Will You Be My Valentine?

Hey everyone!  Yay, I have Internet service again!  NOT!!!  It's only wishful thinking on my part.....lol.  I'm just borrowing a little "Internet Cafe" right now so I can send you some Valentine lovin'.  I have truly missed all of you and have quite a bit to share, but I can't do too much right now.  I just want to give a "group hug" and a big "THANK YOU" to everyone who has commented on my posts and for several new followers.  I will have a bunch of catching up to do when my service is back up and running, but I hope you won't "kick me to the curb" in the meantime.

  I hope you are all, each and everyone, getting to do something extra special for this "day of love."

We will be dining in, which is our usual choice.  Restaurants get a bit too wacky for us 
on Valentine's Day.

These have been added to the tablescape.  The Man bought these beauties for me
a couple of days ago.  Tulips are so incredible -- Mother Nature at her best!


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