My Fall Entry & A Few Tweaks!

Hey everyone!  I thought I'd share my very simple "put it together with what I had" Fall/Halloween front entry.  Then I will share a few tweaks I've made in a few inside areas.  But first, I want to remind everyone about the wonderful "CASH" give-away that Liz at Savvy Seasons is doing.  Please go check it out.  It's so much fun!  Thanks, Liz, you are awesome!

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Now onto a little tour!

There are a lot of angles & a niche in this space, plus a 12 or 13 foot ceiling, so it seems a bit awkward to decorate.  Plus, we haven't even started on a yard plan yet, but I see lots of potential for big pots of flowers on either side of the walkway.  Also keeping my eyes open for a narrow bench.

I literally just gathered everything I had left over from the inside decorating, plus just a couple of sale items I recently picked up & started playing.

Costco had the big pots of mums.  I chose this dark red because I know this plant will still look good when it's time to decorate for Christmas -- yea, I can be so practical sometimes!  I made the little mummy (they are popping up all over blogland) by wrapping this large jar (already had) in gauze, added googly eyes & a battery-operated candle.  He looks really cute when it's dark outside!

I am working on something to beef-up the door wreath.  This is a 9' door & the wreath looks wimpy.

I used this Mexican pot last year with the faux pumpkin (love the green color) & just added a grapevine, leafy swag.

I brought my black wicker chair from the patio to this area & just started layering.  I draped a string of lights all over everything on the chair & then tucked a big bunch inside the large ceramic pumpkin.  The "Happy Halloween" sign was a "freebie" download off the internet.  Added a bit of web & a few 
spiders -- not too scary!

Found this lighted twig pumpkin on sale at Big Lots.  I already had the little apple basket, stuffed in some rafia, plopped in the pumpkin & tied the basket with burlap.  Easy-peasy, as they say!

We took this little shelf out of one of the bedrooms where I did not want it.  I have several seasonal wallhanging quilts (yes, I made them) & wanted a special place to hang them.  Sooo.....this is my special place, & I will use the little shelf above to display seasonal decor.  This wall is just to the right of my kitchen entrance & one of the first things the "Grands" see when they come over! 

Had this berry & mini pumpkin swag that I fastened into a ring & just pinned it to the quilt.

I like the added texture.

Love how these little tealite holders really pick up all the colors of the quilt.

This was a freebie download on the internet, & I already had the black frame & plate holder. 

I did a bit of tweaking here on my little white buffet.

Remember the jar mummy I had outside?  Well, I didn't stop at just one.  Simply gathered some odds and ends of jars & other glass containers that I already had.  I just can't throw jars away....lol!

I'm not really into spider webs, bugs & spiders; but, my grandchildren love them!  I do refuse to do anything really scary or creepy.

I added googlie eyes to this little pumpkin, plus some rafia & web & a big black bug & placed everything into my cheese cloche.

Pecan Pie flavored candle -- yum!

Love these glass beads & little acorns -- on sale from Pier 1.  They are so sparkly!

Halloween Bear!  
I've made at least a hundred of these little bears over the last few years.  I used to sell them, but now I make them for my grandchildren & as gifts.

This was my mantel before tweaking.  Okay, but needed some punch.

And now.  All I did was add some rafia, switch around a couple of things, & added more leaves.

I also wrapped a votive holder with burlap, tied with twine, added some leaves & perched the little bird on top.  It just gives another layer and dimension to this small mantel.

I  wrapped some burlap around the candles, tied them with rafia & added some little snips of berry branches that I had.

Sweet little birdie is much more comfy now!

That's all the tweakin' and tourin' for now.  Thanks a bunch for stopping by, and I truly hope you will come again soon.

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