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Hey everyone!  This is a perfectly beautiful Arizona morning....cerulean blue sky, 43 degree temp right now and soaring into the upper 70's later on in the day!   "It's a good day to be a good day."  I saw this phrase on a Fixer Upper episode, and it has been a sort of mantra to me to use every day.  I don't know who authored this phrase, so if you do, please let me know.

Are you a Pinterest fan?  I've been enjoying this addictive site for several years now, amassing 97 Boards, 6.4K Pins, and 847 Likes.....maybe I should try applying the Marie Kondo method of tidying up, but I probably won't!  If you are like me, you can get completely absorbed adding new pins or doing a search for this or that.  I almost always go to Pinterest before going to Google, but I realized I haven't shared very many "Pin Wins" or "Pin Fails," and I decided to remedy that today.

As I've gotten stronger, I've been doing more of the cooking and that makes The Man very happy.  I have pinned so many recipes, and have been putting them into my weekly menu plan.  I'd like to share a few.

The Man and I prepped this for the slow cooker a couple of days ago.  We had some errands to run that day, so it was nice to have dinner all ready to dish up when we got home.  Oh, and the aroma.....better than any scented candle!  It was delish served with some buttermilk biscuits.  The only thing I would do differently next time, is to braise the beef before adding it to the slow cooker....braising meat really enhances the flavor.

We often have breakfast for dinner around here, so when I ran across this recipe on the Taste of Home site, I knew we had to try it!  It was so good I think we could easily serve it up once a week, but probably not the healthiest thing to do.  The only thing I did differently, was to cut the servings from 4 to 2.....I love leftovers, but didn't think this would be great reheated!

Baked Cheddar Eggs & Potatoes Recipe

I haven't made this in awhile, but it's going to be on the menu plan very soon.  It is extremely easy to prepare and makes great leftovers if you are a family of 2!  I do substitute Lite Cream Cheese....better for my figure!

Of course, I could not leave out a few desserts, right?  Regular Crazy Cake is wonderful, but a whole cake for 2 people is even crazier!  This recipe is so easy to whip up and tastes like the most amazing Devil's Food Cake you have ever put in your mouth.  I've made this twice over the last couple of weeks and it may be the perfect "Super Bowl" dessert today!

If you are a fan of Snickerdoodle Cookies, then this recipe is for you.  Oh my goodness, this is so delicious and tastes just like a warm Snickerdoodle right from the oven.  All the ingredients are most probably in your kitchen already!
Snickerdoodle Mug Cake

Of all the cravings that I had while on chemo and the tastebuds had walked out the door, lemon-anything was one of the biggies.  I could not eat citrus of any kind, so now I am making up for it!  This was an absolutely delicious cake, and I even used lemon juice and lemon zest from our own lemons!  I'm truly crushing over this cup and saucer, but my FiestaWare soup mugs worked just fine!   

I actually didn't have any "Pin Fails" this time around.  All of the above recipes turned out perfectly.  I linked each one to the direct source to give full credit to each of these wonderful ladies who've taken the time to share their recipes and lovely photos.  My food photos never turn out very good, but these ladies have mastered the tricks of food photography.  I hope you will give some of these recipes a try and give credit where credit is due.

I'd like to make this kind of post a regular thing, and not just for food either.  There are so many talented people contributing to Pinterest, and I plan to "try more and pin less"....well, that's "pie-in-the-sky" wishful thinking, my finger is always poised to pin something!  I do plan to share more of what I try, and we'll leave it at that!

Have a lovely Sunday, enjoy the Super Bowl if that is your thing, and be grateful for a brand new week to do "stuff!"  Thanks so much for stopping by.
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Sandra Meek Wilkes said...

Enjoyed the recipes. We have some things in common. Enjoy your day.

Consider It All Joy said...

Those all look so good, Carol. I did a pot roast/veggie crock pot dinner last week and enjoyed it so much. I need to try those mug cakes. I made a whole cake the other day and had to throw much of it away, Madi is not a huge dessert eater and I only like left over cake for a day or two. I pray you enjoy a wonderful 'heart' week!! Blessings, Cindy xo

Carol said...

Thank you!

Warm hugs,

Blondie's Journal said...

I totally identify with the food pics, Carol. I post a lot of original recipes and the picture are gross! I love Pinterest, too, but I don't try to create boards so much, I mostly do recipes from blogs and a few food websites I follow, I sometimes I think I need to subcategorize them so I can see why you do what you do. I get very overwhelmed, too. Thank goodness for the help of your guy and the energy you have to make good meals. That cake in the mug is a keeper! :)


Kim said...

Good for you! I rarely if ever try the pins out...I just like the eye candy! Actually, I did make macaroni and cheese and pancakes from pins and they were perfect! Cake in a cup looks pretty good too! Glad you're feeling stronger. So good to hear!

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I love these kinds of posts! Thanks for sharing the links. My mom has the same problem with wanting to make desserts, but it's only the two of them, and an entire dessert is too much. I'm going to pass some of these recipes on to her. Enjoy your week!

carol@The Red Painted Cottage said...

Carol, I have that Fixer Upper phrase written on a wall in my studio! I got hooked on Pinterest about 5 years ago and I really need to get in and clean up my boards and get rid of some old pins that no longer interest me. I've tried numerous recipes and ideas from it, but right now I'm eyeing a few you have, so I've got to pin them and add them to my thousands of other pins...LOL!

Dee M said...

Yea, so glad you're feeling better and back in the kitchen for a little bit. I have to limit my time on Pinterest or I'll be there all day. :)

Lisa said...

How adorable are those mug cakes? They would be so fun to make with the grandsugars! Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

Thanks, Carol! I really like that phrase, too, and should print it and put it up in my craft room or on my gallery wall.

Warm hugs,

Megan Chamberlin said...

Ah, Pinterest, how I love thee. I've tried quite a few Pinterest recipes, and love it when I find a winner! Great roundup, thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!!

Stacey said...

Carol, it's a little bit funny about Pinterest recipes. I have about 300 recipes pinned...I bet you do too. They all look so good but I'm still cooking the same old same old. Better change that like you are.

Thank you so much for joining with us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. We are just over the moon excited about the great participation. ;)

Laura said...

I love all things cooking and you have shared some wonderful recipes.
Thank you for joining Thoughts of Home on Thursday!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh Carol I am starving right now and want it all. I know you completed chemo and so glad your appetite is coming back.

Thank you so very much for joining Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Your presence really helped to make it very special. I hope you will return again and again.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!

Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

All of these recipes look and sound so yummy... making me hungry! :) I've wanted to try cake in a mug recipes... wondered how they were! Thanks for the recommendation, I've give them a go! Happy belated Birthday! Continuing to pray for you! So glad you are doing well! ~Rhonda

PS... Thanks for the sweet comments you leave on my posts! They are very much appreciated! :)

Carol said...

Thank you so much, Rhonda! I did feel extra grateful on this birthday, and will no doubt have that feeling on all birthdays to come!

Warm hugs,

Carol said...

Thank you, Laura; I was so happy to join this party with such a great group of ladies. Jemma is a relatively new friend, and she bolstered me so many times during the less tolerable times of my treatment. She graciously shared her cancer story with me, and I'm so grateful. She told me about this upcoming party, so I was thrilled to be part of it.

Warm hugs,

Patty Marker said...

Hi Carol. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a kind comment. I thought I'd pop over and say hey and was greeted with the yummiest post I've seen in a while. Can't wait to repin a few of your favorites.

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