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Hi everyone! Well, April has been a month of new experiences, some challenges, and lots of hope and positive thinking for active and fun-filled days ahead. For some time now, I have dealt with back and sciatic pain. For the longest time I pushed myself at the gym, thinking that just keeping myself moving was the end-all cure-all. At my bi-annual oncology checkup (all is good!), I shared how my back and sciatic pain were just getting worse. My doctor had some of the same issues and suggested I see someone at the Nova Spine Pain Institute. She had had some very good results... and I take recommendations from any professional at MD Anderson without hesitation.  

I had my first appointment two weeks ago and could not have had more confidence in the doctor and how he suggested we proceed. The first new experience was an MRI...to say I am claustrophobic would be putting it mildly, but after acting like a crazy lady, they agreed to sedation (apparently there is a shortage of this drug in the entire "Valley of the Sun"). The pros doing the MRI could not have been nicer and very considerate of my phobia...probably heard about the "crazy lady" thing! 

My next new experience and recommendation from the doctor, was physical therapy. I knew from day one that this was not going to be easy, pain-free or possible without my complete participation and commitment. I've had four sessions, each being 90 min. to 2 hrs....painful, but I am seeing results!  

After meeting again with my doctor about the MRI results, he suggested Epidural Steroid injections to be given in 2 to 3 appointments. They have a fully-staffed treatment room for the procedure, and they strongly advise sedation...heck yeah, bring it on! They use an Xray guided protocol to get the medication in exactly the right location. I had my first injections today, and while I am pretty sore right now, I am very hopeful that these shots along with my PT, will give me a much better quality of life. I actually would like my "Golden Years" to be truly "Golden," so my attitude going forward is positive. Sorry this is so long; but from past experience, you should know how I like to share stuff that might be beneficial to some of you. And I will keep you posted!

Okay, posts without pictures are really boring, so I will give you one little teaser pic of my Spring-to-Summer craft room tree....I haven't finished it yet, but it's already pretty cute!

I am so sorry that some of you are still experiencing crazy cold and snowy weather!  I hope you will be getting Spring-like weather soon...at least before the calendar says it's Summer!  Take care and be safe.

Hugs to all,


  1. Carol, I'm glad you are finding a course of treatment that should help. I'm going to tell my MIL about this. She's having terrible pain in her back.

  2. Oh Carol, I am sorry you have been in pain, but I am glad that your seem to have found a path to wellness. I hope it continues to work and you feel better soon. Ps...your kitty in the sidebar is adorable. Love cats in buckets!!

  3. I'm so sorry you've been in pain, but it sounds like you have a great treatment plan. I hope you have pain free days ahead. :)

  4. I've had some back issues due to a herniated disc for some years. With a lot of patience and physio therapy I am able to walk my one hour a day which I'm very thankful for. These walks energize me. I have to be very careful when I work in my flower garden not to overdue it and I have to listen to my body instead of pushing harder. Stretching after exercise is also very important to me.
    I'm glad you were able to find help for your problem. Its not fun having pain all the time.
    Take care Carol and have a good weekend.

  5. Carol, I am late seeing this post, but I hope by now the new treatment is working and you are feeling better and the pain is gone. Lets us know how you are doing. Take care,
    xxx Maria

  6. Carol, I am sorry to hear of all of these issues you are having but glad to know that you feel like you are making progress. Working in PT, I totally understand how debilitating pain can be. Prays for your continued healing! Hugs!


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