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Thought I would do kind of a catch-up blog on a few things I may not have shown you yet or things I may not have shown in detail.  I know y'all like to see everything (well, may be not the dirty dishes or laundry that needs folding), but if you are like me, you want details, details, details.  Besides, there are some Linky Parties I want to attend, so I needed more photos.

I am blown away by all the gorgeous trees I'm seeing out here in blogland.  We are talkin' some serious talent, and I've really enjoyed looking at them.  I try to leave as many comments as possible, really I do, but there are just so many.  That being said, I just want to say a collective "Wow, I'm so impressed with your talents;  everything looks so beautiful."

First up, our entry tree. Check out Welcome to Our Home to see how this project escalated from simplicity in my mind to a major endeavor.

Now just a few photos of our "super skinny" tree.  It's residing for the first time in our dining room.  You can go here Finally Finished! to see the rest of the dining room decor.

Finally got the presents wrapped.

Next we have this little tree taking center-stage with my snowmen collection.

On to cloches.  Since I don't have a "real" cloche but wanted in on all the fun, I picked any container in my stash that I could put something into -- some covered, most uncovered.  Here's what I came up with.  This is just a little "tweak" I did in the kitchen.  Well, you know, it had been a day or two since I last tweaked!  The Santa is actually a music box that doesn't play very well any more.  I just put it on some snow inside the hurricane.  The container in front of the Hope plate (got that at Walmart) is an empty candle jar.  Yep, I burn them all the way down, clean them out, & end up with nicely shaped jars -- dare I say, cloche?  Filled the jar with a bunch of colorful bells.

Here we have the containers with Christmas balls & snow.  I just love how these look & plan to use them in other ways after the holidays.

This is a hurricane that I found at GW & it's holding a small crystal angel that I've had for years.  It's sitting on a small silver pedestal dish that also came from GW.

I thought the simplicity of the glass balls and beads in this hurricane were just what was needed on this shelf.

Okay, that about wraps up this episode of tweaking and puttering.  Hope you enjoyed the tour and please come back soon.

Be sure to check out the great give-away for a gift card from CSN Stores that Kim over at Savvy Southern Style is having.   If you haven't checked out Kim's site, you simply must.  She has an awesome home & a wonderful decorating style. 

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