Retail Therapy on the Cheap!

Hey everyone!  I hope this has been a terrific week and that your upcoming weekend will be awesome!    We are going to a Polish Festival on Saturday to enjoy some brats and such, and then we are going up to Lake Pleasant just to see how that area has changed in the last twenty years since we last visited!  The weather should be perfect, but I will be keeping a watchful eye open at the lake for the sound of rattles, since this is peak time for our slithery rattlesnakes -- did you know they don't mind the water?  Eeek, I'm creeping myself out!

Anyway on to happier things like my "retail therapy."  I think I must be one of World Market's very best customers -- well, The Man thinks so anyway!  I signed up for their Customer Rewards Program, and I'm telling you, there are some real perks.  All you have to do is enter your telephone number whenever you make a purchase, and wonderful things happen.  For every $100 you spend, they send you a $10 reward coupon to use however you wish to in the store.  I absolutely love, love, love their coffee and for every 6 bags you purchase, you get a reward coupon for a Free one; but that's not all.  If you purchase coffee on Wednesdays, you get double points, and they always have their "Coffee Specials" on Wednesdays!  How cool is that!  Oh, and last but not least, you get a $10 reward coupon on your birthday!  Now, maybe you understand why I like this store so much!  I get their email alerts, and last week (on Wednesday) they were having a BOGO Free promo going on their coffee!  Yippee, I was off to buy a supply of my favorites.
Well, I got my coffee but then had to do some looking around and guess what I discovered?  

I found their "Clearance" section!  I'm not talking about the seasonal stuff that they keep right up front where you can't miss it -- I'm talking about a couple of racks of table linens, kitchen towels, aprons, baskets, and much more, all tucked back in the far back corner of the store!  

Everything was at least 50% or more off.  These kitchen towels were so darn cute, and turquoise is my current "color crush!"

Turquoise and red - yes, yes, yes!  Now why would they have all this wonderfulness hidden away?

I'm always on the lookout for table linens that can go with the many colors of my Fiesta dishes, and these certainly do just that.  I wanted a set of 6 but only found 4.  I may check out the other WM that's close by.

The napkins are nice and big, and the fabric is a soft linen.

And the placemats are reversible -- BONUS!

I also found these napkins rings, and they jumped right into my basket!

Whew, after all that shopping and saving so much money (wink! wink!), all I could think about doing was making The Pioneer Woman's Perfect Iced Coffee (you can get the low-down HERE).  This is my favorite caffeinated beverage when the weather starts to warm up.  I always blend these specialty coffees with my regular Costco brew (half & half) -- there is still great flavor and is much more economical than using them straight!

So, there you have it -- retail therapy on the cheap!  And you know what?  I had just as much or more fun than if I had an endless supply of "$" to buy anything I wanted.  Yep, it's the "thrill of the hunt!"  Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. It really is about the thrill of the hunt, isn't it? Once I find something on sale, it's hard to ever pay full price for that product again. :) You got some great buys! I love that the placemats are reversible. I like the idea of blending the coffees half and half. Although, I've recently had to give up caffeine. I had my gall bladder taken out years ago and my body can't take the caffeine anymore. :)That's ok though...there's still plenty of flavored teas I can have. The caffeine content in tea doesn't seem to bother me, thank goodness. Enjoy your fun weekend!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I signed up a while ago. I never thought about buying coffee there and didn't realize the card was an asset.

  3. You are most welcome! Actually, there is no card involved. You just enter your ph.# on the credit card scanner. Nice not to have to fumble for one of those little cards that so many of the stores like to bestow on you.....argh!

  4. The thrill of the hunt.... just the best! And to score a deal on price? Even better!! Loved all your treasures, Carol. So bright and cheerful. Will make anyone want to take a moment and enjoy a cup of iced coffee at your table!!

  5. Cute stuff! I need to start shopping there. I always forget about it.

  6. I love WM clearance! Great finds! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  7. I LOVE World Market. Wish we had one here in Canada :(
    Jamie @ somuchbetterwithage.com


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