The Man Was On A Roll!

Hey everyone!  Well, maybe I should title this post The Man was on a "slider" roll!  Whatever you want to call it, he has been making my life so much easier.  If you missed my last post, please check it out HERE, and see where this all began.  Today I wanted to share some more of The Man's cleverness in making our cabinets much more functional.  You really should grab a beverage and maybe a snack -- LOTS of photos!  Seriously, that shouldn't be a bit of a surprise by now.....lol!  Let's get started, shall we?

First up is the island.  There are doors on both sides of the island with the inside completely open.  When we added the granite, we added an extension on the one side and have stools there, making it even more difficult to retrieve items from that side.  The Man decided to use really long glides and make the sliders come all the way out just on the kitchen side.  We have some plans to remove the doors on the bar-side & add wainscoting and corbels.  I'll keep you posted on that little update.

In progress!

These sliders are 30 inches deep and very sturdy, so I can load them down as much as I want!


Everything on the two lower shelves were located on the opposite side where I practically had to stand on my head to reach them -- oh my aching back!  Now it is so easy!

The left side top has all of my plastic and glass food storage containers.  I prefer to store these containers with their lids on instead of having some other container holding just the lids.  This also makes it super-easy for my sweet kitchen clean-up assistant -- he doesn't mind putting away the leftovers now!

This side has serving dishes, salad bowls, casseroles, dessert bakers -- you know, the things I use 
all the time!

The lower cabinets on either side of the stove top also got sliders.

This is where I store most of my cookware and the Cuisinart.  My skillets are located 
under the stove top.

All of my lower cabinets had those half-shelves that seem to be the trend in most houses these days.
With the sliders, I now have two full shelves and easy access to everything!

This side of the cook top is mainly my baking center, so this cabinet holds lots of mixing bowls, baking dishes and my mini Cuisinart (which I use all the time) and Kitchen Aid hand mixer.

I think I am going to add some command hooks to the doors to hang my collection of funnels.
The lower slider is also a good spot for the salad spinner and mandolin.

The desk-buffet couldn't be left out of the cool storage, now could it?

In this far cabinet is where I keep some of our larger appliances and some odds & ends.

This is directly under my coffee station.

I am so happy to have the sliders here for some of my table & kitchen linens.  I have a selection of placemats, napkins & some kitchen towels.  I'll show you where I keep the rest of my linens later in this post.  

I have quite a few chargers and a container holding seasonal cutlery.

More chargers!  The ones on top are some chalkboard painted ones, & there is a small container of colored chalk.  My youngest Grands know exactly where these are located and like to decorate them and help set the table with them.  This is also where I have some board games because we play them 
at the breakfast table.

Okay, are you still with me, or did I lose you a few sliders ago?  We are almost finished,
I promise!

This linen cabinet is the twin of the one in our master bath and is located just outside the guest room and just across the hallway from the guest bath.

The top shelf holds guest bedding, and the second shelf holds plenty of bath linens.

The Man made the same kind of pull-outs here that he did in our master bath.

Being higher in the back assures that nothing falls off the shelf.

This lower shelf is where I keep pool towels and a couple of lap throws.

The middle pull-out is where I keep the majority of my placemats and napkins.

Having my napkins like this makes it super-easy to select a few, along with coordinating placemats and move them to the kitchen buffet.  I like switching the table linens fairly often.  I have my table runners and tablecloths hanging in part of the guest room closet.

This top shelf is multi-functional.  This is where I store extra kitchen towels & cloths, kitchen 
hand soap, plug-ins for this wing of the house, and candles that I use in the bath & kitchen.

Whew -- talk about photo overload!  After you catch your breath or wake up, whichever may be the scenario, you can totally accuse me of being spoiled.  I am married to a real sweetheart of a man who is always trying to make my life easier.  Building all of this cool storage is only a small part of
the many nice things he does for me.  Yep, ladies, he's a keeper and he's all mine!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what The Man has been up to.  He really enjoyed all of your sweet comments on the master bath storage.  He has even given me permission to share some photos of his workshop, but he wants to clean it up a bit more -- his words, not mine!  I'll definitely share some
pics of his creative space soon.  Thanks so much for stopping by, and please know you are always welcome here!

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  1. I LOVE these! I have those 1/2 shelves as well, such a waste of good space! My hubby was great at 'hand-man' stuff around the house, I sure do miss that!! Enjoy the easier access to your goodies!

  2. Wow, Carol! Your Man does incredible work! My kitchen island the 1/2 shelves and the other lower cabinets just have an open space--horrible for organization. You are one lucky lady! Dee :)

  3. Oh my word, fabulous. Can I borrow him for a while? Hugs, marty

  4. YEY FOR Your Wonderful Hubs Carol! Slider drawers are such life-savers! He did a great job and did so many too! You are one lucky lady Carol! And I have to commend you on your organization skills, perfect!

  5. All those sliders? You better love on your man! What a terrific blessing.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  6. Wow kudos to the hubby for all this work! I know it's hard work to get into those lower cupboards and mount the hardware! What a fabulous aid to have all those sliders! Love those extra deep ones in the linen closet. I have pullouts in my bathroom but they have short sides and I have had problems with things falling down. You've organized everything so nicely too- great job!

  7. Awesome and so much easier to store and reach all of those things. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  8. Wow, this is pretty awesome! I have just a few sliders in my kitchen cabinets, which were put in by the previous owners of our house. My absolute favorite one is the trash can slider! It's a metal one and the trash and recycling bins fit inside it. It's really convenient. Your husband was busy, what a peach he is!

  9. What a dream to have a kitchen full of sliders! That man's a keeper! Do you want to rent him out? :)

  10. Ok, now I'm really jealous! Send that man my way when he gets done! LOL.

  11. How wonderful! I have dreamed of a kitchen like yours ~ hopefully someday I'll be a slider wife!

  12. Oh my, lucky you!!! I do think he's a keeper!

  13. Lucky you, Carol! We definitely need all the storage we can get and if it's practical and pretty on top of that, it makes chores seem like hobbies!!

    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day!


  14. These are all handy storage and practical - I can see you beaming from here - wink!
    Have a super Day!

  15. Your man truly did a great job, Carol!! Very talented, indeed! I love slider drawers. They're just so convenient to use. You sure have some pretty sweet organizational skills too. :) I was just thinking today that I need to purchase a few more sets of napkins. I've only got 2 sets and a few holiday ones. Love how you have everything organized.

  16. What a keeper he is! I love your new sliders ... you're so organized! We have sliders, too, but only the top shelf is ... you've got my wheels spinning! Are you hiring your man out, by chance?! :)

  17. I'm new to blog land and just found your site; thank you for not painting your oak kitchen! We must be of the same generation; I grew up with white cabinets and when they became popular again, I just cringed. We built in '98 and once again, installed oak. We love the casual look of the natural grain and how it looks like furniture. You did a great job!

    1. You have a No Reply email and no link from your name to your blog, Rose, so there is no way I can thank you for your sweet comments other than right here. We have had white cabinetry before and loved it, and it could happen again. We probably wouldn't paint the existing ones, but add new fronts. The oak looks okay in photos, but it is very builder-basic and not all that great in person. Hope you won't be too disappointed if we do go white!

  18. I have two of the sliding drawers under our counters in our kitchen, and I keep my bakers and corning ware on them. Great job, Mr. Oasis!

  19. Thanks so much for linking up to the TWIRL AND TAKE A BOW link Party!

  20. Love! I really need to do something like this.

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