Cancer, Chemo & A Body In Slow-Motion

Hey everyone!  I've been reminded a couple of times today that I haven't done an update this week.  To be completely truthful, Chemo #2 has given me a run for my money!  I was warned that fatigue could be worse during this round of treatment, along with neuropathy and a few other side-effects.  Again, I am truly blessed to not be facing many of these issues, EXCEPT "FATIGUE!"  I mentioned on IG and FB that my lab numbers were still pretty good, but that I was a bit anemic.  Being anemic also adds to fatigue.

My week started quite well, with my Monday infusion producing no hiccups.

I even felt quite well on Tuesday, and we decided to take a little roadtrip up to Payson.  
Payson, AZ is where lots of people go to escape the heat of summer here in the desert.  We thought we might see some Fall colors and experience some cooler temps.  No Fall colors yet, but we did get the cooler temps and then a huge rainstorm on the way home.  The raindrops were so big and loud, it sounded like they would actually break the windshield!

Anyway, it was nice to get out of the house, and The Man and I both enjoyed the day.  I slept really well that night and woke on Wednesday feeling very good.  It seemed like the perfect day to run a few errands, right?  WRONG!  Less than an hour into my list of "to do's," my body was protesting big time.  I pushed to get a few more things done (not smart, I know) and literally crashed by the time we got home.  I slept away the entire afternoon and most of Thursday and slept really well through the night.

Friday was going to be a "back to normal" day, or so I thought.  As I was making my breakfast, I started feeling dizzy and light-headed, so I sat down until I felt better.  As soon as I stood up again and took a few steps, I knew things were not going as planned.  I FAINTED!  Yep, right on the kitchen floor; but, no, amazingly I did not hurt myself!  I managed to get to my phone and called The Man, who was still sleeping peacefully.  Poor guy came running and found me sobbing like a baby....my emotions were on overload!  He got me to my recliner, and that is where I have been most of the day.  I did contact my doctor, but it's not that uncommon to faint, apparently.  Rest, plenty of hydration, & more rest were the doctor's orders.  No more dizzy spells and no more fainting, today anyway!  

What lesson did I learn this week?  My body speaks loud and clear, and I just have to be a better listener.          


  1. Oh my word, you have been doing so well, but for goodness sake, sit and relax. You are maybe pushing way too much. Let others wait on you for a while and run all the errands.

  2. Oh Miss Carol, you are doing incredible...you are handling all of this so well and I appreciate you taking the time to blog about you experiences...I'm so glad you didn't injure yourself when you fainted...listen to your body...rest up lady!!...xo, Mariaelena

  3. Please rest and take care! Fainting must have scared you….and yes, please tell your body to speak up so you can hear her loud and clear!

    Thanks for the post (update).


  4. I think it must be hard to want to run errands and do things but it is best to take it easy and rest. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Julie xo

  5. Carol - Am so impressed with how well you are doing!! So proud of you. I am so glad you got to take a short time and enjoy some time out of the house. Scary deal about the fainting. Please be careful and take care of yourself.

    Praying for you and your family.


  6. Bless you heart. It is so hard for us women to take it easy and rest. But this is your time to do so. You are looking good, girl. Hope you have a good weekend. I check in daily. Good to see you posted today. God Bless and keep safe.

  7. Oh my, be careful. Such a good picture, you're a trooper! Prayers for your strength and remission.

  8. I'm so happy you were able to get away! I know it 's so hard to be told to rest, but try to take it easy. Hugs! :)

  9. Your honest and brutal accounts of this therapy are appreciated, Carol. I hope you can rest well and recover stronger through each course.
    Rita C at Panoply

  10. Oh Carol, I am so glad you didn't get hurt on your way down. You must listen to your body for sure. I am not good about that, at all. I know you are a do things, kind of gal, and it's hard to quell that voice. Rest, rest and rest should be the only things on your to do list for a while! :) Be well, sending prayers as always.

