A Grateful Heart

Hey everyone!  Do you ever feel overwhelmed by how lucky you are?  I'm sure you do and so do I; but this morning, such a gripping sense of gratitude entered my heart.  I'm usually not so melancholy, but I am always humbled by my family and my surroundings.

In the very early morning hour, as I walked through our home, I felt so truly thankful that I get to live this life.  I turned on a tiny lamp in my kitchen and started some good coffee in my old & reliable
coffee maker.  I grabbed my favorite throw, flipped on my laptop, and gathered up my 
sweet little fur-baby.

Sweetness and gratitude go hand-in-hand.

We don't have a fancy house, but it's filled with the many reminders of what's important.

I'm married to my best friend, and he takes such good care of me.  He's tender-hearted, loving, and has always been totally supportive of anything I wanted to do or try.

I know my life is so much more blessed than others, and I am so humbled.  My heart aches for those who don't even have a roof over their heads, the many who live in complete poverty, and for those  who live each day in fear and terror for their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

I'm grateful for this home that is filled with love and memories -- nothing very expensive, but many things lovingly touched by warm hands and a loving heart.

Simple little things that put smiles on the faces of my most precious ones.

No fancy clothes, designer handbags or shoes -- just simple things that will last forever.

Yes, today my heart is filled with love and gratitude.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Your kind comments and friendship humble me every day!

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  1. You are blessed Carol! I love you home and your grateful heart today! Enjoy and continue to count your wonderful blessings! Have a great Sunday! Blessings!

  2. I think my comment didn't go through, so I'm trying again.

    I love the sentiment in this post. I'd love it if you'd link up to the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop, started by Lizzi over at Considerings. Your post fits perfectly!

    (You can find the link up on my blog: http://www.thankfulme.net/2014/01/ten-things-of-thankful-wide-open-spaces.html)

  3. What a beautiful and wonderful post, Carol. You are indeed blessed. Your list is wonderful and I can tell that you truly blessed! xo Diana

  4. Beautiful and touching sentiments, Carol. I also love your Valentine's Day decorations. Did you change your hair too--looks great! Have a wonderful week. Dee :)

  5. Beautiful post and I loved hearing the thoughts of your heart. Yes, you are blessed for sure IMOP not because of what you have but because of whats in your heart! Have a wonderful afternoon!

  6. I love this post...it's straight from your heart. I need to focus on my blessings more, maybe we all do. For every "problem" we have, there are others with tenfold.

    Enjoy your day, my friend!


  7. Hi Cas,
    Lovely lovely post.............what a good thing to feel such gratitude in our hearts because truthfully anyone who lives in this country is blessed beyond anywhere else in the World. It is all about perspective.....
    and having the best of everything is not what is important....The Lord expects us to do the best we
    can with what we have and to be grateful for it................cause after all we can't take it with us......
    but really wonderful to have the use of and blessing of having all that is provided for us.........

    Hope you are doing well hon, it sure sounds like you are.........
    Gratefulness, It is a good thing...........

    Blessings Galore, Nellie

  8. Such a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. Happy Valentine's to you. Enjoy our glorious weather!

  9. It has been a pleasure getting to know you via blog-land. I do hope to have the privilege of getting to know you in real life soon. We are blessed in these lives we live. Though I know longer have my beloved here on this earth with me, I too am grateful for the 30 years of marriage we shared and I continue to be blessed because God is just Good!!!

    1. Just letting you know - I'm going shopping for office curtains this weekend! That was exactly what I needed to hear :)

  10. This is a beautiful post, Carol. I feel the same about my life. One thing I love about blogging is how we're able to be in touch with so many like-minded people. I hope you have a good week.

  11. Carol,

    Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised to see your new profile photo; you look so pretty! Is that a shorter do?

    How eloquently you have expressed your feelings of gratitude today; they are truly heartfelt and genuine. It must be wonderful to be so happy and grateful for everything in your life. You are a lucky girl!

    Hope you have a lovely week!


  12. Lovely post. I've had many challenges in my life, so I am truly grateful to just open my eyes every morning. I wish more people felt this way.

  13. Super decor. I love the button pillow, so fun. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  14. Great post! I love all your Valentine decor...Christine

  15. What a lovely post, Carol! You are very blessed and it's good to take moments in life and reflect of how blessed we really are. :) Beautiful decor, as always! XO, Liz

  16. It is so important to always be grateful. Many years ago before I would go to sleep I would run over what I was grateful for each day. Some nights I forget to do this but most I still run over that list. Sometimes the things are large but most of the time it is simply things like getting to talk to someone on the phone, or receiving a note in the mail, or even that my knees didn't bother me today, the ability to read and comprehend, simply things, but in my opinion great things. Always remember to be grateful.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  17. We are blessed indeed! Such a heart-felt post, just beautiful!

  18. Awe, Carol! You are such a sweetie pie!! Thank you for sharing this lovely post. You will be one of the features tomorrow at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again tomorrow at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  19. I don't go crazy with valentine either, so your subtle touches are perfect Carol!


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