Fall is in the Air

Happy new week everyone!  Well, if you get up early enough, the temps are in the 70's, and most daytime temps are below 100....so, woohoo, Fall is in the air!  Okay, maybe it's not quite here, but it's getting close!

What is it about Fall that causes so many of us to declare it to be our favorite season?  For many of us, depending on what part of the country we live in, it is a wonderful change in weather.  For others it may be a much-needed excuse to bring out some warmer colors and add that cozy-factor to our decor.

Whatever reason we each may have, it's hard to find fault with the sweet smell of a Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte candle, or gingerbread baking in the oven or some delicious soup cooking in the crockpot.

All these things seem to beckon us home.  There is a quietness to Fall, a serenity as we dig out our most comfy stretchies or pjs to cuddle up in on the sofa.  It's football season, you know!

The craziness of Christmas is still a ways away, unless you spend too much time in your favorite craft stores!  Still, you have plenty of time, right?

Fall is the time to switch from all those "iced" drinks to mugs of warmth.  I think Starbucks has already started serving up yummy Pumpkin beverages!

Fall, with its clear crisp air, beautifully colored leaves, and the laughter of children playing outside, truly gives us pause to reflect on our blessings and be thankful.  I know we should be thankful all the time and most of us are.  But Fall seems to wrap us in its warmth and makes us even more grateful and thankful for all of life's many blessings.

What does Fall mean to you?  Do you enjoy it or not?  Have you indulged in a warm Fall beverage yet?  I'd love it if you would share what this season means to you.  I hope you all have a very lovely week.

Warm hugs,

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  1. Your home looks very warm and cozy, Carol! I would never imagine it was so hot outside your windows!

    I really love all the seasons. Fall is especially nice because you don't have the heat of summer or the cold of winter. Spring is very unpredictable here in the Midwest. I love to decorate in a cozy way, too, but I have a hard time with deep orange and red colors. My home isn't suited for those colors and believe me, I've tried. I go for it in my kitchen which really doesn't have a color scheme and on my front porch. I'll get started soon. I'm so lazy lately!!!


  2. Beautiful pics!!! I love fall. It's our reward for enduring the hot, humid summer. Lol! I did buy some pumpkin spice coffee creamer and I've been enjoying it for about a week now. :)

  3. I love how you describe Fall Carol! I truly love this season too since I only started experiencing it about 10 years ago, I can feel, smell and see why it is so beautiful and appreciated. And in your beautifull decorated home, it is clear as day that Fall is pretty perfect!

  4. How pretty. I love the photo with Chinese lanterns and metallic acorns. What a lovely, seasonal vignette :)

  5. I am not a warm beverage drinker, so no to that! However, I did do a bit of fall decorating out front yesterday and am planning to fluff up the inside next weekend! I'm planting some new bushes, because it's finally cool enough to get out and they might live! Always love visiting your place. Blessings and prayers, Cindy xo

  6. Hi Carol, Beautiful decor to usher in fall. Your home is gorgeous. Your words describe fall perfectly. We are so ready here but today is 104 degrees with the heat index. I'm thinking fall anyway!! Blessings and Hugs!!

  7. I LOVE Fall. Right now I am at the beach with 8 girlfriends though. This is the 42nd year we have done this annual trip!!!! And we a;l still get along!!!! Fall to me is sweaters, beautiful colors, football, soups, cider, pumpkins and mums, and gorgeous Fall decor!!!! Love it all!!!

  8. Your home is so pretty and welcoming! Your choice of Fall decor is perfect as is your seasonal vignette. I love Fall and can't wait for the cool temps.
    Sending wishes for a lovely weekend,

  9. Carol, your home definitely looks cozy ready, despite Mother Nature not having read the memo yet!
    Fall is a beautiful time, crisp and clearer skies, cooler temps, wonderful light play from the sun's slant. It's also a melancholy time, a time for thoughtful pause, thinking of the year, the years in passing. I'm sure your thoughts are joyful, coming from the road you've recently traveled. Here's to a healthy outlook as the season changes. Happy Fall!
    Rita C at Panoply

  10. Yes sweet friend, I don't know what it is, but I adore FALL... since I was a child cause my b'day is in Oct. and mother would make little get together with friends in a Halloween manner, not much in those days, but it was orange and black. I also loved to jump up and down in the beds of fallen dried leaves in our Astoria Park; I adored the sound they made !
    Your house looks war and lovely, very inviting.
    Have a super week.

  11. Warm, pretty and inviting. (not war, missed a letter, lol)


  12. Wow, I love the printable in the frame. Such true words!

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