I'm On a "Proud Momma" High!

            Chef Michael

Is this not a seriously handsome young man?  He's an Executive Chef overseeing four True Food Kitchen Restaurants in Arizona & California with more to come.  Michael wanted to be a chef from an early age, and loved being his momma's helper in the kitchen.  He set his goals early and is realizing wonderful success.  He's the boss that everyone likes, a dedicated family-man with 4 children, & a loving son.  
Michael is my son!

                      Martha Stewart

Everyone knows this lady, I'm sure.  You may or may not like her, but she is quite the personality, you will have to admit that.  Yesterday, Martha was in Phoenix and Chef Michael prepared lunch for her & some friends at True Food Kitchen at the Biltmore!  

Okay, I'm a bit "stoked" and my mother's pride is on over-load!  I just had to share.

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