I'm a very happy Nanna!

Thank you to all of you who left such sweet comments to my announcement of the long awaited new grandchild.  We were happily surprised with our 5th beautiful granddaughter.  I'm going to link onto a couple of my favorite blog parties & hope the hostesses won't mind too terribly much.  Thanks in advance for indulging me.
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Avery Quinn is just precious.  Just after her first bath.

Big sister Flynn's reaction to seeing Avery for the first time.

I could sit like this until my arm goes numb.

Dad and Avery having a serious bonding talk.

We are all about "feet" in this family.

What happened?  Yesterday I was the baby.

Avery and Flynn's older sister and brother were with their mother and haven't seen the baby yet.  They will be thrilled and will be a big help in making Flynn's adjustment much easier.  We had a great time with Flynn.  She's really a sweet little girl.  We are home now but will be going back to Scottsdale in a couple of weeks.  I'm sure ya'll will have to put up with more pics in the future.  Thanks for being patient with this proud gramma, aka: Nanna.


  1. Avery and Flynn, such beautiful names. Congratulations, Nanna!

    I just went back and read the Abby post. She was cracking me up under the dresser!

  2. Beautiful bundle of joy and I love the name...Avery Quinn! So excited for all of you...Congratulations!!!

  3. Ooooh, she looks like a wonderful little cuddle bug!! I love her little outfit! The picture of Flynn is sooooo adorable!

  4. Whoo hoo...she is here! What a cutie pie! Wish I could kiss her cheeks...but I know you will for me:)
    So glad you enjoyed the party. You can still participate as long as your blog is 6 months or under. The criteria is under 100 followers or under 6 months of blogging...so I believe you still can:) In other words there are gals that have been blogging for a year but still have under 100 followers...so they can join in too. Hope that makes sense....

  5. Cas, congrats!! She is beautiful. I love the expression on older sister's face. My second granddaughter's birthday is today. I guess your was born yesterday. Close.

  6. What an adorable baby! No wonder you are one proud grandma!
    I am visiting some of the "newbie blogs" from Debbiedoos hop. It's nice to meet you.

  7. Oh, so sweet!! I am so late getting around. Never to late to tell grandma how sweet he newborn is. Hugs, Ginger

  8. Got to love them grandbabys. So adorable......

  9. Congratulations on your new granddaughter! What a sweetheart ♥

  10. Oh My Goodness! Such pure sweetness!!! Congratulations my sweet friend I am so truly happy for you and your family. What beautiful girls and such beautiful names! Newborns are such a gift from Heaven aren't they? I have been enjoying snuggling my little man in all of his new sweetness.
    Enjoy your little bundle Cas!


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