YAY, My Kitchen Reveal

Hey everyone!  I've been absent from Blogland for awhile, but you will soon see what has been keeping The Man and I very busy.  I am so excited to share this DIY project, but if you are totally insane, you might want to go HERE to see what this kitchen looked like in the beginning and what we did early-on to give it it's first update.  If you do read that post, you will see where I made the statement that oak cabinetry was getting such a bad wrap and we liked the look.  Ha ha!  Well, that was a lie.....not intentionally a lie, but self-protection against all the comments about "orange, build-basic oak cabinets" being so hideous.  You see, I truly didn't think we had it in us to do that big of a DIY, but I. WAS. WRONG!  So without further ado, here is what we've been up to.
Everyone needs to see a little "before" before they see the "after," right?  There are a ton of tutorials about painting cabinets, & I did read several; but we didn't really follow any of them.  Except......for several that gave glowing reports about the Benjamin Moore Advance paint.  The Man started doing some reading about it and decided that was what we needed to use.  He really got on-board with this whole project when he realized it was a perfect excuse to get a new toy tool -- the Fuji Mini-Mite.  He is now completely sold on both the paint and the paint sprayer and is even dreaming up other projects to work on!

Okay, drumroll, please!
I cannot tell you how much I love this change!

In most of these pics, the cabinets look white, but they are actually Edgecomb Gray.  It is
a warm-tone gray.

The Man and I both really like how this color looks with the granite and backsplash.

It also works perfectly with the floor tile.

We debated about painting the light rail and the trim at the base of the upper crown or keeping it the 
Espresso color that we had previously installed when we painted the desk-buffet & island.  We are so glad we kept it the Espresso.......adds such a custom element.

This paint color did exactly what I was hoping it would do, and that is to make our double oven unit less conspicuous.  Considering that it would cost about two grand to replace it, we went with the 
theory of making it "disappearing"into the cabinet color rather than having that amount of money disappear from our wallet!

I pretty much don't care what's on tv in the family room, because I just keep looking 
in this direction.  Sigh......

So there you have it!  We are pretty tired and are giving ourselves a couple of days to rest up, but then we are moving on to using this same paint in both bathrooms & linen closets.  We've already painted the laundry room cabinets (we practiced on them before doing the kitchen), and they look amazing.  I'll share it another time.

I hope you enjoyed my kitchen reveal.  I've been a little absent in visiting and leaving comments, and I apologize for that.  I will definitely try to do some catching up.  I've missed my bloggy friends!  I hope all is well with each of you and that you have a great rest of your week!  
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. They look great! Y'all did a wonderful job!

  2. Wow! It looks fantastic, Carol. I really love the brightness with the painted cabinets, though I thought they were very nice in oak finish too. They're beautiful cabinets. You two did a really good job with this transformation.

  3. WOW! It's like you totally got a new kitchen! So bright and airy! LOVE It Carol! Hope you'll do a tutorial! Thanks!

  4. Oh, I love it! How pretty your kitchen looks! Love the brightness the new paint gives it. I'm not jealous, no not a bit! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Your kitchen looks wonderful, Carol! I know what a huge undertaking it is to paint kitchen cabinets & you two did a fantastic job! So much lighter & brighter now. Enjoy!

  6. Carol, What a HUGE transformation that made. Wow- I love it. That is really a nice sized kitchen to work in, too...and lovely. You tow did a GREAT job. Wow-again!!! xo Diana

  7. Beautiful outcome Carol! I so want to do that, but being alone, not sure I have the stamina!! Your kitchen was lovely before but now, wow!! Love it! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  8. It looks great! That's a big project, and it turned out nicely.

  9. Gorgeous. So pretty. Wow, you guys did a fabulous job.

  10. It looks soooo good!!!! I'd love to hear more about the paint sprayer. I love my cabinets painted but I'm not crazy about the color. Well, I need to rephrase that, there's nothing wrong with the color but once everything was painted it ended up looking "whiter" than what I wanted. When I tested the color it was great. Oh well. Not sure if I'm up for repainting.

  11. Carol, this is absolutely gorgeous! I love it all, especially the amazing way you use all that color in your home. you must just be thrilled :)

  12. Carol your kitchen looks amazing! I know it was a lot of hard work but oh so worth it!

  13. Carol, your kitchen is GORGEOUS! I went through all that work five years ago and I haven't regret it not even a single bit! So bright and beautiful, enjoy it!

  14. You both did a really good job on your kitchen! Beautiful!

  15. I can't believe I missed this -- absolutely gorgeous!! You did a wonderful job. :)

  16. Yay, Carol! You did a great job, and what a wonderful change!! Good for you. I can't believe y'all did these all yourselves--that was a huge job, wasn't it? I'm proud of you!

    You and your hubby should hire yourselves out as a DIY makeover team. Load up those tools and your sewing machine and head right over to North Carolina. . . how about it? :)

  17. WOW!!!! I love it Carol. You have an amazing kitchen. I don't think I realized how big it was before. The makeover is just fantastic. What an update paint can make. Happy weekend!

  18. WOW!! You have yourself a new kitchen, beautiful job. The white makes your kitchen look HUGE, it really opens the space up. Lovely accessorizing, too! xo, Liz

  19. Beautiful kitchen! I love that you kept the island and the trim on the cabinets the espresso color. I also love your granite counters. You all did an awesome job!

  20. What an amazing transformation - it looks great!! Nothing quite like a white kitchen!

  21. What an awesome job! Love the way everything looks and it is much, much brighter in the kitchen. I really do like the dark island contrasting with the lighter cabinets!

  22. Looks AMAZING Carol! Oh my word! SO SO good! I love it. I wouldn't be able to stop staring either! xo

  23. Sooo beautiful, Carol! your kitchen looks amazing. What a beautiful transformation.

  24. Wow Carol!! That is an amazing transformation! Don't you love the power of paint? I am sure it was a labor intensive job, but so very worth it. I wouldn't be looking at the tv either!! :) Enjoy your beautiful new kitchen!!

  25. Hi Carol! Just popping back in to let you know that I'll be featuring you at Grace at Home this week. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful work with us! :)

  26. Wow...they really look awesome...wonderful job! I also have the "builder-basic oak cabinets" that I am quite tired of and already have paint to transform mine whenever I get my nerve up. I have done some research too and Benjamin Moore was one I was considering. I went with The Giani Nuvo kit...I have already used their counter top paint (faux granite) and was so thrilled by it. What a fantastic transformation, Carol :)

  27. You and hubby did an amazing transformation...and from the looks of it you must be tired. That's how we felt after our master bedroom remodel. The hardest thing for me to do is pick a paint color...so hard I have 3 projects on hold since I can't make a decision! but when it is the right one it's so worth the work. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you like our Easter tablescape. Hoping you have a blessed Easter1

  28. Wow Carol! It really looks beautiful and I am so impressed that you did it yourselves! Edgecomb gray is a gorgeous color and the Advance paint is excellent. I used it in white when I repainted the bookshelves in my office and I love how smooth it feels on the furniture. Nice job!

  29. Love your kitchen Carol, what an accomplishment!

  30. I love your kitchen!! You and I have a similar look in the kitchen - a neutral background with pretty color in bowls and artwork. :)


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