A Little Spring is in the Air

I've been trying not to do too much changing of the decor around here; ya know, house on the market -- yada yada yada.  But let's face facts here, I am a typical bloggy-land "tweaker" and have this obsessive need to make frequent changes somewhere around my home.  Oh, and let me tell ya, rearranging The Man's sock drawer or my lingerie does not fill the need!  Sooo..... I went shopping today.  The thing I knew I needed was something "spring-like" for the garden shed doors.

 Found these at Michael's for 40% off.  Score! 

Love the pop of sunshine yellow on the old wood doors.

You know I couldn't stop there.  These are the rest of my finds.  Everything was very reasonably priced.

Found this plate at Ross's for $3.99.  Love, love, love the colors.

Isn't this the cutest?  Got this at Pier 1.

Found the adorable creamer & sugar also at Ross's for $1.99 each.  

Love these little raffia carrots (Pier 1).  The eggs are from Michael's.  They had bags of pastel ones and these brown & tan ones.  I thought these would work for other decorations other than Easter.  I may go get another bag.

Okay, it's official.  I have "tweaked" some Spring around here.  Yep, my old Singer comes through again.  This was the first way I had it arranged.  Looks good, right?

Oh, I found the little nest at Pier 1 also.

I did a swapping of lamps.  This is the one from the dining room.  Also switched the lamp & the ivy topiary.  Now this looks better to me.  What do you think?

Well, you have to use your imagination about how this will look at night.  Way too bright in this room to show this vignette in lamp light.  I could wait till nightfall, but I'm in a hurry.

Love this little pop of yellow.  Found this at Ross's.  It's a flower pot, but makes a perfect
crock for my cooking utensils.

It has this embedded label on it.  I don't care where it's from, I love it & it was cheap!

I do have another couple of simple ideas up my sleeve for a few more touches of Spring, but this was enough for today.  I hope you enjoyed your visit and will come again soon.

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  1. Occasionally have some changes of the house to match the theme is good. Your spring deco is GREAT. Love to view it. Enjoy the spring time.

  2. I think I need to make a trip to Pier1 :D
    I am so excited about decorating for Easter, but I always decorate for St. Patrick's Day first. I like it when Easter is later than usual so I can decorate for each holiday separately.

  3. I love everything! I would have to admit that if I saw those items in the store, they would have come home with me too! Love love love the plate!

  4. Oh!..love these "spring things", you have got a head start on spring, love it!!

  5. Morning Cass,
    Loved all your spring finds.
    Your vignette came out very well.
    I liked them both, but I thought the white lamp did look better cause of the white bunny I guess.
    I am itching to start my spring decorating as well, but then I think leave it alone cause now is the time for working in the yard without having to worry about that, so doing my best to beat myself off! lol
    Have you had any folks looking at your home??? Hope so.
    Have a delightful day hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  6. I love your new spring things! Those carrots are so cute!! I will have to run out to Michael's today and see if they have the eggs--love them too. :)

  7. What great finds! I need to make a trip to Michaels, it is long overdue! :) Everything looks great!

  8. Marvelous! I've been itchin' for springy stuff myself. Seeing your goods makes me want to check out Michaels! That plate is gorgeous! :)

  9. What great finds! I love the plate. The sugar & creamer makes me wish I drank coffee!!

  10. So pretty to see some signs of spring. That bunny is just so sweet!

  11. Cas, that plate is gorgeous and love the vignette with your new goodies.

  12. Absolutely love the effect of everything, including the bright yellow on the shed doors, the sewing machine vignette is lovely, I liked it the first time but the second lamp makes it twice as sweet. Spring can't be far behind, and you are helping it along. Oh, the bunny is darling too!

  13. All of your spring ddecorations are so cheerful. I need to go dig out mine and get started.

  14. Hey there! Thanks so much for following me and your sweet comment!! Love your little bunny and the cream and sugar containers!!

  15. Now, I think that you had some very valuable retail therapy on your excursion. I know that Bordallo uses a rooster on their products...I wonder if they made your pot. Thank you for sharing your charming vignette...and good luck with your house sale. Cherry Kay

  16. Your spring decor looks wonderful. Love it. Thanks for sharing. Karie


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