Do You Multitask?

Hey everyone!  Welcome to week 8 of the new year....it sometimes feels that time is moving at lightening speed, doesn't it?  So many things to do and not quite enough time to do them seems to be the main reason we turn to multitasking.  Some say that a person cannot multitask and actually be successful at any of the things they are doing.  Hmmm....sounds like something a man might say!  If you've ever carried a crying baby on your hip while putting dinner together, you are a multitasker!  If you've ever cooked a large meal (like for Thanksgiving), you are a multitasker!  If you knit, crochet or blog while watching tv with your hubby, you are a multitasker!  Whether you work outside the home or run an in-home business, you are a multitasker!

I'm a multitasker!  I've carried on lengthy phone conversations while putting together "Welcome Bags" for a business I owned.  I've cleaned up my whole kitchen and solved all the world problems while talking with a friend.  If you've ever answered email or written a blog post while eating your breakfast or lunch, then you are a multitasker!  I don't think it's a bad thing, do you?

There are many things that do require our undivided attention.....listening to a child, because they know every time if you're mind is on something else and they will call you on it!  Talking with teens requires your full-attention, because you just may not get that many opportunities.  Listening to and lending a shoulder to someone who needs you is an all-in situation.  Driving...NO PHONE & NO TEXTING......enough said on that subject!  And please, please don't forget yourself.  Sometimes you are the most important person in need of your full attention, because if you haven't tended to your needs -- physically, mentally and emotionally -- how can you be strong and sharp for anyone else?  You cannot!

List-making and multitasking seem to go hand-in-hand.  The habit of making lists can be a very good thing, unless it puts us into over-drive in multitasking.  We are assured of a major breakdown if we don the cape and cuffs of Wonder Woman!  As I shared my thoughts on "home keeping" last week, we have to keep things in perspective and not feel the need to do it all or do it all right now.  

As women, wives, mothers, daughters, sisters & friends, a lot is expected of us and we expect a lot of ourselves.  Go ahead, multitask when the situation calls for it, but learn to recognize the signs that call for single-mindedness and blinders.  Don't become a wreck because you forgot to stop in time!

As always, thank you for stopping by.  I hope this is a great week for you!  And just remember:

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
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