My Fall Entry & A Few Tweaks!

Hey everyone!  I thought I'd share my very simple "put it together with what I had" Fall/Halloween front entry.  Then I will share a few tweaks I've made in a few inside areas.  But first, I want to remind everyone about the wonderful "CASH" give-away that Liz at Savvy Seasons is doing.  Please go check it out.  It's so much fun!  Thanks, Liz, you are awesome!

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Now onto a little tour!

There are a lot of angles & a niche in this space, plus a 12 or 13 foot ceiling, so it seems a bit awkward to decorate.  Plus, we haven't even started on a yard plan yet, but I see lots of potential for big pots of flowers on either side of the walkway.  Also keeping my eyes open for a narrow bench.

I literally just gathered everything I had left over from the inside decorating, plus just a couple of sale items I recently picked up & started playing.

Costco had the big pots of mums.  I chose this dark red because I know this plant will still look good when it's time to decorate for Christmas -- yea, I can be so practical sometimes!  I made the little mummy (they are popping up all over blogland) by wrapping this large jar (already had) in gauze, added googly eyes & a battery-operated candle.  He looks really cute when it's dark outside!

I am working on something to beef-up the door wreath.  This is a 9' door & the wreath looks wimpy.

I used this Mexican pot last year with the faux pumpkin (love the green color) & just added a grapevine, leafy swag.

I brought my black wicker chair from the patio to this area & just started layering.  I draped a string of lights all over everything on the chair & then tucked a big bunch inside the large ceramic pumpkin.  The "Happy Halloween" sign was a "freebie" download off the internet.  Added a bit of web & a few 
spiders -- not too scary!

Found this lighted twig pumpkin on sale at Big Lots.  I already had the little apple basket, stuffed in some rafia, plopped in the pumpkin & tied the basket with burlap.  Easy-peasy, as they say!

We took this little shelf out of one of the bedrooms where I did not want it.  I have several seasonal wallhanging quilts (yes, I made them) & wanted a special place to hang them.  Sooo.....this is my special place, & I will use the little shelf above to display seasonal decor.  This wall is just to the right of my kitchen entrance & one of the first things the "Grands" see when they come over! 

Had this berry & mini pumpkin swag that I fastened into a ring & just pinned it to the quilt.

I like the added texture.

Love how these little tealite holders really pick up all the colors of the quilt.

This was a freebie download on the internet, & I already had the black frame & plate holder. 

I did a bit of tweaking here on my little white buffet.

Remember the jar mummy I had outside?  Well, I didn't stop at just one.  Simply gathered some odds and ends of jars & other glass containers that I already had.  I just can't throw jars away....lol!

I'm not really into spider webs, bugs & spiders; but, my grandchildren love them!  I do refuse to do anything really scary or creepy.

I added googlie eyes to this little pumpkin, plus some rafia & web & a big black bug & placed everything into my cheese cloche.

Pecan Pie flavored candle -- yum!

Love these glass beads & little acorns -- on sale from Pier 1.  They are so sparkly!

Halloween Bear!  
I've made at least a hundred of these little bears over the last few years.  I used to sell them, but now I make them for my grandchildren & as gifts.

This was my mantel before tweaking.  Okay, but needed some punch.

And now.  All I did was add some rafia, switch around a couple of things, & added more leaves.

I also wrapped a votive holder with burlap, tied with twine, added some leaves & perched the little bird on top.  It just gives another layer and dimension to this small mantel.

I  wrapped some burlap around the candles, tied them with rafia & added some little snips of berry branches that I had.

Sweet little birdie is much more comfy now!

That's all the tweakin' and tourin' for now.  Thanks a bunch for stopping by, and I truly hope you will come again soon.

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  1. Your fall/halloween decor looks very pretty Cas! You know my favorite is that green pumpkin. I have always loved that in your header, so much so, that I copied it :) I spray painted two that I have not gotten around to taking pics of yet. They are so pretty that they earned a place inside! Have a great day.

  2. This looks awesome. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day.

  3. Hi Cas,
    You are certainly in the swing of things over there, and it all looks so festive. The porch is adorable. I love the light up pumpkin. I also like the "tweaking" you did on the mantle. The burlap and the bird are so cute. Great job! Thanks for sharing and also for the giveaway reminder...you rock! XO ~Liz

  4. this looks great! And you must have TONS of storage in your home, or you HAVE to be uber organized!

  5. Everything looks great Cas! I like your idea of hanging the seasonal wall hangings under the shelf like that!

  6. You have so many pretty Fall decorations! Your vignettes look great and the outside is so welcoming for your guests!

  7. so cute CAS...I love the mummy jars and have thme on my to do list with my little one this weekend...your grandkids must love all of the decorations....have a great day..., xo, Mariaelena

  8. It all looks good. I'm curious to see what you do to the wreath! I'm jealous that your mums will still look good at Christmas! Mine hardly last til Halloween. What am I doing wrong?? I haven't bought any this year because I'm tired of killing them every year!

  9. All your decorations are so cute...love the little wrapped candles...thanks for the little tour!

  10. Hi CAS. Everything looks so inviting! I love your mummy jar and it gave me an idea for a craft that I can do with my granddaughters next week! I love the way you filled your chair with all of the fall goodness too. Take care.

  11. I love all the decor for the season!!!! Thanks for stopping by my site. I'm a new follower!

  12. So nice to meet you! Thank you for commenting on my blog and becoming a follower. I'm following you too.

    You fall decorations are so much fun! I LOVE that cute pumpkin quilt.


  13. Love your fall and Halloween decorations. Your entryway looks festive and fun! I love the green pumpkin and the lit up one from Big Lots...very cute!!


  14. CAS,
    Everything look great, I especially think the mummy's are adorable. They make me smile every time I see one. Beautiful area.

  15. your fall decor looks sweet ~ really like the acorns from Pier One.

  16. Hi, Cas

    Just love your fall decor. Really sweet. I am so glad you found me, I am a new follower too.

    Have a great weekend.

  17. wow! cas your halloween decors are great, it's one of the few that I really appreciate. Very organized and artistic. I love it. I also love the fact that you painted your home with white. It perfectly complements everything.

  18. What cute mummy candle holders! I just love those...thanks for your nice comments on my autumn table. Glad you joined my party!! Kristen

  19. Love the twig pumpkin and the pecan pie candle...everything looks great. You spent a lot of time making everything look fun and festive. Well done! Have a good weekend.

  20. The twig pumpkin with the lights is so cute. I wish we had a Big Lots so I could go get one.


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