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It's been a few days since I posted anything, & I've missed it.  The Man & I were off to Scottsdale to see the "Grands" & attend the Friends & Family opening of the restaurant where our son is the Executive Chef.  Got lots of loving & hugs from 3 of the grands, but have to wait to see the other 2 at our home for Thanksgiving.  We were also celebrating one of our granddaughter's 7th birthday.  Whew, lots going on!

Besides all that, we still managed to get in some shopping.  I'm kind of like a kid in a candy store when we go to Scottsdale/Phoenix.  Let's face it, our little Yuma has the basics (for which we are eternally grateful), but nothing more.  So, when we go to the "Big City", we have to leave some of The Man's hard-earned money at certain stores.  We paid homage to World Market (love that store), Trader Joe's (love that store so much that we went twice), Hobby Lobby (love, love) & Michael's.  Now we have a Michael's store here in Yuma which isn't any smaller area-wise than the one in the big city, but it has less than half the merchandise of the one in Scottsdale.  I could seriously have spent a good half-a-day in there, but The Man's patience & generosity would have worn thin.

Of course the places we were visiting are all decked out for Thanksgiving & Christmas, which started the creative juices flowing.  I decided this morning that since I like to change things in my home really often, there is no reason I can't change up my blog, too.  I was inspired to go for seasonal changes right now.  What do you think of the new look?  I hope the leaves don't bother anyone.  I also thought I would share a few of my recent purchases which will soon be transformed into "holiday wonderfulness."

These beauties are from Trader Joe's.  I just love the texture & shape of the big guy.  The other 2 are pie pumpkins & that's exactly what they will become in time for Thanksgiving.  Behind the pumpkins you can glimpse some mums about to bloom.  Mums are in abundance all over our yard, in the ground & in pots, & are survivors from last year.  Can't believe they survived our 115 degree summer temps.

This photo was taken at a newly opened Fry's Shopping Center.  That doesn't sound very exciting, does it?  Well, let me tell you this was the fanciest grocery store I've ever seen.  The photo is of just part of their huge floral center which was absolutely gorgeous.  This store had movie-set type lighting which was really nice.  The truly high points of this store were: #1 They had covered parking (much appreciated in AZ's heat) and #2 They had Valet Parking!  Totally cracked me up, are you kidding me, Valet Parking at the grocery store?!!!

The next photos are items I picked up at Michael's in the big city & our $ Store.  Good thing I cleaned out my storage closet & the crafting space last week.  I'll be sharing my creations in future blogs.

This little bag of pinecones is cinnamon-scented.  Oh, wow, smells so good!

I'm feeling inspired to do some of this (a table scape from last year) and.....

....a lot of this (also from last year & so much fun to make)!

I'm still holding off on Christmas decorating until after Thanksgiving, but it's soooo hard.  I'm trying to remind myself to savor each day & each day's events & happenings so as not to spoil it with the rush of life.  Does anyone else have this challenge?  Oh, who am I kidding, you all do, right?  Anyway, happy weekend to all my blog-sisters out there.  Thanks for stopping by & please come again soon.


  1. Hi CAS! Thanks so much for joining the party again this week! What a fun trip you guys had! That grocery store reminds me a lot of ones we had in So Cal and we are going to very soon have a Trader Joe's coming to our city! Yipee! I understand that juggling act of savoring the moment and yet being excited for the next thing. One of life's great dilemmas I think. :-)

  2. I love your new blog look!

    Can you believe there is a Trader Joe's less than 10 minutes from my house and I've never even been in it? I might have to go see what it's all about this weekend - you've got me wondering.

  3. It sounds like you had such a wonderful time. There's nothing better then spending time with family and working in a bit of inspirational shopping :).

  4. Great inspiration! I'd love to have you join my weekly meme, Seasonal Sundays!

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Cas, we have been to Scottsdale and Phoenix a few times. I do love it out there. My husband used to be big into golfing and we would go out there in the winter to play. We have driven through Yuma before when we were in SanDiego and went to Phoenix. That was a long hot drive in August a few years back. Love your goodies you bought and can't wait to see what you create. I am holding off till after Thanksgiving, too.

  6. Hi Cas,
    What a beautiful store. We live in a small town and I love to go to the Bay Area. Christmas is beautiful in San Francisco. Thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner. I love your blog and thank you for your comment.

  7. Oh, I absolutely LOVE the smell of cinnamon scented things. And the way they fill the house with their gorgeous wafting smell. YUM!!

  8. We don't have a Trader Joe's either but we do have Hob Lob!!! Favorite store ever!!!! The new grocery store looks fab!!! I'm so ready for Christmas! I'll be decorating this week. I host Thanksgiving at my house every other year & this is my "off" year so I decided there's no reason not to go ahead & do it. BTW, I plan on doing a post about the tiger but I want to get some good pictures first.

  9. LOVE these!!!! Also, your header/background for your blog is GORGEOUS!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  10. Very nice finds and stores Carol! :)


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