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Hey everyone!  I told you I’d be back soon with another post and let you know what I’ve been doing to keep busy and out of trouble...HAHA!   Well, I've spent quite a lot of time over the last couple of weeks, purging and reorganizing some closets....don't tell me you're surprised!  One of those closets is my craft room closet.  It wasn't really bad but did need some tidying up.  I would love to take off the doors, but there just isn't a good place to store them safely, and some day they would need to go back on the closet.  That being said, I tried to create my storage accordingly.


Left side of closet is all things fabric-related....sewing/quilting, patterns, trims, etc.
Right side is paper-related...seasonal scrapbook/cardmaking supplies, plus the printer and
all of its related items.  Yes, of course everything is labeled!

I picked up some new cloth-covered boxes at IKEA to replace the old file boxes with lids (also from IKEA), because they were looking rather tattered and didn't completely fill the cubies like these do.  These come in several colors, but I liked the white and the polka dot the best.


I am thoroughly enjoying my little seasonal tree!  It's dressed in vintage-mode for now....birds,
fabric yoyos, garlands, etc.

Do you know about travelers' journals?  I'm guessing these journals were intended for just what the name implies, but I use them for daily journaling.  I've been having fun making my own since last Fall.  I prefer one per month, each with about forty pages to write or create on.  There are so many 
fun tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest, showing how to make these from scratch or even with recycled materials.  You can also find them all ready made up in a plain Kraft paper....these are super simple to cover with scrapbook paper you've been hoarding collecting.

You can be just as creative as you want, or keep them simple and filled with your daily thoughts.

I like buying these faux leather binders that come with 2 or 3 of the plain Kraft paper journals inside. This way I can store 3 of my finished journals in each one....I still need to add some tags with the month and year.


I saw this cute printable and idea from Bev at Flamingo Toes and just had to make one!  I haven't embroidered in eons, but these stitches are easy.  This is going somewhere in my craft room, but I just haven't decided where....isn't it cute?


Finally decided to dedicate this Raskgog cart to my Project Life card sets, with the second basket down, holding my photos and any collected ephemera I want to put in a scrapbook.  The bottom
basket is up for grabs...right now it's holding a crocheted basket full of homemade pompoms, because why wouldn't you want a delicious little supply of those fuzzy cuties?  Just sayin'!

I adore decorating the top of my Kallax, but it seldom remains the same for very long!

I have a little crush going on with flamingos right now!

I just recently changed this little shelving unit to hold a few wood stamps, some jars of paper flowers, and some other cute little jars filled with "stuff!"  Anything that makes me smile is a good fit in my
"Crafty Happy Place!"

Catching up on my scrapbook albums can be time-consuming, but it's something I absolutely love doing.  These pages were from last Thanksgiving when our son and family were with us.  I'm almost
completely caught up!

I haven't changed too many things decor-wise since Spring, but I did put together a fun
vignette for the kitchen island.

So what are you all doing to keep busy right now?  I know many of you have finally started having Spring-Summer weather and are probably moving your activities outdoors.  Here in the AZ desert, we've already had some triple-digit temps and moving most activities (unless they are water-related) to the indoors.  Early morning and evening temps are still feeling good, but that won't last for long!  Well, it is what it is!  Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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  1. Oh my goodness Carol how I need you and your organizational skills!! Your craft room looks amazing! Im kinda in the process of organizing my fabric scraps. Why is it so hard to throw away fabric even in the tiniest forms? It's a slow going process but little is better than nothing right? You are such a creative woman and admire what you've been up to. I love to quilt and used to scrapbook but now my scrapbooking has turned into Shutterfly books haha.
    Have a good week and thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Carol, your room is so much fun! The colors and fun things that are splashed around are definitely inspiring. The traveler's journals are something I wish I started long ago. Love all of your organization ideas too.

  3. Your craft room alway makes me drool, Carol! I am wiping my chin as I type. 😉 I spent this weekend on a sewing project. I had to lug the machine upstairs and then all the supplies. I was cutting fabric on the island table and sewing on the other, but had to clean up and stop every time we needed to prepare a meal...and it was not a quick project. For days my kitchen was a whirlwind of measuring tapes, thread, bobbins, scissors, groceries, pots, pans, dishes and plates...a room for each would be lovely!!

  4. So much creativity and so much organization!

  5. Their bartenders are nice and friendly. We stayed till closing and weren't ushered out or anything. Definitely want to go to this party venue again and see if their unlimited drinks brunch is worth it!

  6. Your organizational skills amaze me, Carol! And anything with a black & white check catches my eye...how adorable is that?!

  7. Journaling is good for the mind, soul, and body. Bravo! Love your hoop art too!

  8. Thank you for sharing this information. It has helped me to know more about
    home decorating mistakes


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