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I've been tagged by my sweet and beautifully pregnant friend, Vel at Life & Home at 2102.  SO here it goes...

1.  Are you named after someone?  
      Nope, just a good old fashioned Southern name -- like really old!

2.  When was the last time you cried?  
      June 9th, when my son and his family left for the airport to begin their new life     
       in Washington, D.C.  I literally sobbed!

3.  Do you have kiddos?
      Yes, a son and a daughter -- both in their 40's.
4.  If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
      I hope so!
5.  Do you have a guilty pleasure?
       A Caramel Macchiato Coffee Smoothie -- don't even want to know how many calories
       are in this baby, so it's a "not very often" splurge!
6.  Do you like handwriting?
       Yes, I do, and my handwriting is very good!  It's very "old school" but something I'm not willing to give up!
7.  What is your favorite cereal?
      Bite-size Shredded Wheat, but I do very small amounts so it doesn't get soggy!

8.  What's the first thing you notice about people?
       Hair styles -- sorry, but some people really need an update!

 9.  What's the color of your eyes?
        Hazel but more green than brown.   

10.  Scary movie or happy endings?
        Neither -- I prefer "action & drama."  Love the "Bourne" movies with  Matt Damon!

 11.  Favorite TV shows?
       Major Crimes, Chicago Fire, Downton Abbey, & Blue Bloods

Photo: We tackle every blaze head on. #FlashbackFriday
12.  Summer or Winter?
         Definitely Winter -- hello.....I live in Arizona! 

13.  Hugs or kisses?
        I think hugs display more emotion.

14.  Do you have a special talent? 
        Well, it's kind of weird, but I see detailed pictures in my mind of how to make       something, especially in sewing.  I am then able to sketch it out on paper.
15.  Where were you born?
         West Monroe, Louisiana.  Give me a couple of glasses of wine, and I can sound as Southern as any of y'all!

Yep, same place as these yayhoos, but please don't hold it against me!

16.  What are your hobbies?
         Sewing, scrapbooking, crafting, decorating & organizing.
17.  Do you have any pets?
         Oh, yes!   This is our sweet little Abby! 

18.  Favorite movie?
        There are several, but Robin Hood with Russell Crowe is my fave!


19.  What color is your car?
        It's a white Toyota Camry XLE.

20.  What do you want to be when you grow up?
         I truly love being retired, but when I was much younger, I would love to have been a professional organizer.  It would have been fun to teach classes on getting your  home and life organized so you could enjoy it more.


Now I'm tagging these awesome bloggers next!

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