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Hey everyone!  This will be my final post for the year, so it's basically just some random shots taken here and there around the house and outside, too.  I'm feeling a bit burned out, I'm sure I'm not the only one, and decided now was a good time to take a breather.  Anyhoo, now for some randomness!

I'm trying a new place for our cards this year.  I like it, but Abby keeps knocking them down...lol!

I've seen several ways that people reuse or recycle their Christmas cards, but I like to keep them and reminisce over years gone by.  I turn ours into simple little booklets by punching a couple of holes in each card & binding them together with rings.  I then tie a ribbon around each bundle and attach a tag with the year.  They just become part of my Christmas decor.

I am so addicted to linens and most especially the seasonal ones!

I didn't do much holiday decorating in my craft room, but I did add just a couple of little things.

This sweet little porcelain deer had belonged to my sweet MIL, and it's quite old......just like some other things around here.....lol! 

Red berries and cotton stems -- love how this looks!

This is one of my favorite places to decorate seasonally.  I made the snowflakes last year and just added some lights.  I'm not great at chalk art, but it's still fun to leave a message on this chalkboard.

These plates are melamine and have been used in the past for the grands' table.  More cotton stems finish it all off.

This chalkboard is in my laundry room.  Yep, such an artist....NOT!

I always like to do a little something in the main/guest bathroom.

A yarn cone tree (from last year), candle and lamp sitting on a silver charger, and some fun hand & fingertip towels (from many years ago) are all that's needed in here.

Outside is super-simple this year, too.  We decided not to do the eave lights, but I did reuse the wreaths from last year around each of the exterior lights.

I've been using this wreath inside for several years and decided to move it to the front door.

I am happy to say that I did not purchase one single new Christmas decoration this year, and I have really been enjoying the more scaled down and simpler look.  Who knows what next year may bring!

As I mentioned earlier, this is my last post of the year.  I'm excited to really enjoy the rest of the holidays, just being with my family.  I wish all of you a wonderful and 
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