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Hey everyone!  I hope all of you who were affected in any way by "Snowzilla 2016" are safe and warm and maybe starting to dig your way out.  We watched with surprised shock as the snow just kept falling.  Our son and family live in the very northeast corner of VA and got hit pretty hard.  They didn't lose power, thankfully, and were able to look for the fun in it....a 5 & 7 year old make it difficult to do anything else!  I'll take our hot summers any day, over all that snow, and I will try not to complain about it....key word "try!"

Do you ever feel that your mind is in a race with your body, and your body is losing?  That happens to me a lot, and even more so now while my body is in healing-mode.  I make a lot of lists of ideas to appease and calm my mind, and some of those things come to fruition but many don't.  I try to keep our surroundings simple and inviting.  Once the holidays are over, it's always nice to just decompress.

Do you have a favorite cozy spot?  A place where it doesn't matter how often or seldom you actually use it, just looking at it makes you feel calm?  I try very hard to live in the "present," and not dwell on the past...it's gone, or worry about the future....it's not here yet.  It's nice to simply be calm and have your surroundings reflect that calmness.

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the latest trends and the next holiday or event....always reaching for the "brass ring," so we can be like everyone else.  I've learned a lot about myself over the last six months.  I've gotten quite comfortable with who I am and how I do things.  

Don't get me wrong.....just because I don't jump on every trend, doesn't mean I can't shake things up a bit with a splash of color here and there, and I love trying new crafts and such!  You should look at my Pinterest boards! 

Do you have a decorating style?  I don't know for sure, but I think we are all suppose to have one....it's one of those "trendy" things people talk about.   Have you ever taken one of those quizzes that are supposed to tell you what your decorating style is?  I have taken several of those from different sources, and my style always comes out "Eclectic."  Why oh why couldn't it be something like Classic Southern or Country French?  Eclectic.....really?

Actually, I'm quite okay with having Eclectic Style, but there was a time when being "eclectic" just sounded like "hodgepodge" to me.  Maybe that was because early on in our marriage, we had lots of hand-me-downs and some plain old cast-offs.  It's so funny that now, everyone is clamoring for those "olden" things!  

Back in my early "eclectic" days, as a young wife and mother, all I really cared about was that my babies (and hubby, too) were loved, fed & clean, and that our home was clean and comfortable.  I didn't have the skills to actually decorate a room, and I certainly didn't have the money.

As our family matured, so did my confidence and skills to decorate our home.  Our expendable income increased a bit and we were able to swap out most of our hand-me-downs for things that we truly liked.  I still never felt the need for everything to be overly coordinated or too matchy-matchy....less hodgepodge, more eclectic, I guess!

Today I've really come to terms with my decorating style.  I cherish some olden things we've inherited from loved ones who are no longer with us.  Most are not antiques or worth all that much, but they hold memories.  

I have no problem mixing the old and the new and maybe even throwing in something trendy once- in-awhile.   

The most important thing for me, is that our home always reflects the love that grows within its walls.

Thank you so much for stopping by today.  I'm trying out a bit of a different writing format and hope you enjoy it.  Just thought it would be fun to try something new for 2016.  Now I'm off to watch the big playoff game.  Come on Cardinals...put your bun warmers on and play it like you mean it!

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  1. Well, it is good to be eclectic. It probably means you are well-rounded. I like old mixed with new. The ruffled skirted table is pretty. xoox Su

  2. I agree with Su, eclectic is a good thing! I don't really have a style either. I just chose what I like and it's usually red! ;) I am a words girl...I love your new format. I enjoy decorating with a story. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! And give it time, your body will catch up! :)

  3. We were pulling for the Cardinals. There are several former LSU players on the team. I was sad it didn't work out. I'm with you on the decompressing. Sometimes I just feel so uptight about everything. I'm also guilty of always being ready to move on to the next thing rather than enjoying the here & now. I haven't taken one of those quizzes but I can tell you I'm very traditional. We just planned an engagement party & they're all into the shabby chic look & I just don't like it. They wanted to decorate with cotton & not flowers. COTTON??? Ugh! Finally, there was a compromise & we added flowers to the cotton. That was definitely a lesson in patience & keeping my mouth shut but I did it! Hope your recovery is going well.

  4. It's always great to mix things up. I would say I am traditional/new country/transitional...or something like that!

  5. It's always great to mix things up. I would say I am traditional/new country/transitional...or something like that!

  6. I love your style Carol! You always make things look so inviting. That snowstorm is crazy.

  7. i think my style is transitional/eclectic. I think January is a great time to regroup and prepare for the rest of the year. So happy to hear you're feeling better! We seem to have quite a few of the same interests. I'm a new follower. Happy week!

  8. I think you do a great job of mixing the old and new. I've taken those "what's your style" decorating quizzes too and I always seem to be labeled "traditional." I think your approach is spot on...using things that have meaning, but sprinkling in a little "new" when the mood strikes. Perfect!

  9. I couldn't agree with you more Carol dear! My home is a hodge-podge of different design genres that I love and enjoy, I constantly want to change things up and can't resist doing so when I have the energy! Glad your son and his family are ok, and that you are healing well, relaxation of MIND and BODY is key, although I know what you mean too with the mind racing with the body! LOL! I always seem to think of things I need to do and but don't have the time or energy for!

  10. Here's to the eclectic decorators! I think I definitely qualify, and it's probably why I love your style! :)

  11. Well, I have been in your home and LOVE your eclectic style! It suite your sweet and welcoming personality perfectly! I am so happy that you are healing and doing well! I will try to catch up on your postings, It's been so crazy going to the hospital every night, but Madi is home now, so I can spend a bit of time on the computer now. Praying for you continually! Cindy xoxo

  12. Carol,
    Everything looks so lovely!! We only got about 4-5 inches of snow , being too far north to get the full brunt of the storm. I do love Winter and Snow but I am just tired of having to drive in it. I long for the day when i can admire it from my window and not have to go to work! I am no lover of heat so I really enjoy the Winter. Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  13. I suppose it is the journey that has us in such a comfortable place. A marriage of the old and new and enough common sense to know that if it works for us, it is just the right thing to do!
    Just like you years ago-it was all about creating a warm, nurturing nest for my family. Wasn't it a wonderful time of life!


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