Cancer, Chemo & A Body In Slow-Motion

Hey everyone!  I've been reminded a couple of times today that I haven't done an update this week.  To be completely truthful, Chemo #2 has given me a run for my money!  I was warned that fatigue could be worse during this round of treatment, along with neuropathy and a few other side-effects.  Again, I am truly blessed to not be facing many of these issues, EXCEPT "FATIGUE!"  I mentioned on IG and FB that my lab numbers were still pretty good, but that I was a bit anemic.  Being anemic also adds to fatigue.

My week started quite well, with my Monday infusion producing no hiccups.

I even felt quite well on Tuesday, and we decided to take a little roadtrip up to Payson.  
Payson, AZ is where lots of people go to escape the heat of summer here in the desert.  We thought we might see some Fall colors and experience some cooler temps.  No Fall colors yet, but we did get the cooler temps and then a huge rainstorm on the way home.  The raindrops were so big and loud, it sounded like they would actually break the windshield!

Anyway, it was nice to get out of the house, and The Man and I both enjoyed the day.  I slept really well that night and woke on Wednesday feeling very good.  It seemed like the perfect day to run a few errands, right?  WRONG!  Less than an hour into my list of "to do's," my body was protesting big time.  I pushed to get a few more things done (not smart, I know) and literally crashed by the time we got home.  I slept away the entire afternoon and most of Thursday and slept really well through the night.

Friday was going to be a "back to normal" day, or so I thought.  As I was making my breakfast, I started feeling dizzy and light-headed, so I sat down until I felt better.  As soon as I stood up again and took a few steps, I knew things were not going as planned.  I FAINTED!  Yep, right on the kitchen floor; but, no, amazingly I did not hurt myself!  I managed to get to my phone and called The Man, who was still sleeping peacefully.  Poor guy came running and found me sobbing like a baby....my emotions were on overload!  He got me to my recliner, and that is where I have been most of the day.  I did contact my doctor, but it's not that uncommon to faint, apparently.  Rest, plenty of hydration, & more rest were the doctor's orders.  No more dizzy spells and no more fainting, today anyway!  

What lesson did I learn this week?  My body speaks loud and clear, and I just have to be a better listener.          
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