Adding Splashes of Color

Hey everyone!  I'm taking orders now for plenty of sunshine and warm temps for any of you who are still snow-bound and/or trying to dig out!  We are having an abundance of REALLY gorgeous weather, so let me know......shipping is FREE!  

When I re-decorated after the Christmas decor came down, I really felt I was giving our home a lighter more Spring-like look.  But......after a short while, I kind of felt that everything was just too beige and needed more color (except for the kitchen which is already pretty colorful).  I immediately went into my "turquoise mode," because everything looks better with some turquoise, right?  That really did work, but not quite enough; so I decided to add some more color splashes which are making me truly happy.  Today I thought I would share how I've added some color to our foyer, dining room and sitting area.


Aren't these little bunnies cute.....HobLob!

Love the simplicity of this, but thought it might need.......

A splash more color.  What do you think......with or without the yellow flowers?

Added some color with some new pillow covers from HL.  I have another pillow in the works for the center......I do know about the power of odd numbers!

The tin plate up top use to be brown and rust, but now it's a happy turquoise!

Haven't yet pulled the trigger on painting these wall sconces, but I did add some new 
vivid turquoise candles.

Painted the dough bowl and filled it with white faux flowers.

Adding some bright pops of yellow is cheering me on!

I also believe every room should have a bit of black or black and white in this pillow
cover from HL.

Changed up a few things here.

Brought in these lamps from another room, but kept my tray-filled center piece the same.

Nothing new here, just moving things around the house.  The coffee filter wreath was hanging in our bedroom, but decided to attach it to the lid of a box that I had painted.....you guessed it, turquoise!

I really do like turquoise & green together.

Added some cute bunnies to my china cabinet.

Nice and simple, but in the blink of an eye, it can go from this......

To this!

One little nest with some decoupaged book pages & twine eggs.

2nd little nest just filled with faux eggs.....

Sitting on some stacked teacups.  I'll tell ya', my mind is simply over-flowing 
with creative ideas......NOT!

Even Mr. Bunny knows the real truth.......PINTEREST!

I really had some fun shopping for pillow covers when HobLob had them for 50% off.....they were all just $3 or $4 each!  One side of the china cabinet and.......

The other side.  I think the black and white help breath new life into my olden chairs.

You may remember how I transformed some $Store pears with some Rub n' Buff & lined them up with some faux flowers on this candle stand.

Well, same candle stand, but I used Yellow Crochet Chalk Paint on some $Store red apples this time.  I think it looks pretty cute; but wait......

Something looks amiss!  Where are my pretty yellow apples?

However did they get on the floor?  Hmmm.......

Caught red-handed pawed!  I kept hearing plops of something hitting the floor, but when I walked into the room, she was already sitting here trying to look nonchalant.  Ha!  Abby looks awfully guilty, but is she ashamed of herself?  Not at all!  This is a new game for our after dinner, relaxing pleasure.
PLOP, PLOP, PLOP......"Abby, stay away from the apples!"

Sorry guys, once again I have created a very long post.  I should have reminded you at the beginning that you would probably need some caffeine & snacks!  Oh well, those who know me already know this is very normal.  Hope all of you will have a great week with some Spring-like weather!

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  1. Great idea painting the fruit! Looks very pretty over there!

  2. I love all you vignettes Carol! As for the foyer, I actually prefer the yellow flowers to be around the rabbits neck or on their feet! LOL, thats just my humble opinion dear, you are an expert at these, I'm sure you'll make the right decision. I have to go to HL, I need inspiration for Spring at home and I'm thinking new pillow covers! Love the ones you have too! Your hutch is beautiful, love how you spread your white bunnies and eggs all around. :-)

  3. It looks like Abby is quite the prankster :) You have some of the cutest little bunnies, Carol! I love all of your color additions! You have such a beautiful home! Enjoy your week!! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  4. I am the queen of long posts and I thoroughly enjoyed this, Carol!

    I see we share a great love of bunnies, birds and nests. I was at HL the other day and my daughter wisely steered me away from them (I did get two from Pier 1). Two bunnies a year is good for me!!

    Love the pops of color and I think blue in any shade is a great choice...it just seems to work with all colors. Love it all! And black and white, I agree. I once heard one red thing but I'm not too sure about that.

    We are warming up to 50 this week. I need to get the salt washed off my car, And I may be going to an outdoor mall tomorrow. I'll be loving some FRESH air! :)

    Jane xx

  5. Everything looks so pretty and Springy!! We are supposed to have temps. in the high 40's this week!! A Heat wave for sure!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  6. I love all of the turquoise! I've been adding more aqua/turquoise too, and it's making everything look a lot less brown. I've got to get out to Hobby Lobby and look for those pillow cover deals -- pillows are so expensive now. Thanks so much for sharing your pretty room. :)

  7. Carol, Ypur home looks so happy with all that color and Easter decor! And Ypur kitty messing with the apples made me laugh!
    I would love for you to stop by my blog and share on our link party Something to Talk About!
    We run Monday 6am-Thursday 5pm.
    Have a great day!

  8. Oh, sweet Abby cracks me up! She was just "helping" you decorate. ;) Love all your spring colors. I can't get enough of cute little nests lately and yours are darling. I really need to check my Hob Lob for those pillow covers. I don't know if I've ever seen them there before. What section are they in?

  9. I love the turquoise! Very pretty! You really have an adorable collection of bunnies!

  10. I have several Abby cats, they do like to help!
    Everything looks so pretty. Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  11. I love your beautiful collection of bunnies Carol and I love the spring in your step! Dealing with some amazing weather here too and feeling blessed! Cheers.

  12. LOL they are all alike!!!!!!! I have a long box on my dining table...at this moment it is filled with candles and crystal pics. Saturday something caught my eye on my way through to the laundry room..... candles, crystal pics and a smudgy black and white face with pointy ears!!! The princess Posie was sitting on the table with her chin resting on the edge of the box...batting the crystals back and forth. "POSIE........get off the table.........leave the centerpiece alone!!!!!!"
    Thanks for a smile!

  13. Hi Carol and everything looks wonderful! Love all of your sweet springy vignettes! Our snow is beginning to melt and I am thrilled! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. That's one of my favorite parts of home decor, bringing the new colors of the season! I'm loving all the yellows, soft blues and greens, you have added just the right amount around your home! Love the bunny collection and those pretty pillows at those amazing prices wow!

  15. Love your long post! Your home looks so pretty with all the turquoise touches. Your pillows are beautiful! Beautiful Spring decor all around!

  16. Love it! I think I have to go add some more splashes now:)

  17. Me again!! If you want to color your hair then you do what is good for you!! My hair is very hard to color and with more gray coming in, it was not taking the color well. So it was time for me. Everyone has to come to that time in thier own way....
    Thanks for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment!!



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