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Hey everyone!  Here we are about to turn the calendar page to the second month of the year.....February, the "Month of Love."  I truly miss the Valentine's Day celebrations of years gone by.       They were simple and not so commercial.   Some of you are too young to remember the shoe boxes that were lovingly decorated with tissue paper, paper doilies, streamers and hand cut paper hearts; and, of course, you wouldn't dare forget to make an opening in the top of the box.  Teachers always made a special place in the classroom for all the pretty boxes to sit on display for several days prior to the big Valentine's Day party.   

The packages of Valentines were all very simple and there was little variation or selection (they were VERY inexpensive, too), but each child would write their names on the card and each classmate's name on the little white envelopes, being careful not to forget anyone.

It was a time when the classroom was festooned with lots of paper hearts and streamers, giving renewed inspiration for learning and creating.  "Room Mothers" (is that what they are called today?) would arrive on party day with jugs of punch and trays piled high with their child's favorite cookies.....Mom had those special recipes marked in her cookbook.   Everyone was happy and excited to open their little boxes and look at each and every Valentine card. There was such joy in the hearts of each child.

Today we seem to be bombarded with TV ads, urging us to "buy" this or that to show how much we love each other.  It makes some of us feel overwhelmed, especially falling so close on the heels of an "overly commercialized" Christmas.  It's often difficult, but perhaps we just need to step back and see the inspiration and joy in simple creations.

Little cloth hearts, simply made with a well-worn kitchen towel that was destined for the rag box.....soft with faded stripes, sparked a creative idea. 

Adding sweet fabric hearts enhances the beauty of nature's bountiful creations.  Even simple grocery store flowers bring joy to your heart and can easily spark creativity.

Bits of lace that had been relegated to the scrap box, all of a sudden has new life and is a reminder of the many paper hearts decorated with paper doilies.

Simple flower arrangements in unexpected places can be a little sweet surprise each time you pass by.....even when you are the one who placed them there.

Simple treasures that have stood the test of time can truly bring smiles of joy.  It's amazing how adding something sweet to look at while doing the mundane tasks of the day (like washing dishes), can bring such joy and love to fill your heart.

I hope each and every day is filled with inspiration, creativity and joy.  Sometimes we have to open our eyes just a bit wider to see what's right in front of us.  Look at today with your eyes wide-open!

Thank you so much for stopping by.  I love hearing from each and everyone of you.  You bring joy to my heart.
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