Food Poisoning?

Hey everyone!  I think I've had food poisoning!  The Man and I went out to dinner Wednesday, shared a prime rib, but had separate salads.  I started getting sick a couple of hours later -- really bad stomach ache that totally went "south," and then things started happening in the "northern" direction.   I almost passed out in an unsightly position on the "thrown" with my head in a bucket from sheer exhaustion.   I have never been that sick in my entire life.  I was still sick most of Thursday, but kept trying to force fluids, but even water was making me sick.  The Man has not gotten sick, thank goodness.  He has been my "Knight," trying to find things that I might be able to eat.  Finally on Friday I was able to eat a piece of toast and drink a little gingerale.  I have just felt drained, no pun intended, but was having so much trouble eating anything that might give me some energy.  I added plain rice to my diet today, and I hope that I'm passed the worst of it.  Have any of you ever had food poisoning before?  I never have, but I'm quite sure it wasn't a stomach bug or sweet hubby would be sick by now, too.  

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know why I haven't been around much.  I've been slowing making my rounds trying to visit, but not always leaving comments.  I couldn't even look at my computer for a few days, so I have a bit of catching up to do.  First I have to catch up on my strength.  Being older and sick is definitely not for sissies!

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