Health Update, "Thank You!", and Great News

Hey everyone!  I hope this first week of November is going well for each and every one of you.  Before I do anything else, I just want to say "Thank You" to all those who sent sweet comments and prayers for the passing of my sweet sil, Carol.  I've tried to thank everyone, but incase I missed you, I so appreciated hearing from you.  Every day gets just a bit easier for my hubby, but the healing will still take time for all us.

This past Monday was Round 2 Chemo #4, with ONLY 8 more to go......YAY!  So far this week is going much better than the first three, but I really think most of my issues were due to large doses of steroids.  With #4, that dose was greatly reduced and will continue to be lowered until I am no longer needing any.  I don't really understand why athletes (or anyone else) "chooses" to take steroids.  Yes, you do feel kind of "invincible," but it doesn't last and the crash is bad.  I know they serve a purpose in the medical field, but I will truly be glad to not have them in my system anymore!

Did you notice I have a new wig?  I really did not like the one I had been using.  It was one I had had from several years ago, when I just thought it would be a good way to give my own hair a break from color treatments.  Anyway, it was kind of big on my little chrome-dome & not very comfortable.  Our insurance pays for a wig for chemo patients, so I went shopping for one.  When I tried this one on, The Man and I both immediately liked it, because it is very close to the style and color of my own hair (when I had some....lol).  This one is soft and quite comfy!

Monday's infusion seemed to go very quickly and without any hiccups.

My lab numbers, mainly my hemoglobin, were all within the normal range for someone on chemo.  Those numbers would be below normal for the average person.  Anyway, I am giving full credit to my new favorite breakfast.....Frosted Mini Wheats and to LISA at Texas Decor for telling me about it!  It has 90% of the daily requirement of iron, and it tastes really good.  I get 13g of protein, because I use 2% milk.....that's good for breakfast!

Now, for my other good news.  I mentioned early on that breast cancer runs in my family, so my oncologist wanted me to have genetic testing done.  It took about six weeks to get the results back, and I got the call yesterday.....I do not carry the "Cancer Gene!"  What a relief!  Had the test come back negative, I would probably be facing some major surgeries; but my biggest concern was for my children and grandchildren.  The Man does not carry the cancer gene either, so I was so happy to make phone calls to both of our children with the good news.  Obviously, anyone can get cancer and many do, so you cannot let your guard down when it comes to your health.  

If only one thing comes from sharing my "Cancer Journey," I hope it's that you all will treat your body as a "temple."  Take good care of yourself.....you only get one "YOU!"

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