2.   If your comments come through my email, but you are a "no reply blogger," I will only respond to 
      your comments in the "Comment" section of my post. 

  3.   I'm going to limit myself to just one "party post" a week and limit the number of parties that I 
      join.  I truly love the parties, but I don't feel I can be a realistic participant if I've joined too many.

  4.   I will do some random posts throughout the week, as time permits, to share a recipe or something
      fun, but I won't be linking these to a party.

  5.   I really am going to try to cut back on "picture overload."  Stop laughing!  I'm REALLY going to

  6.   If you've become a follower, please leave a comment so that I can return the favor or at least
      thank you.

  7.   I definitely try to visit and comment as much as possible, but if you have left me a comment, I will
      ALWAYS reciprocate.

  8.   If you are feeling left out and that I haven't visited you in awhile, then leave me a comment and
      tell me.

  9.   I want to be a good blog friend, but it is a 2-way street!

10.   I believe in what my Grandmother always said, "If you don't have something kind to say, then      
      don't say anything." I've never had an issue with negative comments on any of my posts, but I have     
      read a few here and there on other blogs.  Let's just respect one another.

I kind of feel like the teacher in me has surfaced here, but I just needed to share my "vision" for this wonderful new year as far as Blogging is concerned.  I hope all of you have as much fun with this craziness as I do, and I hope that we can all glean lots and lots of inspiration and wonderful ideas from each other.  I hope I can be a truly "authentic" person in 2013!



  1. Love your blog and will continue to be a friend:)

  2. HI Carol,
    Great ideas..........cause blogging can get so out of hand and time consuming even tho we love it so much...................always good to have balance.
    I have kind of done some of that myself.
    You take care, Blessings, Nellie

  3. Your guidelines sound reasonable. Balancing the demands of blogging with life away from the computer--isn't that a blogger's universal quest?

  4. Hi. Awesome guidelines. I've been doing some of the same things. Have a great week.

  5. Funny about the word verification thing, but I know what you mean. Years ago I used to comment on 1,000 blogs a day. Crazy huh? LOL

    1. Oh my gosh, 1,000 comments a day! Did you have any time to do anything else?

  6. Happy New Year, Carol! You have chosen a great word for 2013 & your blog plans reflect the word so well. I look forward to reading your posts this year.


  7. Carol, great post! I love your blog and will continue to be a friend and follower for as long as you'll have me. Please, forgive me if I don't visit every day, sometimes it is just very difficult for me to find the time to do so, but I try to go around all my favorite blogs at least twice a week. Looking forward to all the inspiration you have to share in 2013. Hugs!

  8. Happy New Year Carol! I'll be back, I've always enjoyed your blog:)

  9. Carol I really enjoyed this post. I liked hearing the ways you want to achieve more balance in your life. And I relate to the linky party comment. There are times when I just want to write and not have to check the date and find out which party is going on. When I don't link up, I see it reflected in my stats, but I also don't want to be a slave to those either. In the end, I just end up doing what feels comfortable to me.
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views on my word. BTW---I love "authentic" it's what I care about these days too.
    Leslie (aka gwen moss)

  10. Great guidelines. The word verification drives me batty. It's getting worse it seems. The no reply blogger email thing is something else that bugs me. Authentic sounds like a great word for 2013!

  11. Terrific post Carol, living life thoughtfully! Love your word, surely it will be a wonderful 2013!


I truly love to hear from you and try to respond to each and everyone. If you have "no reply blogger," I will respond in my comments section and then visit your blog as soon as I can.

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