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Last week I did a little thrifting & found a few treasures I thought I'd share, along with a new look for my dining room table.

My first stop was our Hospice Thrift Shop where I found this jar.  It has some interesting details molded into the glass, but have no idea if the markings are anything other than advertisements.  On one side it is stamped :  The General Store Marysville 1882 Kansas.  The other side:  Purveyors of High Class Foods Best Trade Brands.  Then on the bottom: Crownford China Co. Inc. Jar Made in Italy 1971. It was missing the glass lid, but that was okay with me because I'm using it in my linen closet to hold all the little hotel goodies I save &  have available for over-night guests.  It's really hard to get a good pic of this so you can see the design & lettering.  Anyway, it was only $5 & the size & shape are perfect for its intended use.

The next few items I found at GW.  Most of the time, I walk in & back out with nothing, but this particular day was good.  A few items are Christmas-related, so no photos of those at this time. You'll be seeing these items pop up in future blogs.

I was happy to find this hurricane ($1), the little divided silver dish ($1.50), the silver tray ($1), & the small compote ($1).  All the silver pieces cleaned up pretty nicely, with the exception of the small compote, but I'm not minding the very tarnished look of it.

This darling set I found at Tuesday Morning.  I had been watching the candlesticks for a couple of weeks & almost bought them last week when they were marked down from $9.98 to $4.98, but decided to walk away.  When I was in this week, they were marked down to $3.98 & decided I really couldn't pass that up.  Then as I wandered around, I found the matching clock which was marked down from $19  to $7.98.  How cool is that?  They are made out of some kind of heavy resin that should accept paint very easily if and when I decide to change them.

Thanks to so many of my blog-sisters out there, I now scrutinize thrift store items with a better vision of the potential & many possibilities.

This was my dining room table centerpiece as of a few days ago.  I really liked it, but felt it was going to be too big & too high to actually leave on my table for our Thanksgiving dinner.

This is what I came up with yesterday.  Whoever out there used a Pashmina for a tablerunner, I thank you for the idea.  I much prefer to wear it but temps here in AZ are not lending themselves to cozy wraps & such.  I'm not sure whether I really love this look or not.  I did make the faux PB hurricanes that everyone was talking about a few weeks ago & like those a lot;  but maybe not for this table.  What do y'all think?  Does it need more stuff or less.

A close-up of my little turkey that's made out of all organic materials.

Decided to go ahead & set the table for a more casual dinner to see if I like the centerpiece.

Still can't decide.  Yes, no, maybe?

Then I decided to take this piece of tapestry fabric that I have had for years & make a new tablerunner.  I'm also using some of my recent GW finds.  See the little silver divided dish?

The berries & pumpkin are resting on the little silver tray.

A closer look at the divided dish.  It has a cute cherub/angel on top.

I think I like this one, mainly because as pretty as the pashmina is, I couldn't keep my hands off of it.  Kept trying to make the messiness look just so.  Does that mean I'm a control freak?  Please be kind.  I may add a few more items to this look but haven't discovered what those items might be.  Maybe several votives scattered around;  yes, I think I might like that.  I won't bore you with yet another picture, though, because you've been so patient.  

Thank you to all who have posted comments about my closet redo.  You are truly all so nice.  As I've said before, our home is small & storage is at a premium.  To make what I  have, work, it has to be organized.  I will admit, though, that I'm rather addicted to organizing & my label maker is my favorite tool.  Okay, this could be a serious problem & an intervention might be needed.  Another little addiction I have just recently become aware of is this blog.  Thanks everyone for making this so much fun!  Anyhoo, thank you so much for stopping by & come back soon.


  1. Love all of your treasures. Your jar is fabulous, and the candlesticks and clock are just gorgeous. Stunning silver also. Wow, you really did good. Love your centerpiece and the hurricanes. I think it all looks beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a wonderful jar, and what a great use for it. All of your table centerpieces look beautiful. I can so relate to you trying to make the messiness look better! I just mentioned that in a comment the other day - when I do it, it looks like something I took out of the dryer and wadded up in the center of the table! Yours looks pretty though. laurie

  3. Your table is just lovely. I particularly like the candle holders. Are those peas in the bottom?

    That jar is great. How clever of you to think of using it for holding all of those hotel goodies. It sures beats what I do which is to throw them into (and clog up) a drawer.

  4. Pattie, the filler in the candle holders is styrofoam beads from the Dollar Store. They are in the area where they have the glass beads & marbles for vases. It only took 1 pkg. to do both containers. I think they had other colors, too.

  5. Great finds! Love the tablescape!

  6. Looks great! I love the pashmina idea!

  7. Beautiful finds!!! The tablescape looks great, too!

  8. Each setting looked fine, but I do believe I like the last one the best. Thanks for joining my party!

  9. I love the last one best too! Beautiful and like you the "casually tossed" tablerunner in the middle one was bothering me a bit.

  10. You are my kind of girl!!! I like to bargain shop too!!!! Love your table scape!!!

    Happy new follower!!


  11. Great finds, love the table clock and the rest, they are so beautiful...


  12. Love all the treasures you found. I am going to look for a jar like that for my hotel goodies. I currently use an ice cube bin. Not cute! I vote for the 2nd tablescape too. I have a hard time with the "messy" look too.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  13. Hello, CAS, and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! First of all, my hubby and I have spent many a happy spring vacation in AZ with our girls while they were growing up (Scottsdale). We LOVE Arizona. Beautiful finds and I'm looking forward to cruising your blog ;)


  14. I really like that jar and think it's perfect for those little items for overnight guests. I love your GW finds, great silver. Tarnish just adds character! Thank you for joining Junkin Finds Friday!

  15. I have the same luck at GW but every once in a while it's good. Love the silve dishes. I buy the large trays and glue old rustic candle holders to them and make shabby cake plate stands. Your tables look great, I would have a hard time choosing.
    Enjoy your Sunday

  16. I just love the centerpiece and I don't think it is too high. I saw the post with the Pashmina too and yours is just absolutely gorgeous with all of its rich colors. You set a beautiful table. Whichever way you go, it is lovely.

  17. What a glorious table - either way. Truth be told, I usually have so much food on the table that I have to remove the centerpiece! LOL!

    Thank you for sharing your seasonal spirit with Seasonal Sundays!

    - The Tablescaper

  18. Lovin' your beautiful fall tablescapes, both of them! Happy Sunday:@)

  19. All of your finds are wonderful! And your centerpiece and table setting looks just lovely!

  20. I really like your silver compote, very pretty.
    Your centerpiece is stunning with the Pashima and that particular tablesetting.


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