I've Been Fallin' Around!

Hey everyone!  I hope you are all having a great start to your week.  I had a "super-surge" of energy between Saturday morning and Sunday noon (then I crashed!), and pretty much finished up my Fall decorating and some cleaning projects, too!  Before I finished "fallin' up" my kitchen and family room, I cleaned, re-sealed & polished the granite and cleaned my refrigerator from top to bottom & inside & out...I was on a roll!  It's not feeling very Fall outside this week, with temps in the 90's, but the air is on and there is plenty of Fall color to see inside.  Come on in!

You all know this is one of my favorite places to decorate for the seasons,

and I love having my cute aprons so handy!

The wood blocks say "Welcome."

I love this island, but it is such a "junk magnet!"  Getting it all cleaned, polished and looking so pretty, will keep it junk-free for awhile....I hope!

The colors of Fall make me smile.

No chocolate-chip or oatmeal raisin cookies in this cute cookie jar, but it is filled with

These are from Costco and are so good, but I limit myself to no more than
one-a-week....lots of calories!

Sooo true!

Nothing much has changed on top of the cabinets...I'm not allowed on the "BIG" ladder any more!

The same goes for over here.

This little wood veneer, battery-powered leaf swag was a recent purchase from our new
Home Goods store that is only 15 minutes away....uh oh!

So sweet at night with their warm glow.

I'm still crushing on this gallery wall of our travel photos.  Do you see Abby?  Just pretend you cannot see her, because she thinks she's invisible when she faces the wall...shhh, don't tell!

I'll be back later this week to share how I made the leaf & book page garlands and a delicious
Fall soup recipe!

I adore this little plate (HobLob a couple of years ago).  It reminds me of heading to the pumpkin patch with my children when they were just a wee lad and lass!

I'm calling this a wrap for the kitchen and family room, but you know there is always "tweaking" to be done....heehee!  I do hope you enjoyed your visit.  You are always welcome here.

Warm hugs,

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  1. You sure have been busy! Your kitchen looks so pretty with all the fall colors. I love that biscotti too! So good with a cup of pumpkin spice. :) Abby cracks me up! They are so funny sometimes!

  2. My goodness, did you ever go to town with your Fall decorating...
    It looks great, Carol! I've always loved Chinese lanterns. Are yours real?

  3. I love your travel gallery, too! I think the shelving gives it that extra-special touch!

  4. Goodness you have been busy! I sure do like what you have done with these glorious Fall colors. Your kitchen looks fabulous!
    I love this time of the year too:)

  5. As beautiful as always! Your home looks so pretty all decorated for Fall. Love, love your kitchen decor. The tray on the island is so pretty. Enjoy the rest of your week! Maria

  6. Hi Carol,

    So glad to see that you are doing wonderfully!

    Your fallin'around has picked me up! Very cozy and comfy and cute decor goin' on! My favourite is your ceramic dish set for its autumnal ambience.

    Happy Autumn!


  7. Wow! You have been 'Fallin' Around'. You have some really cute displays put together, Carol. Your home always feels cheerful and homey to me. I love those Chinese lanterns and they are hard to find around here. Perfect display there! xo Diana

  8. Carol, everything looks so beautiful! I see that you have been "falling" quite a bit...PLEASE be careful, LOL! Seriously, it all looks so warm and inviting, comfy and cozy! I have decided I love fall more than any other season! Hugs!

  9. Everything looks really pretty ♥

  10. Carol, I love your colorful fall display! It's all absolutely wonderful and I just adore that quote. You my friend are a warrior.

  11. I love Fall in your home, Carol! Everything is so tidy and colorful, but not over done! LOVE the gallery wall over the sofa - so perfect! Abby is a sneaky little girlie, but cute! Blessings, Cindy xo

  12. Carol, I just realized that I've lost track of you lately! I'm so sorry I haven't been by.

    Your home looks beautiful all dressed in fall finery. I love it all but the chalkboard with the leaf lights is catching my eye. Your little kitty trying to be incognito cracks me up! Why do dogs and cats do that? They really do think that if they look away you can't see them.

  13. Your fall decorations look so nice Carol. Fall is my favorite season- I love all the colors too. Just back from visiting my 2 sweet girls :-) - tired but I did enjoy my time with them. Trying not to dwell on the fact that I won't see them before late spring. I do have lots of catching up to do outside before it gets too cold, so that will keep me busy.
    Take good care


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