Down Through the Chimney

Hey everyone!  I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend.  We had a nice rain early Saturday morning, which left the air smelling so fresh and clean.  I'm sure it also gave those very thirsty trees in Christmas tree lots all over town, a much needed drink -- poor things have been waiting for the perfect home since Black Friday, to show off their beauty!  The Man and I had a little holiday event to attend, a bit of shopping, but mainly just chill-axing with Christmas music playing.  I only have 2 more posts to share before I wrap-up things for the holidays.  Today I thought I'd share our family room, or as I like to call it, our hearth room.  Come on in.

Actually, Santa couldn't get down through this chimney, but he could come in any door and warm up by the fire.  I'm surprised Abby isn't on her little heated pad -- she loves her spot here in front of the fireplace!

I kept things very simple on the mantel.

Love having my little "grands'" photo cubes hanging from the garland.

A close-up of the photo cubes that I made several years ago!

I always find a special place to hang this little sock.  It was a gift for The Man from his aunt when he was 5 years old.  It had a silver dollar inside.  I've always been afraid to wash it, but it is looking pretty scroungy.

I made our stockings last year out of drop cloth. 

Love these red, battery-operated, timer candles!

The Man's nutcracker collection.  I haven't found one I like so far this year.

The basket is holding some faux garland & pinecones with a string of lights on the bottom.  It gives such a nice glow at night.

Got this wooden Santa at GW several years ago.

Now he's just cute!

Have had the little wooden train for years -- from McFrugal's, I think.  The handmade runner is from Peru & was a gift from The Man on his trip this past Fall.

Burlap goes well with any and everything!

Now, if the real fire is too much for you, this DVD is the answer.  It plays beautiful Christmas music with the sounds of a crackling fire in the background.

Okay, on to some "Nanna bragging!"  

Most of you will recognize the "strange" man on the poster -- yes, Alice Cooper.  He lives here in the Valley of the Sun and puts on a concert every year to benefit The Solid Rock Teen Center that he established several years ago for "At Risk Teens."  This year he reached out to the gymnastics' center where my granddaughter, Taylor, is very active.  Cooper wanted a few girls who could perform some specific routines for the dance part of his concert.  Long-story, short -- our granddaughter (on the left) was one of the five girls chosen.

Beautiful girls, but I'm rather partial to the one on the left!  The girls had been practicing like crazy, but one of the girls hurt her back, and Taylor was asked to take over her part.  She had 2 weeks to learn a whole new routine, but she met the challenge and soared!

Taylor is our oldest granddaughter, by about a minute....lol!  Here she is with her twin sister, Riley.

Riley isn't into gymnastics.  She is our animal lover, most especially horses!  I just love this photo!

Well, let's call this a "wrap," but you may just get the thrill of another post from me today (or tomorrow).  Hope you are enjoying the holidays!



  1. I love all your bits and pieces of Christmas! That little sock is especially darling. What a treasure. Your girls are beautiful, too. The ballerina and the animal lover...both perfect!. xo Diana

  2. I love the photo cubes you added to your garland Carol and your grand daughters are beautiful!!!!!

  3. What beautiful granddaughters you have Carol and what a fabulous honor for Taylor to be featured!! Wow...I am sure that is one Christmas memory that will not be soon forgotten!! :)

  4. Loving all of your fun decor Carol! What beautiful granddaughters you have and cheers to Taylor for stepping up to the challenge!

  5. You have such cute Christmas decor! I remember McFrugals too! I have several things from that store. :) How neat that your granddaughter was chosen! What a wonderful Christmas memory for her! Love the pic with the horse too. Such beautiful girls!

  6. I love the fire crackling DVD! What a cool idea! Congratulations to Taylor! That's very exciting!


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