  11. Awww...crap!!!! I was hoping you would not experience ANY of the side effects they say are possible. At least I am glad that you don't feel SICK. Dizziness is bad enough and it must have been really scary to faint. I have never had that happen but I can imagine that it is freaky as all get-out.
    So, this ol' gal is praying you well here- praying that your stamina holds up-but mostly that your spirits hold up! You can do this, Carol. You can get through this-moment by moment if you have to....you will beat the C-Devil! xo Diana

  12. I'm so glad you didn't get hurt when you fainted. I guess we all need to listen to our bodies and slow down sometimes. Please take it easy and try to rest. :) Thanks for the update! xoxo

  13. Thankful you did not hurt yourself when you fainted.Take care, you may have to just not do so much for awhile. Wish I could help you....I'll pray for you, that's a good help...there's great power in prayer. Hugs to you Carol. xoxo,Susie

  14. How scary for you Carol. I hope you are feeling much better today and that your energy is back to normal, although you should just take it easy and rest anyways. Do you subscribe to Netflix? Now would be the perfect time to kick back and watch TV. Feel better my friend!! xoxo

  15. Hi Carol,
    So glad to hear you did not hurt yourself cause my first thought was you might have fallen on tile, and that would not be good. So sorry the end of the week not a good one and that it was a pretty scary experience I am sure for you and hubby. Good you were able to get to the phone...........being super overtired I think works on
    any womans emotions, so not surprised your were crying. Fainting like that is a rather scary
    experience I did that after the birth of both my children, fortunately my hubby caught me the
    first time as the nurse was walking in and told him just to slowly lower me to the floor as I was
    completely out and just dead weight so he could hardly hold me, and the 2nd time my Pastor happened to see my face and could tell I was going out, so quickly grabbed me and sat me on something that was nearby so I didn't go out completely. And it does make you pay better attention to how your body is feeling for sure........sometimes we just kinda get use to ignoring stuff, and it gets worse as we get older I find.....lol

    Resting can be hard work, and I think we need to give ourselves permission to rest, that it is okay,
    to watch tv, read and just sit and think or sleep All healthy things to do, but we ladies are so used to taking care of everyone else, it is hard for us to allow ourselves to be taken care of......
    Think we have to learn to do both unfortunately.........lol
    Well, hon.....hope the rest of your week goes well, and will be praying that you can just enjoy
    resting.......and that you have no more spells like that............
    Do you go in for treatments again this week? Hope not...............

    Hugs and Blessings,

  16. Hey sweet lady, this is a time to allow others to pamper you. I'm so grateful you weren't hurt but I know it was scary. I'm holding you in prayer and I know many others are. I believe there is great power in collective prayer and we're lifting you up for healing!

    Rest and relax and know that you're going to beat this!

  17. Carol you are amazing! Just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers always sweet friend. Hang in there! xo

  18. Listening to our bodies is often times very Annoying! However, like you found out this week and I, last week, it is important that we do not only listen, but heed it's warnings! Sorry that you had a more difficult week, praying that your weekend was nice and praying today as you have another treatment. Believing that you will have a more level week! Sending hugs, prayers and blessings your way, Cindy

  19. Well, I certainly hope you don't have any more episodes like that one...and so glad you did not hurt yourself! You seem to be taking all of this in stride. Hugs and prayers continue, Carol!

  20. I'm so glad you didn't hurt yourself when you fainted. I think it's totally natural to be emotional. Besides, passing out is scary. I've done it several times. Such a weird feeling. I hope you'll take it easy & not push yourself anymore.

  21. Bless your heart Carol! I am sorry to hear you are experiencing more fatigue with this round. I know that just having anemia can make you tired as I have battled that off and on my whole life. I am actually battling it now and my doctor has me back on iron and taking double doses for a while. I am glad you didn't hurt yourself when you fainted...how scary! Sounds like the drive was a good thing but no more pushing yourself to do too much. :) Take care my friend!

  22. Oh how I hate to hear this! And...I sooo wish you could behave yourself, lol. If I were there, I'd cook and take care of you. So glad you and that sweet man were able to get out of the house and enjoy yourselves for a while. Be careful, and don't over do it...saying a little prayer.

  23. I am so glad you didn't get hurt when you fainted! Yes, you are right - your body is telling you to rest! I know you probably feel like you just want things back to normal again..running errands etc but give yourself time to heal. There will be plenty of time for those things when you are better. Or let someone else do the errands...they are no fun anyway! Take care!

  24. Carol,
    You know this chemo business is tricky stuff and I am so thankful that you were not injured when you fainted. I hope that you are resting well today and taking it slow and easy. I know that you are a woman with a "can do attitude," but right now let your body be your guide. You are amazing and are doing such a great job with everything. So know that I am sending big hugs and prayers for a good and rest of the week.

  25. I missed this because the 23rd was my hubby's birthday and my 50th HS reunion!!!! WHERE did the time go????? I hope you are feeling much better. You are such a HUGE inspiration and your positive attitude will get you through this!!! XO

  26. Thinking of you today Carol and hoping you are doing better.
    Hugs and prayers


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